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  1. After some faffing about I got the lower panel docked. Mark this as Question Answered. Cheers P
  2. Thanks Chris_k I am having problems getting that to dock, then. Upper panel is fine, but that will not dock below. P
  3. Noted before, but seems worse now; HDR and Develop personas in particular - bottom right tool panel obscures panel above (see scroll bar which is beneath Overlay!) All appear docked. P
  4. Loving new release, thanks for all the hard work...... And for your continued patience throughout the post release forum melees! P
  5. Hi, Chrome 61.0.3163.100 64 bit under Win 7 This was a solution for me as I do not use IE. Removed completely. I got AP splash screen but not the 3 pages of content, so I could not download the freebies. Set TLS to Enabled and it appeared so I could download from the AP splash screen links straight into chrome to order... Hope that helps? P
  6. Patrick - in CHROME type chrome://flags/ and load in browser Search for (FIND) TLS Set to 'ENABLED (Draft)' restart browser - start AP and content links work OK. cheers, Paul
  7. Thanks. Will retest after reset. Cheers, P
  8. Bump.....!
  9. Hi Appears to me that under AP new live Develop Persona the Edge Aware works when UN-checked and vice-versa. Please check and correct as required. Cheers Paul
  10. Have you tried them. I found that they still work, they appear in my list as yours, but all still run perfectly.... Paul
  11. I run win7 I stripped IE out. Loathe it. Chrome only. No worries, can live without the extras. Cheers, Paul
  12. Windows version update done ok - BUT no Welcome screen offer, even when language change done (4 times!)... Product licensed, owned since Dec '16.... I only want the Skies Macro, really... Any one from Serif any ideas? P
  13. Mine too CTH-460....
  14. Cool! Testing tonight...
  15. Cheers Carl. Simple yet effective! P