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  1. Christopher O'Toole

    Photo Crashes when you try to print printing

    @GabrielM I'm using version 1.7.2. You can try to reproduce it by printing anything in Photo or Designer. It only happens when you try to print a document with a lot of other documents placed on it. As soon as you hit Cmd + P, it crashes. I use macOS mojavi v. 10.14.6 It only happened with version 1.7.2
  2. I'm using the latest version of Affinity Photo (1.7.2) and, when I try to print, Affinity crashes.
  3. It won't redo your Cmd-Z if you deselect anything in Affinity because that's technically a new command if you get what I'm saying. For yur second question, there are two tools that may help, the mesh warp tool, and the perspective tool.
  4. Christopher O'Toole

    Dragging a JPG in an affinity file

    Not sure if this is will help at all, but try rasterizing the image once you drag it in. I've noticed Affinity recognizes an image as an SVG when you drag it into an already existing project.
  5. Christopher O'Toole

    Impainting brush won't impaint

    Uh, wow. I feel like such an idiot. I for some reason didn't notice it. Thanks!
  6. My impainting brush just stopped working! It was working lika a charm before but all of a sudden, it quit working. Any tips? whynot?.mov
  7. Christopher O'Toole

    Affinity canot open my RAW files

    that is what batch job is for I think. (It still can't do as much as lightroom I don't think)
  8. Christopher O'Toole

    Affinity canot open my RAW files

    How much RAM do you have? And are you doing the 50files as a batch job or trying to import them all into Affinity? (as in to edit them)
  9. Christopher O'Toole

    Affinity Photo won't quit or even force quit

    firstdefence thanks!
  10. Christopher O'Toole

    Affinity Photo won't quit or even force quit

    John, I don't know I'll have to look into it.
  11. Christopher O'Toole

    Affinity Photo won't quit or even force quit

    Dan, I run macOS High Sierra Version 10.13.6 and my files are .CR2 files from a Canon Rebel SL2 D200, and no crash message ever appears because it never technically "crashes", it just won't open or quit.
  12. When I try to defringe, it only defringes half the time although it registers the color in the color bar at the top of the defringe panel
  13. Does anyone know what is going wrong when affinity photo is supposedly developing for like 10 minutes and so you force quit it, and it refuses to force quit?

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