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  1. HVDB Photography

    Visibilty mask no update

    The treatment is shown on the image layer thumbnail (if the mask is a child) !! Otherwise the mask is not updated ..
  2. HVDB Photography

    Beta .331 does not start

    See this thread ...
  3. HVDB Photography

    DNG not recognized in beta

    It's an EPSON Perfection V800 scan !! I see this ...
  4. HVDB Photography

    Bug in #331 - Cancel Tone Mapping

    Indeed, I can confirm this
  5. HVDB Photography

    Help window glitch - nothing major ...

    Works fine for me ...
  6. HVDB Photography

    Red Eye repair

  7. Roll back history !!
  8. HVDB Photography

    Bugs? New from Clipboard

    Same as in 1.6 = as intended I suppose Though Resolution remains unchanged
  9. HVDB Photography

    Bugs? New from Clipboard

    @dmstraker PrtSc : I don't get the same effect either. Tone Mapping : the whitening effect there is because a default preset with 100% Tone Compression is being applied (which is the same as in 1.6)
  10. April Fool's Day .. in May !!
  11. HVDB Photography

    Layer FX - Inside outline changes to white or transparent

    @Chris B great, thanks.
  12. HVDB Photography

    Layer FX - Inside outline changes to white or transparent

    Yes I know. But, IMHO it's illogical !! I just wanted to quote that...
  13. When setting the inside outline Opacity to 0%, it changes to white or transparent depending if Document > Transparent background is checked or not.
  14. HVDB Photography


    That should not be a issue ! Why don't you attach the file, so someone can have a look at ?
  15. There's a known issue with adjustment layers after groupng them I don't know what exactly you are trying to achieve. But I think you make it way too complicated !! Why not split your document into different layers of "hands - textures" (see attachment) As I see it, it's the intention to have the same texture on the left and right with identical adjustments or not? So why not adjust one of them and duplicate it ? Just a thought ... Complex.afphoto