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  1. These are DAM features and not photo editor features. LR is a DAM with hybrid edit functions. AP is a photo editor not a DAM. Enjoy!
  2. PaulAffinity

    Affinity Designer - High CPU Usage When Idle

    Same Mark, no change, I tried WARP, my built in Radeon and intel default I believe on AP and APub.. Cheers
  3. PaulAffinity

    Affinity Designer - High CPU Usage When Idle

    Same sort of thing on AP too... I use all the main photo applications and AP is the ONLY one that makes my new SSD 16gb Ram 8 core i7 gen 8 switch the fan on within 20 seconds.. CPU and core processing peak up and even if I am doing simple processing..
  4. PaulAffinity

    Nik Color Efex Pro 4 and Viveza wrong colors

    There was a response from Mark Ingram of Serif in May.. just 1 post above yours if you care to read it.... Enjoy!
  5. So. In essence. Usable... Enjoy.
  6. If you take the time to do a search of these forums for Viveza or NIK you will see this has been raised many times prior... Cheers.
  7. PaulAffinity

    Large CPU Usage After Left On For a While

    Looking forward to that Beta going live!.... Soon?.... P
  8. At the end of the day, we are all 'early adopters' of an exciting, high value, high feature product. We need to make an individual decision whether the bugs are worth the benefits... IMHO, for my usage in AP, they are. I am also pleased to be supporting a group of people who want to offer a change from the traditional offerings and their particular problems.. Enjoy!
  9. PaulAffinity

    Slow to start - both Photo and Designer

    So confused. I use AP every day at least 2-5 hours. Start up 7 seconds. SO, it takes 2 minutes, what is the big deal? Just start it 2 minutes earlier than you planned, to start right on time! Enjoy!
  10. PaulAffinity

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Sure, Hifred... With a monster specification machine like yours it should fly. I recommend the video drivers and GPU usage settings on Affinity are the 2 starting points. Remember the recommendation is to uninstall then reinstall new video drivers... Enjoy! Paul
  11. PaulAffinity

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Hello Hifred... You must have a system issue! I get those load speeds and issues from my 6 year old Win7 Toshiba with 8gb ram, built in GPU and HDD! My new i7 Gen8, 16gb ram, SSD and 4gb Radeon has everything happening real time, refine, Wacom, fill persona switch etc... Suggest you look at prior performance issue posts... GPU and drivers, etc... Cheers, Paul
  12. PaulAffinity

    System shutdown upon opening RAW file to develop

    I have got an Inspiron 5570 i7 8th gen and today the IntelDPTF (Intel Dynamic Platform and ThermalFramework)  came up as an update... Just upgraded. May be worth checking Dell owners. Enjoy. P
  13. PaulAffinity

    Copy/Paste Styles bug -> please check

    To be fair... MEB did say.. 'Hi leonerdo, Welcome to Affinity Forums This issue is logged and assigned but wasn't possible to fix it yet. Please bear with us while we work on it. We have a relatively small dev team already doing their best. Thank for your support.'.... As in any product development fixes, bugs and new features are managed by the Dev. Team and they set their timetable based on internal priorities and other constraints.. Enjoy. P
  14. PaulAffinity

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Hi Kresimir, I have the same Wacom, with pen up down switch set to [ and ] and no issues. Perhaps try that within the configuration preferences? Cheers, Paul
  15. PaulAffinity

    Not fit for production

    Machine and configuration issue, this. OP has AP and AD issues. Neither thread has the full machine configuration or the 'usual suspect' incompatible software check that Serif have listed to assist....