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  1. So refreshing to see a community and Software company working together to get this product improved. So much more responsive and exciting to feel a part of a revolution.. Thanks folks, Paul
  2. Henk, Really? Really? Really? Enjoy...
  3. Randal, Maybe you can check the feedback I gave to Henk and assist... FYI I have a 5 year old laptop running Win 7, no issues.... Cheers, P
  4. Henk, This is not a lot of help to the Team is it? Akin to telling a car mechanic 'my car just stops when I use the gearbox'.... Perhaps you could explain; 1. OS and machine specifications 2. when you 'use wacom' which model, what exactly are you doing, what happens, what mouse action are you using to clear it... As a principle software guys need to know WHAT you have and WHAt you are doing to recreate and identify; 1. Is it user error 2. Is it machine configuration 3. Is it software issue THEN they can either get you a solution, a fix, help you correct some user error or add it as a bug fix. Same for the 'PSD' issue.... That would help you, Serif and other users.. Cheers, Paul
  5. Hi Dave, not a symptom of the current issue with Malwarebytes is it? P
  6. MaxN, Under 'Legal' on Dpreview website it excludes such use, except with express written consent. Cheers, Paul
  7. Also Mark, You say 'JPEG as written by your camera, with no modifications'. Is it OK to have ADR, sharpen, saturation etc. set on jpeg to my taste WITHIN the camera settings and NOT the ooc default jpeg settings? cheers, Paul
  8. Thanks MEB, Nikon sRGB. P
  9. ? I am truly confused. I use AP and Nik Color Efex on a daily basis (on every image I edit albeit in different ways) and have no issues. Original jpg image is passed AP to NIK as is and post processing it returns as I edited it. P
  10. Hi Verysame, I know Mark can respond for himself, however as a long time user and beta tester with historic issues with AP I disagree with you. I know that every user's problem are the MOST important to THEM. With 30 years IT and Dev experience a product team have a roadmap, then prioritised bug fixes, features and enhancements identified and logged. It is, in my experience, the Product Manager who manages release content based on his/her criteria. Some users shouting louder doesn't come into it. I appreciate the frustration as I am sure Mark and the team do, but like it (or not) we raise the issues, show the proof, product team check them, log them and prioritise. We then await the release that satisfies us... In the meantime been find workarounds or alternatives.... Cheers, Paul
  11. Thanks Darkclown. Photo just an untypical example. I NEVER use presets or macros, except dodge, burn and setup. I use Picasa for batch watermarks. My premise (I have travelled 56 countries and live/travel) in a motorhome (now driving through Spain) - is that every single image I process Individually... While the top level process is the same, no presets, macros or anything. I have over 180,000 of my own images... I want every single image to be completely unique. Again, for me, AP is a cheap and efficient way of getting what I enjoy... Cheers Paul PS. Maybe this is more your style?
  12. HHi Darkclown, I understand where you are coming from however, I use AP every day. I use it 3-4 hours or more EVERY day. Why is important to know is that AP, like ALL products is used by everyone in their own unique way. My workflow is jpg based, and roughly follows; I infrequently use DarkTable for some raws. I use MS ICE for image stitching. Next is Jpg clean up, crop, detail and blemishes or cloning. Save as a master. Then create multiple layers. Do any merging, copy and paste when making montages or composites. Edit in AP with NIK or Topaz for colour and details. Further AP edits, crop, blending as required. Possible edit in Corel Painter. If so back to AP for colour, brightness, lighting filter and final crop. Done. Save as a photo and jpg. For me, AP is perfect. I can take from 25 minutes to 3 hours per image... It has everything I need. I am a photographic club member I'm the UK and my images win many competitions, including the US, PSA. For me it is a robust, reliable product. Enjoy....! PS. An example from Brighton, UK.
  13. Agreed. I edit in AP 3-4 hours or more every day using a 5 year old Toshiba Laptop, 8gb ram, 1200mhz AMD CPU with builtin gpu and a Samsung SSD... Creating some images of some layer complexity... P
  14. Xxxx, why would the Affinity team look in to it? All AV companies use proprietary algorithms and known code to check (or guess). AV scanners miss some viruses and false positive others, end of. Cheers P