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  1. So many delicate bugs fixed. I cannot see the difference between store and this version.
  2. The Export Transparent in Draw Persona still cannot works (only beta version).
  3. Try my file Guides.afdesign
  4. Just try to click 'SALE' From my file . text_selection.afdesign
  5. test_export.afdesign Just try to export the 'Whole document' from my AD file and see the result .
  6. The iPad Designer!!! This is VERY Good news.
  7. Yeh, I also miss those Matt topics but don't want to interrupt the team. Keep going!.
  8. I think the current store version is not supposed to be 1.6, because the 1.5 Expand Stoke is more accurate. However AD is still the most software I love, because it has potential and the developer teams are great and cool, but they have just made a little bit mistake about release plan. I'm happy to see bugs in any beta rather than in store version. I do not much worry about the Expand Stroke in the beta because I know it's going to be fixed soon. They are rewriting the structure of this feature, and it maybe takes times.
  9. Yes, it's the nightmare for icon and ui designer.
  10. Hi Aammppaa, From your file, just try to change the resolution to 72dpi, then you will see the bug .
  11. @Aammppaa It depends on Resolution and Size of Artwork, the smaller will get more weird. I'm the one always found this bugs too.
  12. Fix the pasting FX before launching please, If this is an easy part to fix.
  13. I've just found this bug too.
  14. Hi owenr, Please try to download again or tick it out and copy the FX to the triangle then you will see my result.
  15. I just want to copy the same effect values to the other object and I already disable 'Scale to Object' checkbox before copying. The copied result is still scaled effect. Please try my file. (copy the round rectangle to the triangle) copy_outline_stroke_bug.afdesign