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  1. When i press the "B" key ,I don`t know i will select which one !!!! I just want to use the Paint Brush Tool .but always need press 2 times or 3 times B key..Too trouble..... Could you let me Use and the "Shift" Key Change these Tool or Change other Way ...??? Thank you..
  2. Why draw Staright line can`t like the PHOTOSHOP just press the SHIFT KEY to draw ?? Thanks you : )!
  3. HI,I don`t know how to Stroke ... I use the Marquee Tool,but how to "stroke" ? Thank you : )!
  4. I use the SHIFT ,But no USE!~~!!!! It`s Not Staright LINE!! HOW to do that?? THANK YOU!!!!
  5. (Affinity Photo) Can you add the Alt+Mouse(R)+MOVE to change the Painter Brush Tool Size?? Like the PS change the Brush Size shortcut key?? Thank you:)!

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