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  1. @Artisan9.. Plus shipping, plus customs duty, plus vat... And all that way shipped with love!?.. Enjoy...
  2. @Mark Ingram New BETA CTH-460 works perfectly. Although I cannot get pressure to work, will play again, later.. Pressure works OK now, too! Thanks. P
  3. @AlainP The PEN tab IS selected! I have no Windows Ink settings there. I start Photo with no Switch, just run it as is. HTH
  4. Can now confirm current beta as of 9/7/20 pen and tablet WACOM CTH-460 Bamboo pen and touch works perfectly. Win10 2004 and fully utd. Pen top button drag left-right increases brush size and up down increases hardness. Cheers, Paul. HTH.
  5. Even worse here... 1st run and on WACOM CTH-460 (8 year old Bamboo Pen & Touch) pen side buttons both WORKED OK, for around 20 seconds. Resized brush Ok, but then my pointer in Win10 would not click on any of the UI and work. Had to kill AP. 2nd run and PEN buttons would not work, selected a brush and then the Win10 cursor disappeared. Only reappeared when I pressed the Windows Keyboard key. All of UI was unresponsive. Killed AP. 3rd run. A mix of 1st and 2nd run above....! UI was eventually inoperative. Cursor stayed as Brush Resize, still painted occasionally. Killed AP. No crash. Removed beta. HTH...
  6. I updated to 2004 (Windows HOME) around 7 days ago or so, Dell Laptop 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 4 GB Radeon... all works fine, used daily since 2004 release, used NIK and TOPAZ plugins too.. P
  7. Confirmed. Opens fine in DXO Photolab 3 and ON1 Photo Raw...
  8. To the OP, I think you need to ensure that in ANY app you use you check what baseline IMPORT TONE CURVE is Used by DEFAULT. I use C1, DXO, Affinity, LR and have used NIKON etc. and tested these. Each will have a baseline TC usually defined within Settings or Preferences. Go there reset to NO TC and then compare and show us. HTH. P
  9. Win 10 Latest 1.8.3 release, live, ALL NIK works perfectly. I use all of these daily... P
  10. Weird.. I have used THIS option since the first ever betas on AP and all release versions on my Bamboo Pen & Touch Wacom from 2012 !...
  11. Given the OP hasn't responded in over 10 days to their 'urgent issue' shouldn't this be closed or retitled for clarity.?
  12. Just to clarify, I am using WACOM Bamboo pen & touch CTH-460, (8 year) old tablet input device using the OLD Wacom drivers and Preferences UI. In beta USING Windows Ink works perfectly, using pen top button to adjust pen hardness and size. In beta NOT using WI, identical performance, no issues. Pen usage and speed unaffected in either situation. I believe that the drivers for recent Wacom tablets are fundamentally different to these old devices. HTH.
  13. Yes, here. https://store.serif.com/en-gb/update/windows/photo/1/
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