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  1. Also, It does not happen with OpenGL disabled. I have tried multiple images with OpenGL disabled without any issue.
  2. Though, I must say that this is very intermittent. It doesn't happen with same image sometimes.
  3. Sorry, I was excited and replied too soon :(. The issue still exists and I see the blocks as soon as I get into Photo Persona by clicking the develop button:
  4. Thanks for pointing that out Mark. I updated drivers and problem no longer exists. Thanks for the help again!
  5. Hey Chris, It worked after I disable OpenCL. I have HP Zbook G5 with following config: i7-8750H 32GB RAM Nvidia P1000 4GB Graphic Card.
  6. Hey Mark, I tried new beta and noticed few things: The blocks does appear on random images when I try to change exposure or shadows in the develop persona. However, it goes away when photo is opened in photo persona by clicking develop button in my testing so far. Attached is the image and a screen print of develop persona. Hope this helps. DSC_0363.NEF
  7. Hello, it seems my images are not getting processed correctly. There are strange dark blocks appearing on my images. This is with both the latest public release version and with the latest beta and very intermittent. Attached is the crop of one of the image it appears on. The image looked fine before going into develop persona. As soon as I clicked develop these block appeared. The exported jpeg also has these.
  8. It worked!! Thank you for the help Mark! Have a good one and stay safe!
  9. Sure, I'll give it a try. Thank you for the update!
  10. Hello, I am trying to do a focus stack merge with affinity photo 1.9 but it isn't working This is what I am getting after the merge: Following are the spcs of my machine: HP Zbook G5 i7-8750 32 GB RAM Nvidia P1000 with 4GB Any suggestions?
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