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  1. HVDB Photography

    Not able to edit layers

    Hi, I suppose you know you're using the "Background Erase brush" tool which act somewhat different than the "Erase brush" tool. Hubert
  2. In Photo Go to Edit > Preferences then choose Keyboard shortcuts Second drop down select e.g. paint brush tool and set your own shortcuts I used : Decrease Brush Size : < Increase Brush Size : Shift + > These are easy to work with.
  3. [Edit] Initially a white brush will only work on an inverted mask layer or to restore existing masking.
  4. Hi @ApvdG Try this: Add a White Balance Adjustment layer and mask out the unwanted parts Open the Channels panel Right Click on "White Balance Adjustment Alpha" and select "Create Spare Channel" Add a Levels Adjustment layer Now right click on the spare channel and select "Load To Levels Adjustment Alpha" Hubert
  5. In Affinity Photo, there is an auto save feature. The auto save time is default 300 seconds. This is under Edit > Preferences > File recovery interval. So when you reopen the file you may get a recovery question message ... Location : %APPDATA%\Affinity\Photo\1.0\autosave
  6. @rudyp16 Did you finally succeed?
  7. HI @MARCI BELL Dozens of video lessons available here :
  8. Here's a short video Spiralmask.mp4
  9. Invert that B&W layer Right click on it and select Rasterise to Mask To make it a clipping mask : - drag it over the image layer thumbnail until you see a small vertical bleu bar, and release - or right click and select Mask to below
  10. When you add a mask it becomes immediately active = blue background color. Then use a black or white or grey brush to conceal or reveal parts of the parent layer. To refine the mask itself, ALT click on the mask thumbnail. When you're done refining the mask, click on the parent layer.
  11. HVDB Photography

    Document resize bug

    Did you read this article about learning understanding DPI ? https://affinityspotlight.com/article/understanding-dpi/ Hubert
  12. Just ALT + click on the masks thumbnail.

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