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  1. i downloaded the 'beta' version of affinity photo in addition to the 'official' download from microsoft. I found that i could login to the beta version 'my account' option. on a hunch, i tried to login to my 'official' version, and suddenly i could access my account. it would appear i have found a temporary solution to a problem that is plaguing owners who purchased from the microsoft store.
  2. for those who purchased from the microsoft store, there should be a provision for us to be able to download the free content as paid customers. clearly this problem of signing in is not going to be fixed by affinity.
  3. well, it doesn't work fine for me, it keeps crashing the program. i have changed nothing since yesterday, before it just wouldn't log in, today, it crashes.
  4. prior to me being unable to access my account sign in, this morning i clicked on the 'my account' button, and the program instantly shuts down. No error messages. it does it every time i click on it now.
  5. something worse is happening now, when i click on 'my account' it causes the program to shut down instantly. No error messages, just complete shutdown of the program.
  6. i did buy from the app store, but i have already stated that i de-activated the anti virus software and it still will not access the registration site.
  7. i think it is 10.0.19041.746 version number the run broker exe
  8. Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0 os build 19042.746 yes, i purchased via the microsoft store i have no idea what this runtime broker exe is or how to find the version number
  9. so far, it is still not allowing me to sign in, i've tried all day, as late as 10 pm, and still nothing.
  10. just installed affinity photo 1.9. try to sign in to 'my account' or 'register new account' and i get an error "we're sorry, something went wrong during registration or sign in." Nothing to do with antivirus or firewall, tried switching them off.
  11. there are two ways you can get an image from unsplash into a layered document. the first is if you double click on the image, it opens in the web browser, and then you can copy and paste that image into affinity. The other way i only just discovered is you can drag and drop the image directly into the layered document. Doing it the second way does not cause the move tool to freeze. however, copying from the web browser does cause the freeze.
  12. i have raised this issue with affinity support, they gave a beta version to try out. However, i'm sorry to say that the exact same problem is happening with this version. if you copy and paste an image from unsplash into a layered document, the move tool does not work, you cannot move the pasted layer. If you save the document, then re open it, then you can move it.
  13. i am running on version 1.8 and are experiencing a strange error. If i copy a background from splash, then paste into a document as a layer, it cannot then be resized or moved, the move tool will not respond. If i save the document, then re open it, the move tool now works and i can resize the background. it does this every time. it also does this with the place tool as well, the move tool will not respond until a save and restart.
  14. I have a X rite colour chart, and i used their desktop calibration software (which is free) to calibrate my sony camera. this normally defaults to Adobe lightroom and is added to their existing list of colour profiles like standard, portrait etc. It would therefore be really useful to be able to add or import this into affinity photo. At the moment you only have ICC options. adding this would make this program more competitive with lightroom and camera raw.
  15. To my knowledge, the only raw photo editor that offers a batch export and custom renaming is Adobe Lightroom. I have to process and export large numbers of portraits, then rename them to custom class names, like 5E for example. I have been looking into alternatives to lightroom. Luminar 4 has the features i need for image processing, but although you can filter, rate and export specific photos together within the program, you cannot rename them before exporting. With affinity photo, i cannot see anyway to custom rename files either. Also, and this is a big big issue, there is no browser view, unlike lightroom or luminar. this is an essential view point when working with multiple images. You need to be able to sync and paste image correction data to multiple files to speed up workflow, or go back and forth to make custom alterations.
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