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  1. Affinity Photo 1,7: Flood select has stopped working.All other functions seem OK (including brush select). Any suggestions? [ PROBLEM SOLVED: OBJECT i WAS TRYING TO SELECT WITH FLOOD SELECT TOOL NEEDED TO BE RASTERISED]
  2. Yes. If I export brushes, I get a Windows dialog I thought I would check back. If I try to export the styles category now, I also get a Windows dialog. It seems something was jammed, and is no longer jammed. Irritating, but I suspect we will not find it now! (Footnote: Windows has been automatically updated in recent days)
  3. Dan C File data as requested Regards Graham objectstyles.propcol
  4. walt. Farrell And therein lies the problem I have spent a lot of time importing styles from sets I have accumulated over the years, so I would lose a lot by doing a reset. If possible I want to avoid that. Also, I do not need in the short term to export styles, so the costs outweigh the benefits. Nevertheless, I would like to track down the problem.
  5. Dan C As this is a new machine resetting presented no problems. However, I did not select "reset object styles" as this would mean a lot of work if the styles were lost. I should point out that Designer is behaving in an identical manner Still no result. I have used a workaround so that I do not need to export styles at the moment, but it would be good to get to the bottom of the problem. Thanks for your patience
  6. Sadly no change. Incidentally the next item down "show as list" is also not working
  7. I have done as you suggest (including doing a disk cleanup, and a Norton file cleanup). I do not get a windows dialog when I select "Export Styles Category' Regarding the ipad, it worked well once I had discovered the location of the styles tab! My ignorance is now marginally less than it was!
  8. I wish to export some styles from Affinity Photo or Designer to transfer them elsewhere. When I select a styles category and select "export styles category", nothing seems to happen. If it is exported I do not know where. I am using Affinity Photo on Windows 10 pro 64 bit Also Styles that I have imported into the PC will not import from iCloud into the iPad (Ipad Pro). Advice plse
  9. For example, when trying to import macros onto AP Ipad, I found that the only way was to copy the file to the icloud. Evene copying to the iPad files app did not work. Also, I cannot open files from or save files to an external drive. (This was, of course only a possibility with IOS13). Other apps that I have (e.g. Luma Fusion which is one of my replacements for Serif MoviePlus) has been able to access remote drives even before IOS 13, and can now access connected external drives. So we know it is possible.
  10. Thankyou The problem is that your tutorials are all of high quality, and we amateurs tend to rely on them for techniques we only use occasionally
  11. I managed to keep this link for the old tutorials. It still works, but has not been updated recently, so some of the resource links fail. However the old Affinity tutorials seem to have survived so far http://www.miguelboto.com/affinity/
  12. I am sure this has been covered before, so all I need is the link. I have the Affinity suite on two computers. One will be scrapped The second will become a reserve machine. There will be a new computer. What is the license situation? How do I delete the scrapped machine from my license, and trasfer my leicense to the new machine?
  13. Thanks both. I use Windows.
  14. Will DXO Nik collwction 2 work in AP 1.7?

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