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  1. HVDB Photography

    AP - grouping layers while recording macro

    On my Windows system it works fine !! See attached screen capture. GroupAllLayerst.mp4
  2. HVDB Photography

    AP - grouping layers while recording macro

    In Affinity Photo: Select > Select All Layers and click the Group icon at the bottom
  3. HVDB Photography

    AP Inside border problem after creating HDR

    @Chris_K You're welcome
  4. This problem did occurs after creating a HDR merge / tonemapping (3 old NEF files out of my 2014 archieve) When adding an inside border effect "stranger things" :-) happens. See attached video. The problem also occurs with the Beta V If I export the document as a JPG file and reopen it everything works as usual. Inside BorderProblem.mp4
  5. HVDB Photography

    Burn and Dodge to another layer?

    Thank you
  6. Here's an interesting article concerning RAW, JPEG and TIFF - What they are and when to use them http://www.bobatkins.com/photography/digital/raw.html
  7. @leoskats I always end up with a RGB 16 bit colour space. Even if you switched to LAB (16 bit) colours space and export the image as a TIFF file, then the original colour space (in my case Adobe RGB (1998)) will be used. You can't use LAB 16 bit for web publishing, if you export to JPEG-format Affinity Photo automatically converts it to colour format (s)RGB 8 bit . That's because JPEG file format is only 8 bits per colour.
  8. HVDB Photography

    Burn and Dodge to another layer?

    You're welcome
  9. But, correct me if I'm wrong, what if you have also made LENS, DETAIL, TONAL adjustments! Then a separate preset must be defined for each panel! For JPEG shots ,in Photo Persona, once all adjustments are made you could group them en copy/paste that group onto an other image !!!
  10. Most cameras offer a choice between sRGB or Adobe RGB color space I have absolutely no idea if there are cameras that offer LAB color space as a choice !! I mostly shoot in RAW format in the Adobe RGB color space. Adobe RGB offers a wider color range than sRGB, the most saturated green, red and blue colors are beyond the reach of sRGB. In Affinity Photo you can always change color format via Document > Color format . Did you already watch this video, about LAB color mode?
  11. HVDB Photography

    Burn and Dodge to another layer?

    Add a new pixel layer fill it with 50% gray (you can use a shortcut i.e. Miscelaneous > Set fill to 50% gray) set the blend mode to overlay In the context toolbar, choose a tonal range .. and start doging or burning .. or create that layer on the fly using my attached macro Dodge & Burn.afmacros
  12. HVDB Photography

    Is there a "jump to zero" for sliders?

    And ... CTRL + mouse wheel allows you to increase/decrease the value by 0.1
  13. HVDB Photography

    White balance doesn't work correctly

    Just drag the picker around and search for a point where colors might appear to be more "on target and corrected" .
  14. Here's an other interesting link: https://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/RGB_and_Lab and a video about 8 bit vs 16 bit
  15. HVDB Photography

    White balance doesn't work correctly

    Did you try FIlters > Colours > Auto Colours or Auto White Balance ?