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  1. Much better performance for divide/add/subtract complex path, thanks to the dev team.🤘
  2. This only happen on the new AD Version 1.8.1. Does this new version have an option to turn on/off seleting locked object? Please help me😢.
  3. Can I draw rounded rectangle on ipad and scale it with fixed corner radius? I cannot find even corner radius input box like desktop version. Please help me, thanks.
  4. I understand that you are small team, and have many tasks to do. In my opinion, I think that fixing bugs have to be more top priority than new features. The Expand Stroke bug is the one weird thing since the app has been launched and make the product so unprofessional. By the way the new added features are awesome. Cheers.
  5. So do I. I use affinity both on my Mac and iPad for working all things, and I've found the same problem like this. I try to export by the new trial CorelDraw2019 for mac, and it works, but I don't like to work on it because for me it hard to use, just for export.
  6. Thank you carl123 , it's my fault, my controller was set 'None'. Now it works, I will try to test on my iPad Pro later.
  7. Please try my file. The same thing happens on iPad version. pressure_test.afdesign
  8. +1 Count me in. This is a very Important feature for all vector software.
  9. @Aammppaa It depends on Resolution and Size of Artwork, the smaller will get more weird. I'm the one always found this bugs too.
  10. I just wonder what is it? and how it works? Thanks
  11. Wow! Thanks for your help Alfred, I can find it now :D.
  12. Do you forget about the shortcut to get back to Draw Persona? :huh:
  13. Yes, Snap to grid have enabled like my screenshot and it happen both if I check and uncheck 'Move by whole pixel'. I have just drag the green normally to place it in that place. Please try drag it again obliquely to test it.
  14. It happen when the object sizes are odd numbers (the green one from my file). The even number run correctly (the yellow one). snapping.afdesign
  15. I try to setup my AD to be forced integer position (just like the Slice in Export Persona) but when I drag around, I will get x.5 x.3 and etc.. Please help me.
  16. From this thread. Please consider this for the new feature. At least this will be more familiar to Adobe users. I think it is not hard to do, maybe. :D Cheers.
  17. Hi Callum, Yes, I have got the same problem as him especially Move Tool and Node Tool. I will wait for the future update. Thank you for your quick reply. :D
  18. I had a bit of trouble with the toggle shortcuts that I often iterative press it when my computer is slowing down to make sure that I am in that tool. The shortcuts seem not precise for me, then I try to turn it off in the Tools Shortcuts settings but I cannot. Is it can turn off for 1.4.2 or Beta Version? Please help me. Thank you.
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