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  1. PaulAffinity

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Sure, Hifred... With a monster specification machine like yours it should fly. I recommend the video drivers and GPU usage settings on Affinity are the 2 starting points. Remember the recommendation is to uninstall then reinstall new video drivers... Enjoy! Paul
  2. PaulAffinity

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Hello Hifred... You must have a system issue! I get those load speeds and issues from my 6 year old Win7 Toshiba with 8gb ram, built in GPU and HDD! My new i7 Gen8, 16gb ram, SSD and 4gb Radeon has everything happening real time, refine, Wacom, fill persona switch etc... Suggest you look at prior performance issue posts... GPU and drivers, etc... Cheers, Paul
  3. PaulAffinity

    System shutdown upon opening RAW file to develop

    I have got an Inspiron 5570 i7 8th gen and today the IntelDPTF (Intel Dynamic Platform and ThermalFramework)  came up as an update... Just upgraded. May be worth checking Dell owners. Enjoy. P
  4. PaulAffinity

    Copy/Paste Styles bug -> please check

    To be fair... MEB did say.. 'Hi leonerdo, Welcome to Affinity Forums This issue is logged and assigned but wasn't possible to fix it yet. Please bear with us while we work on it. We have a relatively small dev team already doing their best. Thank for your support.'.... As in any product development fixes, bugs and new features are managed by the Dev. Team and they set their timetable based on internal priorities and other constraints.. Enjoy. P
  5. PaulAffinity

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Hi Kresimir, I have the same Wacom, with pen up down switch set to [ and ] and no issues. Perhaps try that within the configuration preferences? Cheers, Paul
  6. PaulAffinity

    Not fit for production

    Machine and configuration issue, this. OP has AP and AD issues. Neither thread has the full machine configuration or the 'usual suspect' incompatible software check that Serif have listed to assist....
  7. PaulAffinity

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Kresimir, I have the same Wacom, works fine on win10 and win7 for beta and live. Cheers Paul
  8. PaulAffinity

    Image not showing

    To analyse further if you could say which images were OK and which were not. They may appear random, but somewhere your system configuration is making a decision that it can either display the image or not.... So there may be some consistency between them. For successful and then unsuccessful images ( maybe 3 or so of each?) If you give image name, type (gif, tif, jpg etc) Size in pixels eg. 1200 x 1400 etc. Cheers, Paul.
  9. PaulAffinity

    Windows version very slow

    Dell Inspiron ..Win 10, Intel i7 gen8, 256gb pcie SSD, 2th HDD, 16gb ram, 4gb Radeon.... NEF 24.1mb takes 3.8s to load. Sweet! :-)
  10. PaulAffinity

    freezes, freezes...and more freezes!

    Just telling of my experience. I used it from the pre release beta through to now. I use it 2-6 hours 5-7 days a week... I produce 2-10 new images a day. I wish you good luck with whatever you use. Cheers.
  11. PaulAffinity

    freezes, freezes...and more freezes!

    Well I use a 6 year old Toshiba satellite laptop running Win7 and built in AMD gpu .. AP perfect, slow but works faultlessly. Just upgraded to a brand new clean install win 10 laptop, Dell 8th gen i7, 16gb ram, 256g pcie SSD, 4gb Radeon and 2gb HDD.. AP perfect, fast and reliable. I can only recount my personal experiences... AP, perfect for me. Fact.
  12. PaulAffinity

    freezes, freezes...and more freezes!

    Pinats... 'Sorry, but it can not be in the sense of modern software that you can only use it properly on a multi-year operating system and offline?' I am not saying that. I am saying most users assume the EFFECT - i.e. any issue with AP is CAUSED by AP. To reiterate most issues are caused by OS, driver or other software updates, additions or installation. Just browse through the thousands of forum rants.. most are graphics, AV, software or OS changes. To restate the obvious, Look for the system CHANGE. I am offline to remove my need to search for a solution to a problem I will never have.... cheers...
  13. PaulAffinity

    freezes, freezes...and more freezes!

    There seems to be many 'cause and effect' assumptions in this last comment from pinats and in general. IF, like me, you have an old Win 7 machine, NOT connected to the web and NOT accepting any other software updates whatsoever, used only for AP... then I can track my performance in AP. Only disk space is my variable. I have an ALMOST perfect control. I find no NEGATIVE change whatsoever in performance, adequate for a 6 year old Toshiba since the first release. The releases have improved performance in many areas... IMHO, most of the issues in general on the forum are system specific, drivers, windows updates, new software, etc. I smile, as I see the same complaints being resurrected, the same patient answers given by Serif staff and others time after time... When SOME posters have not searched the forum or tried anything to resolve the issue, but blamed 'AP'.. Time, patience, research and some degree of common sense required, everyone... I get frustrated with issues too, but take a methodical approach to finding the issue.. The general rule is 'look for what changed' on your machine then follow that thread.... Enjoy the best Image Editor for Windows! Cheers....
  14. PaulAffinity

    Right Click on (mask) layer not working with pen

    Works fine on my Bamboo Pen and Touch, Win7. This is usually an issue with Windows settings. I had the same issue years ago with Photoshop and the Wacom.... P
  15. PaulAffinity

    Incredibly huge file size (again...)

    While I find the size issue tiresome I must admit to some confusion. As AP and AD were ground up implementations cutting ties with the prior product architecture, the size/performance issue has been around since computers originated. As a new product I would have expected the underlying baseline technical architecture to have been designed to implement and accommodate such compromise options as a matter of course in a somewhat modular or componential fashion... You should be ahead of Adobe by 2020 IMHO in performance and features. Anyhow, thanks, love AP use it every day... Love the accessible and responsive forums and the sense of teamliness with the user community. Cheers, Paul