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  1. Thanks both. I use Windows.
  2. Will DXO Nik collwction 2 work in AP 1.7?
  3. My main computer is a Windows 10nmachine attached to which I have a synology network attached storage. My main processing and document storage including backup is handled by the above. I also use an iPad Pro which is wonderful for when off site. Transferring files, especially large .afphoto type files is a tedious business. My current solution is to go via a small amount of ipad cloud and use the windows icloud app. But I also use Luma Fusion as a video editor on my iPad. That can open files from and save files to the windows/synology system over wifi. It is much cleaner and quicker. Could the same be done for Affinity Products? I understand the audioshare iPad app has a similar capability Regards Graham Rabbitts
  4. Booklet printing was going badly wrong until I realised that booklets only work if the total page number is a multiple of 4. It may be obvious to you professionals, but for us amateurs it may not be obvious. Can I suggest you either (a) add blank pages to make the document page count a multiple of 4 or (b) issue a warning message when people try to print a booklet that is NOT a multiple of 4 pages
  5. The fault with reveal appears to have persisted into AP 1.7 Here is a video demonstrating what happens. (unclip canvas reverts to the original image) AffinityRevealFail.mp4
  6. The problem seems to be that reveal doesn't work in Windows
  7. The new Darken/Reveal option on the Crop tool does not seem to work in Windows; or I have not understood it. There is no tutorial that I have found that explains the new functionality which appears to be very useful.
  8. GrahamMYC

    crash on selecting page

    I have been a Serif Customer since 2001, so I have strong "Affinity" to the brand! Happy to help such a brilliant product.
  9. GrahamMYC

    crash on selecting page

    Basically it went like this 1: Placed image in the document 2: Selected edit in Photo 3: Added text boxes and arrows 4: I may have cropped the image a bit - not sure of this. 5: hit save 6: Could not work out how to go back to APub 7: Closed file 8: restarted APub,, opened file and found the edited image was OK Hope this helps! Graham
  10. GrahamMYC

    crash on selecting page

    A thought. When constructing the faulty document, I switched one image into photo to add the captions and arrows. The procedure for doing this is not completely clear, and I wonder if this is where the fault lay? (I have to say, however, that I carried out the same exercise in the workaround, and it completed without problems) I hope this does not confuse the issue, but thought it may be elpful to let you know the process I adopted. Regards
  11. GrahamMYC

    crash on selecting page

    Ok making progress. Hope these are what you need. (I did a workaround with the s\me images and they worked, But still getting the crash on the original fime) Regards Graham 447190fb-56c6-40a0-a1c0-857ca4f77290.dmp TealSolar_TXT_PICS_embedded.afpub
  12. GrahamMYC

    crash on selecting page

    Would love to help. I cannot find %AppData%\Roaming\Affinity\Publisher\1.0 (Beta)\CrashReports\reports. I have looked in C: Users\Graham, and searched the C drive Any advice welcome!
  13. I have a 3 page document (attached) When I open it, all looks fine. It opens at page 1. If I select or scroll to page 2,all is well However, if I try to go to page 3, either by selecting page or by scrolling, the app crashes. (see screen capture video) OpenPubFault.mp4 TealSolar_TXT_PICS.afpub
  14. GrahamMYC

    Skylum Photolemur 3 now non op

    Photomur 3 Plugin worked in earlier versions, but not in the new beta. When you select filters->plug ins->skylum software, then photlemur 3 is greyed out and cannot be selected/
  15. I have been using skylum photolemur 3 as a plugin. It still works in my mainstream Photo (, It no longer works in my current Beta (