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  1. Sorry, that's my fault. I've been using .12 version. I have just downloaded .14 version, and it works.
  2. Just try to copy and paste Embedded IMG on my file . test_embeded_file.afdesign
  3. I understand that you are small team, and have many tasks to do. In my opinion, I think that fixing bugs have to be more top priority than new features. The Expand Stroke bug is the one weird thing since the app has been launched and make the product so unprofessional. By the way the new added features are awesome. Cheers.
  4. So do I. I use affinity both on my Mac and iPad for working all things, and I've found the same problem like this. I try to export by the new trial CorelDraw2019 for mac, and it works, but I don't like to work on it because for me it hard to use, just for export.
  5. PSD that export by v. beta, objects on hidden layers have lost. Just try my files. PSD_test_AD1.6.psd PSD_test_AD1.7.psd
  6. predick

    New Icons Too Similar

    Maybe this reason. The new one is easier to use in multi-platforms such as iOS App by just adding rounded corner.
  7. Today I try to close and reopen the file but got the same error as the first opening, for yesterday reopening file got 100% crash. I have no idea how to reproduce it again. Maybe because of the first time app Installation. OS High Sierra 10.13.6
  8. hi dev team, I have bug report for beta . Just try export my file to png (CMD+Shift+Alt+S). - Open the file and try to export first time, it's going to be ERROR. - Close the file then reopen and try to export it again, it's going to CRASH. Export_ErrorAndCrash.afdesign
  9. Thank you carl123 , it's my fault, my controller was set 'None'. Now it works, I will try to test on my iPad Pro later.
  10. Please try my file. The same thing happens on iPad version. pressure_test.afdesign
  11. predick

    'Add(Unite)' in Geometry tool bug

    Woww thanks!! It has been solved.
  12. It's happen to some converted fonts. Try my file. Geometry_Add_Bug.afdesign
  13. +1 Count me in. This is a very Important feature for all vector software.