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  1. It seems silly that a camera that's sold so much volume in such a short time (and is one of the most accessible RAW shooters on the market) wasn't a higher priority for Affinity. Mark it down as yet another feature request..
  2. Photographer and computer nerd here - How does Affinity Photo process information? While making edits to raw files in the "Develop Persona", I've noticed the fans of my 2012 Retina MacBook Pro spin up like jet engines. Does Affinity Photo rely heavily on CPU speed/RAM speed or is it heavily multithreaded? Does more cores = faster responses to adjustments? or do faster clock speeds lead to faster responses? I am curious because (as I said before) my 2012 rMBP is beginning to show its age when editing the raw files I give to the Develop Persona and, with the advent of the newer MBPs, I was hoping to get an idea of what machine would be best to purchase to get the best performance with the smallest form factor without emptying my wallet completely
  3. Bump I am also curious about how Affinity Photo is programmed/engineered - as a systems engineer/photographer I want to know how to get the most bang for my buck. My 2012 MBPr is beginning to show its age when developing RAW photos in AP. As I am considering upgrading to a newer MacBook or MacBook Pro, I want to know what will be most important - a fast CPU, a higher thread count CPU, or a GPU...that being said, does AP utilize hardware acceleration provided by a discrete GPU? I basically want to know whether going for the 15" MBP is a necessity or if the 13" without the discrete GPU will be able to handle the raw files I throw into AP
  4. Jon, This has become an issue again - Even after using Apple Core, for some reason the .gpr is not being opened with the correct horizontal orientation (mirrored still) Where is Affinity in terms of native .gpr support??
  5. Sunshine1868

    GoPro Hero5 .gpr Raw Support

    ~Bump~ Where are we on this? The Hero 5 has been out for some time now and the Karma is being released... when will Affinity build out support for this camera?
  6. Jon, that seems to have worked, changing to Apple's Core RAW library opens the DNG in the correct horizontal orientation. Will let you know if brushes do not work
  7. Alright, I'll give that a shot when I can and let you know how it goes. Thank you again, Jon!
  8. Thank you, Jon. How/where can I change this?
  9. Affinity Photo currently does not support the .gpr filetype - please add support to ease workflow! (Adobe DNG converter is a terrible extra step!)
  10. I am having an issue with the new GoPro Hero 5 and its RAW photo capabilities, here is my workflow and what happens - 1) copy .GPR (GoPro's raw file format) to my mac 2) use Adobe DNG Converter to convert .GPR file to .DNG (.GPR is a supported file type) 3) open converted DNG in Affinity Photo Here is where things get wonky.... All previews of the JPEG (outputted from GoPro) and DNG (after conversion) look perfectly normal (when opened in preview, or when viewing the thumbnail) HOWEVER in Affinity Photo, the raw DNG file is flipped horizontally - as if it is being viewed in a mirror. Not only is it flipped visually, but the overlay brush is flipped - i.e. clicking the brush 1/4 from the left of the image results in a brush stroke 1/4 from the RIGHT of the image!!!! the only way i've gotten around it is to do all developing of the raw image while it is reversed (which renders the brush overlay completely useless), develop, then flip the image horizontally before export. This is a MASSIVE inconvenience as it renders a feature of Affinity Photo completely useless. I have not tried the gradient overlay in a vertical form yet, but I imagine it would behave the same way (gradient would go right to left if placed left to right)

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