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  1. I did a reinstall of Affinity Photo and it seemed to help, at least so far. I will post, if the problem reoccurs.
  2. I ordered Affinity Photo V2 last Saturday and it crashes randomly (the app just shuts down without error message) and got worse and worse every day. Right now I cannot even finish a photo without crashing a couple times. Attached is a picture of the preferences settings, the rest of computer info is in my signature. I posted it in this thread, because I thought it is a very similar issue. I didn't have any problems with V1.
  3. Hi, I got a similar problem with Levels adjustment on my system: the histogram in the Levels adjustment shows only for a couple of images and when I work with the program for a while it doesn't come up anymore. The only workaround I found out so far, was temporary save the image as an afphoto file, close Affinity Photo, reopen it and go on editing the photo. It's not the best solution, maybe there is an easier way to show the histogram again or even better, a fix (soon). 😉 And yes, the problem is on both programs, Affinity Photo and Affinity Photo beta. Sorry, wrong OS.
  4. I just registered Affinity Photo with the Beta Version
  5. I had graphic issues with Focus Merge and Version 1.9 too. So I installed Affinity Photo Beta v. and Focus Merge works fine now. The Beta also solved the "Register glitch". Thanks
  6. Here I'm having this problem just with Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher were ok. Error message:
  7. After editing a couple of pictures I don't get the histogram in levels adjustment at all anymore. I have to restart the program.
  8. Here Affinity Photo (Windows Customer Beta - shows the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 L IS II USM lens correct on CR2 files, but it shows the Tamron 100-400mm f/4.5-6.3Di VC USD on CR3 files. EDIT: I forgot to mention, I have the Canon 1.4x III extender attached to the lens.
  9. Thanks RC-R. I should have looked under Appendix in the built-in help.
  10. Hi, I would like to know if there is a reference somewhere about mathematical formulas for the transform panel for percentage calculation and things like this. A list, what everything can be done and how to put it in. Thanks in advance.
  11. Really like this software-tip, even better, it's portable software.
  12. Hi, I'm very happy with the software and how it develops. It's not a major issue, but a bit annoying - especially when editing lots of pictures. When it changes from Develop Persona to Photo Persona or vice versa, it doesn't center the picture (I think it's because of the open panels on the left side). The last crop settings are remembered now in Photo Persona, it would be great in Develop Persona too. CropIssue.flv
  13. When the objects are moved, Designer kind of forgets to bring the gradients with them. GradientIssue.flv
  14. Thanks for your suggestions,Rick. I should have thought about it before, since I had already some annoying problems with the external monitor (awful FPS lag): the issue only occurs on the external monitor, if I use both displays (laptop and external monitor). When I disable the laptop display in Window's "Display Settings", it's ok. Anyway, it's not Affinity Photo.
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