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  1. Hi owenr, Please try to download again or tick it out and copy the FX to the triangle then you will see my result.
  2. I just want to copy the same effect values to the other object and I already disable 'Scale to Object' checkbox before copying. The copied result is still scaled effect. Please try my file. (copy the round rectangle to the triangle) copy_outline_stroke_bug.afdesign
  3. Hi dcarvalho84, My visual result is going to be like this. macOS Sierra 10.12.6 iMac (21.5-inch, Mid 2011)
  4. Yes, I always work in 72 and 96dpi and enlarging canvas size to any px will be the same result.
  5. Try my file then you will see that the store version result is better but get more nodes.
  6. Hi Sean P, Please try my file. This problem annoying me too. I usually have to go to other app to expand stroke then copy to affinity. I often use these 1px stokes for many projects. test_expandStroke.afdesign
  7. I can have two 'Layers' tab. it's a little bit weird.
  8. I think currently the 'Expand Stroke' of 1.5.5 is more usable than 1.6.0 beta 6 (try my file), but I'm still really happy that developer team try to work with this thread. Maybe all will be perfect when the team fix the thin line stroke expanding bug. test_expand.afdesign
  9. I think maybe this shape created by AD make Illustrator bug. I try to draw the same shape/nodes and more complex nodes in Illustrator but get different result.
  10. 9pt try my file stroke.afdesign
  11. I think expanding 'Round Cap Stroke' is not correct in this beta. I'm not sure this is the same that thin stoke bug. macOS Sierra 10.12.6
  12. Wow!!!! Thanks for the Expand Stroke working.
  13. Try to export my files below to PNG then it will crash out. mac OS Sierra 10.12.6 *Can be fixed by changing the layer name. test_crash.afdesign test_crash2.afdesign test_crash3.afdesign
  14. As shown on the screenshots below. macOS Sierra Version 10.12.5 Thanks :) .