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  1. OK. Noted.
  2. MBd and R C-R Include me out of your spat please
  3. I have been a Serif customer since 1991, and have kept many of their products up to date. Their achievment, capped by the still developing Affinity series is remarkable, and is to be celebrated. However, I remain an amateur, and I hope I am forgiven for occasionally seeking clarification or response to adverse comment, whether ill informed or not. At least that process provides a justification for a public refutation which might otherwise sound shrill.
  4. All that said, I am looking forward to the truly non-destructive raw processing promised by Serif in the dvelopment programme
  5. I too have heard these mutterings, especially from dyed-in-the-wool photoshop users that I regularly meet at my camera Club. That is why I started the discussion so I could judge the validity or otherwise of the comments. So your comments are really appreciated by an enthusiastic amateur
  6. My peace of mind is restored, as I was sure it would be! Thankyou.
  7. While doing a Google search I came across this rather disturbing article from 2015…/affinity-photo-no-good-for-photography/ If that article is correct,then it points to a serious deficiency in Affinity. Yes, there was a later article published that went some way toward mitigating the problem, but only for Mac users Does anyone know anything about this? Has anything changed in recent times?
  8. Chris B: With regard to dragging to increase px ( or %) have a look at this video (Official Affinity) AS it turns out,I misreportedthe problem Working with Gaussian blur, the amount can be increased beyond 100 pix either with the mousewheel or by the slider method. BUt when you add noise the wheel will not take you beyond 100% but the slider will (though the number shown does not go beyond 100%). This works properly in AP1.5. (If you are wonderng why I would want to add that much noise, it is one way of adding rain to an image on a black pixel layer - you add a motion blur to the noise, and a suitable blend mode)
  9. I was carrying out an exercise using the AP beta I needed to add a lot of Gaussian blur (above 100%). This I did successfully by click drag to the right. But in the beta version the digital readout would not show a value above 100%. I checked this in AP 1.5, and it worked successfully. A minor bug, but it needs to be addressed sometime.
  10. My error. This wonderful feature is already available in both AP and AD.
  11. I note that in AD, you can select fonts from dropdowns of used, recent, and favourites. Excellent facility. Can we have it in photo please?
  12. I was afraid that was the case. I have loaded eraser. It is not as good, but nearly so And thanks for the identifont link. It looks interesting
  13. I recently viewed the Vimeo tutorial on Displacement, which used an Apple font called Chalkduster. It looked quite useful. Can you plse advise where it can be downloaded as ttf for use on a Windows machine?
  14. In AD, you can apply textures to the stroke round an object. It looks like the same facility should be in Photo (the textured brush option ezists in the path dialogue). But it does not seem to be working,