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  1. Thanks for your suggestions,Rick. I should have thought about it before, since I had already some annoying problems with the external monitor (awful FPS lag): the issue only occurs on the external monitor, if I use both displays (laptop and external monitor). When I disable the laptop display in Window's "Display Settings", it's ok. Anyway, it's not Affinity Photo.
  2. ... just wanted to mention it and know, if the issue is only on my system or generell: When I minimize the help window to the taskbar and open it later again, there is no content in the window (black) - until I click on the back and/or forward arrows.
  3. That's what I meant by sidecar files. They are stored automatically in the same folder the pictures are and loaded automatically when you open the RAW file again.
  4. Nevertheless, sidecar file is still on my wish list.
  5. They do remember the steps done in Develop Persona, if you want to do changes later.
  6. The grid shows up here (after pulling the sliders up again in Grid Manager).
  7. Hi, images are loosing the details I did in "Detail Refinement" when I click on Develop and it converts the picture to Photo Persona. The picture looks sharp before converting and blurry afterwards in Photo Persona. I tried it in version and in beta, both with the same result. I did some search here in the forum about this, but couldn't find anything, so I'm wondering, if somebody else noticed that too.
  8. Develop Persona - Crop Tool - Mode ... remember last setting used RAW (CR2) should open brighter (without adding a Tone Curve in Assistant Manager (image + histogram) Affinity Photo Digital Photo Professional 4 Nomacs sidecar files
  9. It didn't mention explicit the Photo Persona either and I thought the developers might be interested about this issue in Develop Persona and the Grid Lines of the topic starter are down at zero too . The Grid works here in both Personas.
  10. I just tried it here in Develop Persona and the grid didn't show up. In the Grid and Axis Manager the Grid Lines were down to zero. After pulling them up, the grid was showing. But then I switched from Automatic to Basic and the Exposure dropped down at least 1 f-stop and only reloading the image brought it back to default again.
  11. I would do "chkdsk c: /r" and "sfc /scannow" from an elevated command prompt.
  12. I came across this article recently: Windows 10 KB4482887 Cumulative Update Causing Major Stuttering in Games It might affect other Software too (just a guess). Microsoft suggests to uninstall this update. It might be worth a try.
  13. When I open a CR2 file in Develop Persona, it has a wrong pixel size for both my cameras (EOS 50D and EOS 5DMII). Canon EOS 5DII 5616x3744 Develop Persona 5634x3753 Canon EOS 50D 4752x3168 Develop Persoan 4770x3177 And when I export the files, the ratio is not correct (1200x799 instead of 1200x800)
  14. owlp

    Wrong pixel size

    Thanks for the quick answer. So if I want the "original" size, I crop to 3:2 custom ratio. Do I have to do that with every file or is there an option in Preferences?
  15. Then I won't worry about sharpening in Develop Persona anymore, thanks again!
  16. Thanks for clarification. Btw, is there an advantage to sharpen in Develop Persona instead of Photo Persona?
  17. owlp

    Developing Performance #240

    There are different versions of Windows 10. Microsoft upgrades Windows 10 twice a year, one in spring and one in fall. The latest version is 1809 (stands for 2018 and September). I think it would help to add this to the signature too.
  18. owlp

    Bug in Develop Persona?

    I noticed that too with CR2 files among other bugs in Develop Persona. For now I'm using Canons "Digital Photo Professional 4" for RAW editing and save them as 16bit TIFF's for the Photo Persona.
  19. owlp

    Dark RAW files

    Lucky you, I tried AP on my desktop (ASUS M5A97R2.0) and laptop (HP Elitebook 850G1), and both my cameras (EOS 50D and 5DMII) are having this issue with AP's RAW converter, where all the RAW's open up properly in Adobe Camera RAW, Digital Photo Professional 4 and Corel AfterShot Pro 3 (which I purchased now for this reason).
  20. owlp

    Dark RAW files

    This seems to be a problem with (some?) Windows versions - I tried AP on Windows 7 and Windows 10, CR2's open way too dark.
  21. Update: for now I'm using a "workaround" for this problem (which affects all my Canon EOS cameras - Highlight tone priority is Disabled on all of them) ... I'm using Digital Photo Professional 4 to convert the images to TIF and switch then from Photo Persona to Develop Persona. PS: still testing the trial version, but probably will buy the software, I really like it.
  22. Hi, I downloaded the trail version of Affinity Photo (for Windows) and I was already going to buy the product when I run into the same problem. I really hope, that there is a fix for that soon, because I've looked for a serious (cheaper) Photoshop alternative for quite a while.