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  1. Grow a spine. You can't handle criticism of your "favorite" product and you blame it on a condition. You should get a psychiatric evaluation. Keep commenting. You have 1k posts on the forums. You obviously have enough time for it. Pretty obvious how lonely a desperate you are.
  2. Im not trying to, you are. Thats the difference. I didnt even reply to you yet you feel like you have to reply to me. You should look in the mirror. Do you always have to add your input to everything even when not requested?
  3. Do you always to address other people's opinions as wet fantasies? What a childish attitude. Just because you think something is right, does not mean others agree with you. You bought the universal license and now you came to praise it even though I literally stated that the universal license is a good deal while individual pricing is a rip off. Your point is redundant. I chose not to buy. That is my decision. Im gonna follow the development and decide whether its worth it later on. Both choices are valid. You have a small business so buying the bundle saves you money since its a good deal. Again, Im an individual. Your point here is redundant. I like that we do not have the subscription model. That's why I bought the first version. Never complained about it. Another redundant point. Yes you are a part of the flock since you had the option to read the post and just leave it alone. Yet you felt the urge to come and defend your purchase and company that isnt paying you or giving you anything in return. You're not winning anyone over. I am trying to talk to the people who made the decision to increase prices, I didnt ask for feedback from others. If you dont like my opinion, you're free to move along. The thread could have just died after creation yet there are so many sheep here trying to argue so hard to validate their purchase. Yes it is their choice. I have no problem with that, but I have a choice to not agree with it and voice my opinion. Just like you do.
  4. Under their conditions you can just keep buying a new version each year. Youre getting all the updates, without a price increase. Unlike Affinity. Nothing else is required.
  5. Who asked you to open my post, read it and then complain? You are complaining about complaining. If you can't stand a simple discussion, then close your browser.
  6. You have no evidence thats the reason for the price increase so yes you are still speculating.
  7. Youre just speculating at this point. If thats the reason I see no point in hiding it. Most people would have no problem with that. Including myself.
  8. No but it doesnt hurt to ask does it? If you never ask you never get an answer.
  9. Yeah you buy a finished version 2.0 and can opt in to get updates early for 10$. You get a discount if you own the previous version. The price is unchanged. Its just early access to updates that they offer now for 10$. If I purchased Ver. 1 after January 1, 2022 do I get the one-time purchase license for Ver. 2.0 or is that the Update Pass? It is the one-time purchase license of Ver. 2.0. If you then buy an Update Pass you can get early access to features coming to the app from Ver. 2.1 and beyond for 12 months. They also provide long term support: You said you will continue to provide stability updates to Ver. 1. How long will you provide them? Future considerations will be made in light of hardware, OS, and how devices running Clip Studio Paint continue to change.
  10. The entire point of this thread is to voice my opinion about their pricing. No one is forcing you to post here. Ive already said Im not buying V2 in its current state, despite the fact that half of you have the need to repeat that to me and others. They increased it silently, no reasoning behind it and you all just took it without issues. Good thing they have sheep like you that follow without question. Maybe next version they can ask for double again. The point of version releases is that they can be funded for the development. They do the work, we buy the version. If their dev costs increased because of things out of their control, why not mention it? Why hide it? Especially when you don't know what you're getting with V2 up to V2.9. None of the updates could be the things you wanted. You have to wait to find out or blindly buy in hopes they add what you hoped they would. "It has so many features now the price should increase" Each version gets its own funding. Doesn't matter how many features it has. Because they got funding for all of it. People who bought V1, funded its development. Once done, V2 started being worked on, so people who buy V2 will fund development of the V2 but they also get the bonus of having the features from V1, that has already been funded.
  11. Most of these are still free. What are you talking about ? Look at Clip Studio Paint Pro - similar pricing to Affinity products. They also have V2 coming at the start of the next year. Guess what, no price increase.
  12. All of these are full prices for me, on serif's website. This has nothing to do with the desktop apps, which Im mainly talking about.
  13. Again, the universal license is a great deal. I am not talking about that. Individual pricing is awful. I cant use ipad versions, I do not care that they are included. I have no use for Publisher either. So my only option is to buy Photo and Designer V2 for 85+85 = 170€. I already paid for V1 which are 55+55 = 110€. It's just a very bad deal compared to the universal license. I would consider it if I hadn't bought the V1 of the products. Now it's just not worth it for me.
  14. The universal license is making them less money per product. That is my point. Universal license 200€ Old pricing individual 231€ New pricing individual 327€ So if you bought the universal license, youre giving them less money even if there was no universal pricing and the prices stayed unchanged.
  15. Thank you for your very nice message and attitude. I do want to apologize if my post sounded aggressive. It's just that I really like the V1 and I feel like I am getting screwed by this pricing. If people choose to buy the universal license, then you're technically not getting more money. That's why it doesn't make sense. The new pricings only screws people who bought 1 or 2 individual products. If you have them all then it's a great deal.
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