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    Lens profiles in 1.7 beta

    As I can see, it has been recently added to lensfun days ago, so sooner or later it will be in Affinity too: https://github.com/lensfun/lensfun/commit/32718d53bef0f3efbd1d9df5c736a3b723bac88c#diff-50e22dbf0edf411c0bec00e9df83a7ae
  2. Zabalint

    Lens profiles files

    Ah, as I can see, it has been recently added to lensfun days ago, so sooner or later it will be in Affinity too: https://github.com/lensfun/lensfun/commit/32718d53bef0f3efbd1d9df5c736a3b723bac88c#diff-50e22dbf0edf411c0bec00e9df83a7ae
  3. Zabalint

    Lens profiles files

    I have a Panasonic TZ70, and its lens profile is in Lensfun's database with the name TZ71 (TZ70, TZ71 and ZS50 are actually the same cameras in different regions), but as you hided it in a binary file, now I cannot use this lens profile for automatic lens correction. Is there any possible solution in 1.7 beta to make lens correction work for my camera? If it won't change in the production version, then 1.7 will be totally useless for me. I bought this license mostly for raw processing, and hoped that it will be regularly updated, I don't like that I won't be able to use the next version...
  4. I have a Panasonic TZ70, and in Affinity Photo 1.6.5 automatic lens correction didn't work, but I found out, that in Lensfun xml files there is the same model with a different name, it's TZ71, so I could modify the xml file, and make lens correction work for my camera. However in 1.7 beta there is no such folder, I can't find lens profile directory. How can I modify/add lens profiles, or is there any other way to make automatic lens correction work for my camera? Or are these resources hardcoded in this new version? Will it change in the production version?
  5. In Lightroom Classic CC, there is, but you cannot do it in Lightroom CC.
  6. Editing actually happens locally, but you can't edit an image before you import it.
  7. You can download or synchronize the uploaded raw files and their adjustments any time, and if you stop subscription, you don't lose your local files.. However if you want to edit a raw image with Lightroom CC, you have to import it, and importing includes upload to the cloud, and based on your settings, there will be a synchronized copy on your local storage, or it will be cached locally. I'm talkig about Lightroom CC, not about Lightroom CC Classic, they are different applications.
  8. With Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom 6 you can, but Classic is more expensive, while Lightroom 6 is legacy, that line won't be developed anymore. However with Lightroom CC you have to upload the raws first to the cloud, then edit them, and then, if you want, you can download or export them. Ok, actually on editing, they can be in a shared workspace, but that's not the same, as storing then in your own directory structure. I'm not against cloud storage, but I prefer to store my images locally first, and then upload them to cloud.
  9. Yes, you can, but the subscription that includes Photoshop (and Lightroom Classic) doesn't include a 1 TB cloud, or the one that includes it costs even more. Another possibility is to buy Photoshop Elements, however that's also much more expensive than Affinity Photo, and it has limited functionalities.
  10. There are 2 things I don't like in Lightroom. One of them is the extreme high subscription price (10 dollars = 14,5 dollars in my country), and the other one is that it tries to force me the DAM, while I like to manage my pictures in normal folders. However I'm missing the possibility to save raw adjustments in Affinity Photo.
  11. Now I see, that this is about ZS70. However, this workaround may work with ZS70 too, as it is the successor the cameras I mentioned, and as far as I know, the lens is the same one, at least its specifications are the same.
  12. I missed the filename: compact-panasonic.xml
  13. I had the same problem. Affinity uses Lensfun for lens correction (the same library/database as darktable uses). The problem is that this model was introduced on 3 different model names: TZ71 in Germany, TZ70 in rest of Europe and ZS50 in North America, while TZ60/TZ61/ZS40 also have the same lens, but in Lensfun only TZ71 and TZ61 are associated to this profile, so with other model names autodetection won't work. I know that this question is old, but I copy the solution for it, if anybody else still have the same issue: You have to find the Lens Profiles folder, in Windows it's c:\Program Files\Affinity\Photo\Resources\Lens Profiles\ with the basic installation. In this file add the following to the list of camera profiles: <camera> <maker>Panasonic</maker> <model>DMC-TZ70</model> <mount>panasonicTZ71</mount> <cropfactor>5.58</cropfactor> </camera> This is for TZ70, if you have ZS40, ZS50 or TZ60, then add that model name into <model></model> tag.
  14. I basically started to use Affinity for raw processing. I know that it's a Photoshop like application and not a Lightroom like application, but I found Lightroom subscription extremely expensive, especially in my country (10 dollars = 10 euros, and in addition, we have the highest VAT in Europe, it means the cheapest monthly subscription is about 14.5 dollars), while most of the free alternatives (Ratherapee, darktable, etc.) are very slow on Windows. There is one free alternative, Lightzone, which was almost good for me, but its contrast settings are too time consuming for me. Earlier I used Canon DPP, but now I have a Panasonic compact camera, and the free version of Silkypix Studio is very slow and illogical. I'm satisfied with Affinity Photo's raw development functionalities, I find it the third best after Lightroom and Canon DPP among the ones I tried, but I'm missing the feature to save raw file settings. I already saved some presets for noise reduction/details and also for lens correction, and I mostly change only basic settings for the whole image, so after all I can save and use a temporary basic presets if images are similar. I also use local adjustments, but those are different for each picture. However after I'm finished, I would like the possibility to save settings, because sometimes I rethink the same picture in the future, and also sometimes I have an idea when I'm processing the last picture in a series, and I would apply it for the previous ones, but in this case I should start it again...