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  1. thomasp

    Beta 122: Batch processing issues

    Hi MEB, Thanks for your efforts thus far. I've looked into this a bit more and it may be dependant on my setup - I have AP installed on my (NVMe->adaptor->Mac Pro 2013) system drive and I'm batch-outputting images to an external (modern, fast, FAT-formatted) USB3 spinning disk. After error checking filesystems and updating OS 10.13.6 to the latest security update I can not currently reproduce the zero-byte file creation issue. Still testing to see if now all files are being written whenever I run a batch with parallel processing turned off and after that will check if parallel processing behaves. Perhaps it's an issue with AP not waiting around for a comparably slower output device during batch export? Testing it over a slow network might get some results, too. What I can rule out is that it only affects files of a certain format or image dimension/file size threshhold.
  2. thomasp

    Beta 122: Batch processing issues

    I wonder if you found the time to investigate? The behaviour is still there in release 1.7.2 - random missing files and/or creation of zero byte files when running with the batch settings described above.
  3. As said - play with the spacing parameter: if set too high it creates a patchy brush streak that partially exposes whatever is under the current layer. It'll need to be really low to create a smooth, continuous look.
  4. Not sure what I'm looking at but playing around with the 'Spacing' value in the brush parameters can help if the Smudge tool is not behaving well. I've set mine very low for smudge brushes.
  5. thomasp

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta ( - RC3)

    Quick sidenote: is LR 4 considered incompatible or gimped in newer OSes? Asking because I have LR 3 on High Sierra - not encountered any problems but not a heavy user either. Sorry for the offtopic. Giddy for that official 1.7.2 release! Special thanks for putting in the TGA export!
  6. That setting does change the pen button's behaviour quite noticeably - great if that works for you though.
  7. Excuse me but - are 2080Ti's even supported anywhere in macOS? I'm sure you can somehow install it in a cheesegrater but it must be so way out of sync with what Apple offers and supports that you may as well sell it to me for a really good price - and get yourself a Vega something something.
  8. It's been reported as an issue a while back, yes. QA was aware of it when I ran into this.
  9. I've never even looked at Publisher. As said I lost it in the Photo update but still have it running on the same machine in Designer 1.7.0 - separated mode, status bar visible in every open document. Proof (running on 10.13.6): So it appears this feature was already in but somehow got removed in the 1.7.1 update (which I have not done to Designer so far)? Well, now that I see that - if you reintroduce the status bar for separate mode then you might as well consider having the help text only display for the active window and dim or hide it for the background ones.
  10. I'm well aware that the bar is there in the unified window mode - but I had it in the interface in 1.7.0 in separated (floating) mode which is what my first screenshot is showing - and really like that. It's gone after the update to 1.7.1 is what I'm saying.
  11. Riiight. Was already there in 1.7.0 though. My initial 'bug report' was about the behaviour of said bar and that it came up empty when I switched focus back from something else to AP/AD. Would be worthwhile to include that when you bring the 'bar' back as a feature.
  12. Thanks Gabe, But is losing this bar due to the software update a bug by any chance? Attached below is what it looks like now. How do I make it reappear?
  13. Just to add that after upgrading to AP 1.7.1 I have now lost this bar. I'm not aware that I have changed any settings to make it vanish - is this toggle-able somewhere? Not even sure what it is called in the software.
  14. thomasp

    Clone Brush no longer working

    Works for me: Alt+LMB on Intuos Pro M 6.30.30-2 on High Sierra
  15. Not sure if this is a feature or a bug but currently AP lets me draw on hidden layers - that seems like very unusual software behaviour to me. IMO a hidden layer should stay off limits for any canvas manipulation until unhidden by the user, else it's too easy to accidentially ruin one's work without noticing (until too late).