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  1. This problem has already been solved. I wrote earlier about how it was solved. 😉
  2. We don't complain about you complaining. We are trying to convince you that: 1. There's no point in complaining. Your cost complaints will not be heard by Serif and they will not change their prices. 2. In terms of price/quality/capability Serif offers the best product on the market. There are no alternatives at this cost for such functionality and quality. 3. If you are embarrassed by Affinity prices, always remember Adobi's price policy. There is a much worse example. And... It continues to be used on such conditions by thousands of customers. Therefore, we do not complain about complaints, but report that this is a useless waste of time and air shaking.
  3. Everything is relative in this world. On the one hand, I have Adobe with their bullying of their customers and their terrible subscription policy. On the other hand, there is Serif and Afinity Suite with their reasonable prices and no subscription. There are no other quality solutions and options. Therefore, I choose not from hypothetical options, but from what the market offers. I have left almost all subscription products (with the exception of antivirus and one program where there are small annual payments). I bought Affinity Suite, Capture One, Topaz Lab, Luminar, DxO Photolab. (Only an unlimited license and full ownership of a copy of the software). Yes, I can pay for updates once a year if I consider these updates essential. And I'm glad that I don't have to constantly pay a subscription. Now I own my copies! Now it's my choice to buy updates or not, no one is forcing me (as Adobe does). Rather than rejoice at the Adobe alternative and their extortionate prices, Serif users often grumble. Why? After all, Affinity products are an order of magnitude cheaper than Adobe products. We just need to rejoice here and in every possible way encourage Serif to develop further. IMHO.
  4. There is one revision of the software, which for me personally was worth the upgrade. Now in Version 2 it is possible to process a Raw file in a non-destructive way and always be able to return to it and its corrections. You open the Raw file in "Develop Persona" and then tell it to leave it in the settings as an external or embedded Raw file for the "Photo Persona" section layer. And now you can return to the original raw file in the "Develop Persona" at any time and correct it if necessary, and then return back. Now in the "Photo Persona" section in the layers you are not working with a rasterized flat and devoid of additional information picture, but you continue to work with a raw file. That alone is worth the upgrade!
  5. Allow me to respond to your assertions. You need to proceed from reality, and not from your wet fantasies and mental constructions about "how everything should be right." The reality at the moment is this: 1. I studied the innovations of Affinity Suite and liked them. Some things were finished and the work was done. 2. For me personally, $100 to get an update on all 5 products is an inconspicuous expense. 3. I only have 2 REALISTIC CHOICES in this situation. a) Upgrade and get those updates. b) Do not update and sit on the old one. I chose update. 4. Since I myself have a small business and we ourselves had to recently raise prices, because everything around is becoming more expensive and inflation is growing, I understand the Serif company. 5. We do not have a subscription model and monthly payments anyway. And we (thank God) are given a free choice - to buy further updates, or we have enough of what we have to work and we are not required to pay. Thus, nowhere is there an attitude towards people as towards a flock of sheep. We are given the choice to buy a new version or stay on the old one. But the Serif company itself does not deprive itself of the right to choose and the opportunity to adjust its own prices and not work at a loss.
  6. I understand you. You like Version 1 for now and that's enough for you. Then there is no problem. Just use Version 1 of the Affinity apps. When you are ready to switch to Version 2, then you know how much it costs now. And it doesn't matter what you think about the number of innovations. The seller has set the price and you either buy and agree or disagree and don't buy. Everything else is air shaking.
  7. Google gives by default 40 GB of storage on Google Drive for free. Why should I still pay Adobe for this? I also bought the Affinity Suite (all three programs) a couple of years ago for around $100 off. And he didn't pay anything for two years. It's $50 a year. And someone did not pay for updates for 3-5 years. So €80 every year for a couple of programs is expensive. Over time, it will become more and more expensive. And as soon as you do not pay, then you will be left without these programs. Bad deal.
  8. Well, to defeat Adobe - this is unlikely to succeed. Too different weight categories. But to give them a substantial alternative, to make a better product at a lower price and force Adobe to rethink its pricing policy (make one-time licenses again) - this is what Serif can probably do.
  9. A perfect example of Adobe's unprecedented greed. And how much more adequate are Serif's prices. But people never get enough. They want the software to be given away almost for free. Or even paid extra for using the program.
  10. Now it remains to understand why you write all this and are indignant here ... Do you really think that Serif will lower the cost and revise his policy? I assure you that the prices will remain at the current level. They have already made a decision and re-evaluated their products. You can write here as much as you like. It won't affect anything. You need to be able to accept price changes calmly, or not to accept or buy updates and use the previous version. I personally don't see it as a problem to pay $100 extra after a few years of work and get access to all the Serif products I need for years to come. Also consider inflation and price increases across the board. Serif needs money to expand and improve its products. It is not possible to collect enough of them only from new sales. They need to monetize their current customer base as well. I personally understand the logic and their behavior with prices... 🙄
  11. Adobe's pricing policy is the world's evil. Greed. 😃
  12. If the new prices are too high for you, then the solution is simple - do not buy. I don't think Serif will suddenly hear you and magically lower prices. They have already counted and decided. Buy an Adobe subscription and stay on the subscription for a couple of years. Then you will understand exactly what is really "too expensive and not profitable". P.S. You can just use the first version of Affinity.
  13. If you saw how the new price and the universal license as a whole will affect Serif sales, then you will understand that they have begun to sell a lot more as a whole, rather than individual products. And thus it will raise sales and make more profit for the company. There is no subscription here. You invest money for several years ahead. So this price is ok. For the cost of one "Capture 1" I buy three complex programs and 2 more iPad versions. Yes, this is some kind of celebration of invisible generosity. 😀
  14. Actually I do not agree with the author of this topic. I used to be surprised that such a wonderful and complex software like Affinity Photo could cost $50 for a program. It's too cheap. The same Photoshop, when it was not a subscription, cost several hundred dollars. Therefore, when the cost was increased a little, it became more relevant to the features and functions that Affinity provides. Remember also that Serif is a business, not a charity. The company has its own rising costs. Also consider what is going on in the world. The dollar, pound and euro have depreciated heavily over the past year. Inflation is about 10%. So if all this is put together in a place, then the price offer of Affinti products is very generous and worthy. P.S. For example, only one program Capture One (RAW converter) costs $300. And it has much narrower functionality.
  15. Yes you are right. I tried, all layers and masks were preserved. So point #5 is removed. But all other points remain valid. I miss the tools for working with layer masks. 🙄
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