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  1. HVDB Photography

    [ ] "View Grid" doesn't show up !!

    Although, each time after restarting APhoto, one need to pull up the sliders in Grid Manager !! The same for color choice !! These settings once set should be kept.
  2. HVDB Photography

    [ ] "View Grid" doesn't show up !!

    Yes, thanks @owlp
  3. HVDB Photography

    [ ] "View Grid" doesn't show up !!

    Indeed, it does it again !!!
  4. Select > Invert Pixel Selection or Ctrl+Shift+I
  5. HVDB Photography

    Photo Beta on Windows - Developer .rw2

    That You'd find under the Basic / "Objectif" TAB
  6. HVDB Photography

    Activating High Pass filter

    On windows .... Set the blend mode to overlay, or soft light or linear light ... and hit the X in the right upper corner
  7. HVDB Photography

    Incorrect rasterization

    I did some testing ... There is indeed some expansion with reduced opacity at the edges. But I don't know if it's a bug !! Rasterization.afphoto
  8. HVDB Photography

    Incorrect rasterization

    Would you mind starting from scratch recording all the actions you perform ?
  9. This is similar to the problem I was confronted with In the registry you can check the current versions of .NET framework installed on your system
  10. HVDB Photography

    [ ] "View Grid" doesn't show up !!

    Reset did it ... OK in both Photo and Develop
  11. No, AFAIK not for the content toolbar
  12. I think that's meant for the polygon shape tool !!