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  1. Thanks! Reduced my Win 7 start up of AP to 16 seconds! Ace tip.
  2. Hi Harrym, IMHO AV software causes a significant amount of spurious issues with software applications. Never use the stuff! My query over code base is linked to Regression Testing. As a 'legacy hardware' user I am concerned that; 1. Serif are prioritising performance improvements based upon Intel and i3/5/7 architecture. 2. AMD GPU/APU will suffer or worse become unsupported. Your comment reply 'screen redraw' or flicker implies some performance based recode of that component. I switched to AP to save £s and support a company I have long ties with, but if the cost is a new machine to do what PS already does then it is either PS or stick with the current Live AP release and never upgrade.... Cheers, Paul
  3. Hi Harrym, No AV. As it is not web connected I have 'Malwarebytes' but freemium, so no real time malware checking just ad-hoc. As ever if the 2 versions running on identical machine configurations have significantly differences in performance I can only extrapolate that the code base has changed. Intrigues me what level of machine (specification) based regression testing is undertaken on betas? Several questions to answer please Serif? Cheers Paul
  4. While I appreciate your testing posts, I have a fundamental issue. Let me explain thoroughly (as an IT specialist of 35+ years); 1. I use Win 7 sp1. I do not update this with ANY Windows updates. 2. The hardware has not been changed in 2 years (SSD replaced an HD) 3. All drivers unchanged for 4 years. 4. No software addition or change since AP and AP .75 beta. So, I am using identical machine configurations as I have for years. IF beta .75 is x00% slower than Live AP on my machine I can only assume that the CODE base for .75 (or a prior beta - as it is age since I tested an AP beta) has fundamentally changed. My simple question is has it? If so is that change to inpainting or a called routine from it that either computes, calculates or draws? Serif software guys please? Cheers Paul. PS. Remember Wacom or mouse no discernible difference and Warp or Built in Radeon likewise.
  5. Also, just as an addendum; If I use Ctrl+0 fit the image and do INPAINTING - 27s now using AMD Radeon in .75. If I ZOOM and fill my screen with area to INPAINT using same settings takes 21s. Big question is for me - what has change in the Code Base between LIVE and .75 (or prior betas - which I have not used for a while) regarding either GRAPHICS DRAW or INPAINTING. Cheers, Paul
  6. ! 26 seconds using 'WARP'.....
  7. 25 seconds using the mouse... P
  8. Attached image - I used INPAINTING on Just the guy at the centre. Single select with a few pixels around. Let me know, cheers, Paul
  9. Hi Sean P.... While 4s is not a big deal, that is 100% time increase, which is massive. I will send later. Cheers P
  10. Problem is an INPAINTING that takes around 12 seconds in Live, takes nearly 30 seconds in Beta.75. Identical areas selected. Is this extra Beta code or an issue? cheers, Paul
  11. Now my jpgs load in 5 seconds over 10 seconds in Live = excellent! BIG Problem is an INPAINTING that takes around 12 seconds in Live, takes nearly 30 seconds in BETA.75. Is this extra Beta code or an issue? cheers, Paul PS. Light UI is a nice touch. WACOM Bamboo Touch works lag=less as it is in Live for me.
  12. Abphoto, I do not troll. I use 13-23 Mb files fine. I share information to assist Serif in improving their software. Perhaps my configuration is of use to their analysis of performance in comparison to yours which does not perform. As ever individual configurations are the key. Software, OS components and hardware/drivers. Perhaps rather than starting a thread with the patently incorrect statement 'It seams that further development is not happening right now!' you should spend some time working with Serif and assist with some detailed step-by-step process descriptions or files. Chill out.... How does the Live Production version perform, identically? Enjoy...
  13. Thanks abphoto ;-) Constantly amazed... I run AP on a 5 year old Toshiba laptop with built in graphics 8gb ram and a new SSD and my brush strokes are slick, fast and responsive. I also use a Wacom (old Bamboo Touch) and that also is faultless... I am relieved, but constantly surprised at so many modern and powerful systems having performance issues. Cheers, enjoy... P
  14. Abphoto, Please clarify what ' is not usable for professional purposes' means? I use it for 'professional purposes'. Enlighten us so we may all understand and the Affinity team can correct. Enjoy!
  15. It messed up my keyboard but worked for me.... ;-)