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  1. Still love the products and agree the price is fair—especially for new customers. I still think Affinity should offer a loyalty rate (i.e. lower than the public sale price) to those who purchased V1. Not all customers use Affinity for business, many who use it for their own enjoyment and creativity, for them it's definitely a downer to have to buy it again.
  2. It makes sense to charge for new hardware. But I've never been charged to get the new iOS or OSX upgrade, even when it was a significant upgrade. If a company can offer its customers free upgrades, it will be to the benefit of the company.
  3. I am extremely disappointed to see that Affinity requires existing customers to purchase the V2 upgrade to the products they have already purchased. I have always been a fan of Affinity, but this seriously skews my affinity of the company. I believe Affinity products are still great and offered at great prices. I love that Affinity hasn't bowed to the greed of more-money with subscription-only services such as the big graphic software companies that moved in that direction, which I believe was a strong reason behind the creation of Affinity, and is most definitely a big reason for it's success. BUT, the decision to make existing customers repurchase all of the products again to get V2 is an extremely poor one. I would suspect many customers will stick with V1 simply because they will not be manipulated to purchase the products again, not because they don't want them, but because they are angry with Affinity. I do a lot of music production, and in the music industry there are many users who refuse to pay for subscription services. They want to own what they purchase, just like so many who have purchased Affinity products. But they prefer to purchase software from companies that don't keep charging them for upgrades. My Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) of choice is Logic Pro X and I have never been charged for an upgrade; in fact, the community of Logic users looks forward with great anticipation and excitement to the new upgrades. This is what makes Logic users such huge fans of the software and the company—when the company rewards its customers with great upgrades at no additional cost; the company supports their customers. There are many third party companies that offer plug-ins for Logic, and some of these companies, such as Waves are getting a bad rap in the music community, because they require purchasing an upgrade license every few years in order to continue getting upgrades for the products they bought; they will lose many customers, but for those they keep, at least they are offered an incentive as a customer. Other companies such as iZotope treat their existing customers to deeply discounted loyalty offers for upgrades and newly released software and their customers are happy to pay a discounted fee to upgrade, and the company retains their admiration and respect. But Affinity, just insulted their entire customer base. Good luck with that. Once, a huge advocate of Affinity, my admiration, respect, and excitement for Affinity and it's products has now plummeted. For those who think this is too harsh, please realize, this isn't about customers, like me, saving a buck—it's about Affinity wanting to show appreciation for the loyal customers who made them successful. I mourn the direction Affinity has chosen. Sincerely
  4. Thanks Old Bruce. You are absolutely right. My bad. Somehow the Context Toolbar got turned off. I am happy again to have the fonts info at the top! And I DO LOVE Affinity again! 😄
  5. I'm disappointed that FONTS are no longer available on the top left menu of Designer 1.8.3! This must have been in an "update". Having the font at the top left was so practical. I liked the quick reference of FONTS at the top menu and now its literally a chore to have to go find the FONT info in the character tab. FONTS have always been in the studio but I always used the more convenient option in the Toolbar. It would have been helpful to at least leave an option for users to put the Fonts menu back in the Toolbar using the "Customize Toolbar" option, but it is not an option. I think this was a bad software design move. I know it's just a small thing and we will all learn to live with it. I'm most disappointed that I actually feel this way... and that it has affected my enjoyment of using Affinity Designer. 😥
  6. Thanks Wosven. A rectangle with the gradient/fill tool applied worked for me. I'm not sure how I created the other one, it was also a rectangle but I'm not sure what I did different. Thanks for the suggestion and response.
  7. Affinity Designer is not rendering/exporting gradient backgrounds in my design to PDF. I have not had this issue in the past, it has always worked perfectly. Perhaps something has changed in a recent update? Are there any work arounds? I don't want to go to press with a solid background. Thanks. Dave
  8. Hello, I have Affinity Designer, and Affinity Photo (And I am excited about Affinity Publisher coming soon!). I noticed today when I go to the apple app store, that Affinity Designer shows a different image and a "purchase price" while Affinity Photo says "open". Apps I have purchased generally say "open" which makes me wonder Is there a new version of Affinity Designer or an Affinity Designer Pro that is different than the version I have (1.6.5). When I check for updates it says I have the latest version. Thank you for the help.
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