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  1. HVDB Photography

    Beta versie - crop tool

    Graag gedaan
  2. You'll need to do it in two steps .. Step 1 Document > Resize document uncheck Resample change DPI to 400 hit Resize Step 2 Document > Resize document leave Resample checked hit Resize and Export
  3. Can you describe exactly what actions you perform during the conversion to 400 DPI?
  4. It's often difficult to give advice without seeing what's really happening ! It's always helpful to attach the native .afphoto file you're working on + a full screenshot with the layers panel and context toolbar visible. And as @Alfred mentioned in a previous thread .. When you post, you can put your system specs in your forum signature. To do this, go to your Account Settings page where you’ll find a ‘Signature’ link.
  5. HVDB Photography

    Beta versie - crop tool

    Als je op "Manage Presets" klikt kan je in de "Presets Manager" de categorie aanmaken. If you click on "Manage Presets" you can create the category in the "Presets Manager". Wat mij ook opgevallen is, is dat als je centimeters als eenheid kiest en je de breedte en hoogte wijzigt de eenheid automatisch terug naar pixels wijzigt !! What I also noticed is that if you choose centimeters as a unit and you change the width and height the unit automatically changes back to pixels !!
  6. HVDB Photography

    Beta versie - crop tool

    Voor zover ik weet kan je in versie geen presets exporteren ! In de beta dien je eerst een nieuwe categorie aan te maken Nadien zal je alle formaten opnieuw moeten definiëren (via absolute size) en dan via "hamburger icon > create preset" opslaan in de vooraf aangemaakte categorie. Echter, alles na de komma wordt automatisch afgerond naar boven !!! As far as I know, you can not export presets in version! In the beta you first have to create a new category. Afterwards you will have to redefine all formats (via absolute size) and then save them in the previously created category via "hamburger icon> create preset". However, everything after the comma is automatically rounded up !!!
  7. HVDB Photography

    [AP] Restore Snapshot doesn't work properly

    Ok, my mistake. Thanks
  8. I may be wrong but... snapshot Project.mp4
  9. You haven't yet assigned the selected color as the new custom colour. Click on the small circle next to the color picker to do so.
  10. Here is a set of macros that change the size of the longest side of a document (proportionally) to a fixed maximum size. Just give it a try. Resize Document to a Fixed Maximum Size .afmacros
  11. You can assign a shortcut Edit > Preferences > Keyboard shortcuts and then use Edit > Fill or Edit > Matte
  12. Matte works fine for the outside border as shown in the video. For an inside border, it doesn't work directly on the image layer, you'll need to add a new pixel layer on top, apply the matte and merge the layers or flatten the document.