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  1. Congratulations again.. late to the game downloading the beta but.... D5x00 Nikon 24mp NEF 10.9 second load from beta app start vs. 17.4 in live. All menus are snappier and better visual contrast in menu pull downs. Sweet. Loving it.. thanks P
  2. ICE is an exceptional piece of coding and a gem to use... I still find that AP makes my fans run on a 16gb ram Dell with i7 gen8... Paul
  3. Needs moving to Questions Section Affinity Photo...
  4. PaulAffinity

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Awesome work, again .Thanks!
  5. PaulAffinity

    Affinity Designer does not close

    If you take a moment and search the forums you will find several posts about this and a solution. Enjoy.
  6. PaulAffinity

    Slow and Unresponsive Photo Document

    Hmmm 'poor optimization'? So if it slowed at 40 layers or 400 or 4000... At what point is it 'poor optimization'? Just because you can doesn't mean you do.. I always believe that in order to get a job done I ALSO have a responsibility to 'optimize'. That's all my resources... time, CPU, memory, disk, layers, smart filters etc... Enjoy.
  7. PaulAffinity

    can't open Panasonic RAW high res files or HDR

    You may want to see the forum post 2 beneath this before sending... Entitled 'Panasonic Lumix G9 and High Resolution Raw'.. I suggest you search the forums for similar issues prior to submitting an entry or support ticket. cheers P
  8. PaulAffinity

    Dodge tool weird artifacts

    Please attach the document with the issue, not the screen recording... Thanks
  9. PaulAffinity

    Colour replacement tool

    Thanks both! P
  10. PaulAffinity

    Colour replacement tool

  11. PaulAffinity

    Colour replacement tool

    Confused, I am. I wanted to replace an image that had some white fine patches and lines with black. I tested on the screen below. Self explanatory I think. I tested using variety of colours after my attempt at doing it on my image didn't work. Key shows which colour brush I used to 'replace'. Main issues were; 1. CRT doesn't seem to replace the target colour with the identical source wheel colour, but with that source colour adjusted to the target colour intensity? 2. CRT replace with either Full Black or Full white always have the same results for both, Greys.. Can you confirm if this is a bug, feature or I am doing something wrong? Cheers, P
  12. PaulAffinity

    Affinity Designer - High CPU Usage When Idle

    Will the team also check, see if that is the same in Affinity Photo? Assume the basic architecture is the same? Cheers, P
  13. PaulAffinity

    APhoto 2 Issues

    IMHO, Nope.. as stated previously the dev. teams are separate. When I bought AP I got a PS replacement for no money with ALL the functionality I required , forever. Yes, some teething troubles, in a behemoth of coding and development complexity! Having spent 30+years in IT I recognize that bugs, features, enhancements are part of every day application development... Customers complaining about them, rightly or, often, wrongly is also part of that process. Understandably volume sales of Apple Product especially with the accolades already received brings evwn more revenue so hopefully drives more product, more quality and more features... It also guarantees free Marketing... Especially important when pushing the brand to compete with Adobe on-line coverage (DPR, imaging-resource, etc...) IMHO Serif are smart, beating Adobe with a one-off license fee product for Win/iOS and then beating them to an iPad PS product (plus Designer and Publisher). Seeing the volume of fixes, enhancements and focus on this forum I for one see Serif as even handed in their product development strategy... PA. Looking forward to the next Photo Beta!
  14. PaulAffinity

    Problem with saving when disk space runs out.

    This has been covered many time in this forum if you search... It usually relates to a NAS, USB or external drive (often with auto spin down) and AD/AP fail to offer a managed option to save the working file. This is because AD/AP only load part of the file in memory.. Are one of these your use case? Check prior posts, it is on the team's radar AFAIK.. Cheers.
  15. These are DAM features and not photo editor features. LR is a DAM with hybrid edit functions. AP is a photo editor not a DAM. Enjoy!