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  1. as i have said, my hunch to put the patch into both folders, windows, and windows.old worked. I believe that it is the windows.old folder that allowed the patch to work. I don't know why such a folder would exist in a fresh, barebones installation of windows 11, surely, there would be just the default windows user folder.
  2. i have got it working, but the only way the patch works is if you put it into 'windows.old' folder, at least on my system, putting it into the default windows/user folder didn't work. i don't know why there are two windows/ user folders, as this is a fresh installation, not an upgrade to windows 11.
  3. yes, and i've had a patch file from a moderator, and that does not work either.
  4. already tried this, but i did it again and it still comes up with the 'something went wrong during reg' error.
  5. i tried this patch, but it still does not allow a sign in or register. same time out error occurs
  6. i have just done a fresh installation of windows 11 and installed affinity photo, and tried the beta version too. neither will allow me to sign in to my account. same error as everyone else. what is with affinity photo and signing in? no other app on the planet has this much trouble. the administrator option does not work either.
  7. tried opening the app as administrator, makes no difference, just says 'timed out 10000 milliseconds'. I don't understand why there has been so much trouble signing into to affinity accounts, it has happened before with windows 10. it should just work!
  8. i have just installed a fresh installation of windows 11 64 bit and i cannot sign in to my account. i have even tried the beta version, and i cannot sign in with this either.
  9. this is not a memory issue, i have 32 gig of ram. besides, i've had much bigger layered documents open before with no crashes.
  10. and its crashed again... also, tried the beta version with these assets, and it crashes too.
  11. and it has just crashed again, this time it was the cloud layers.
  12. since i started using these assets, affinity photo 1.9 has been crashing or 'not responding' frequently. there is no pattern to which layer i drag across, or when it will freeze, but it has crashed 7 times so far, and i've only used it 8 or 9 times! . i have a powerful system, intel i7 9700k, 32 gig ram, Nvidia 1600 ti graphics card, so its not a question or resources or memory. i have had very large layered files before with no crashing. i also have another set of assets which never cause the program to freeze, it is just this set. it is happening so often that it is making using them really annoying.
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