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  1. While I find the size issue tiresome I must admit to some confusion. As AP and AD were ground up implementations cutting ties with the prior product architecture, the size/performance issue has been around since computers originated. As a new product I would have expected the underlying baseline technical architecture to have been designed to implement and accommodate such compromise options as a matter of course in a somewhat modular or componential fashion... You should be ahead of Adobe by 2020 IMHO in performance and features. Anyhow, thanks, love AP use it every day... Love the accessible and responsive forums and the sense of teamliness with the user community. Cheers, Paul
  2. Are you trying to save to a NAS drive?
  3. As a very long time IT guy, I ALWAYS do a 'system restore point' on Win 7, before installing any new or large software. Then I get a fast and regression of restore points. Worth doing in any OS... Enjoy. P
  4. Cheers MEB! Glad to assist..
  5. Bump...
  6. Overlay Selection using the brush, is essentially a Mask of sorts. The 'selected area' does not adjust the same as the MASTER... Try it... Cheers Paul
  7. Great work - loving the new release! Slightly faster in all areas. I tested RAW (develop) using Shadows and Highlights. 1. I tried a standard MASTER setting shadows to 100% (all looked as expected) 2. I tried creating a mask (centre dark area of the house) THEN setting shadows to 100% (they were not as bright as 100% in step 1 above), with hardness set to 100%, as you can see. I believe Highlights is the same. I did not test other sliders...... ! Let me know, cheers, Paul
  8. I adore AP.... But use MS ICE, free, which is the best IMHO..... Paul
  9. Thanks for the kind words, Peter.. I am using it in a Photo competition soon! Cheers, Paul
  10. So refreshing to see a community and Software company working together to get this product improved. So much more responsive and exciting to feel a part of a revolution.. Thanks folks, Paul
  11. Henk, Really? Really? Really? Enjoy...
  12. Randal, Maybe you can check the feedback I gave to Henk and assist... FYI I have a 5 year old laptop running Win 7, no issues.... Cheers, P
  13. Henk, This is not a lot of help to the Team is it? Akin to telling a car mechanic 'my car just stops when I use the gearbox'.... Perhaps you could explain; 1. OS and machine specifications 2. when you 'use wacom' which model, what exactly are you doing, what happens, what mouse action are you using to clear it... As a principle software guys need to know WHAT you have and WHAt you are doing to recreate and identify; 1. Is it user error 2. Is it machine configuration 3. Is it software issue THEN they can either get you a solution, a fix, help you correct some user error or add it as a bug fix. Same for the 'PSD' issue.... That would help you, Serif and other users.. Cheers, Paul
  14. Hi Dave, not a symptom of the current issue with Malwarebytes is it? P
  15. MaxN, Under 'Legal' on Dpreview website it excludes such use, except with express written consent. Cheers, Paul