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  1. True, but the (normal) download starts simultaneous. So look in your downloadfolder and just close that dropbox link.
  2. It's there you know ... There's a scrollbar on the right too
  3. See this thread, that contains a macro to automate the process
  4. HVDB Photography

    Text frame triangle eye

    For which application? If you put one of these : [Aphoto], [ADesigner], [APublisher] in front of the title, it would be much helpful.
  5. HVDB Photography

    Affinity Photo Paint Brush Tool

    Are you sure you selected the paint brush and not the pen tool? A screen print would be helpful.
  6. That 's right, but the shortcut doesn't show up when right clicking on a layer and select Duplicate.
  7. Just a little remark. I noticed that, with the 1.7 update, the shortcut Ctrl + J to duplicate a layer has now been assigned to Duplicate Selection .... ! Must therefore be adjusted manually for the time being.
  8. Well, I support this for the full 100%. This has been suggested several times ... e.g. Sorry, but I'm tired of struggling through all these discussions that I'm not interested in ! And that is why I have stopped trying to be helpful for the time being.
  9. Also see the hint line at the bottom of the app window.
  10. Well, then I would suggest making a change for the "Affinity Support & Question" subsection. Where, at least, MANDATORY check boxes are displayed for "Start new topic", that indicates the application for which the question or comment is intended. And then put the choice made in front of the title. e.g. [APho], [ADes], [APub] I think that this should be possible and does not require that much effort to realize it ... (I suppose) Me neither. and I think we're not the only ones.
  11. HVDB Photography


    Are you a Windows or MAC user? Which app do you use? What exactly were you trying to do? Are you sure you are using the inpainting brush tool and not the undo brush or the regular paint brush?
  12. HI @FrankTr, For me the sharpness in Photo Persona is identical to what I see in Develop Persona (16bit). Maybe you're looking at a different "View > Zoom" factor Greetings from Flanders (Belgium) to Germany Hubert
  13. Works fine for me (Windows 10) If you don't mind, could you attach the RAW file so we can have a look at ?