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  1. @Artisan9.. Plus shipping, plus customs duty, plus vat... And all that way shipped with love!?.. Enjoy...
  2. I updated to 2004 (Windows HOME) around 7 days ago or so, Dell Laptop 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 4 GB Radeon... all works fine, used daily since 2004 release, used NIK and TOPAZ plugins too.. P
  3. Confirmed. Opens fine in DXO Photolab 3 and ON1 Photo Raw...
  4. Win 10 Latest 1.8.3 release, live, ALL NIK works perfectly. I use all of these daily... P
  5. Weird.. I have used THIS option since the first ever betas on AP and all release versions on my Bamboo Pen & Touch Wacom from 2012 !...
  6. Given the OP hasn't responded in over 10 days to their 'urgent issue' shouldn't this be closed or retitled for clarity.?
  7. Yes, here. https://store.serif.com/en-gb/update/windows/photo/1/
  8. Here is my WACOM Bamboo Touch pen setup; As i say works 100%. I have it set to ALT+Right Click... Then HOLD+press left or right decreases or increases size HOLD+Press up/down changes hardness.. HTH. Paul
  9. Hi I use the Wacom setup, from like 2015. It lets me set the pen top button. I do not think I am using Windows Ink.. I will check later.. P
  10. Been using 1.8 daily for several hours since release, no issues. Fast, efficient, plug ins (Topaz, Nik) all OK. Afphoto and jpg plus raw all fine. I have a 6 year old Wacom Bamboo pen and touch. The pen works perfectly to resize and re-soften/harden with the side button. Enjoying it, as ever..
  11. Your first post. Rude and ignorant. Have some respect. I and many thousands of users have and DO use AP now 1.8 with NO issues. I suggest you tone down and ask for assistance not demand like a spoilt child.
  12. AlainP mine still works. I have it assigned to the pen 'top' button. L-R is size and Up-Down is hardness. I have NOT enabled windows ink. HTH.
  13. Bizarrely I use an OLD Wacom Bamboo touch and it works fine on 1.8 and all 1.7 versions.... P
  14. Tonkar, think you need to read the other posters, myself included.. DENOISE works fine.. You need to reset AP and start again with a noisy image... Then post a screen shot and comparison. HTH.
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