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  1. I don't think the issue stems from ViewNX-i. Indeed, i don't use this software as a viewer. I used it to check the file after unveilling the issue. So the file was saved by ViewNX-I. My workflow is mainly based on IDimager as a DAM and on XNview as viewer. Yesterday, i open the file with IDimager, and saved it after i have modified the Metadata. Afterwards, i opened the file with Affinity photo without any problem. I suspect instead XNview : as a matter of fact i noticed that sometimes this software advise me that the picture will be modified in RVB 8 bits when i open it. Until now, i didn't t
  2. Hi, Affinity Photo reads the message "the file type is not supported". System Windows 10 Affinity photo : File : see attached file In the folder only few files are unreadeabled. All the file are read without problem with ViewNX. Best Regards. Yves POUJOL. DSC_4762.NEF
  3. Hi Sean, TinyTake is a "bullshit" application that is not abble to run in user mode !
  4. Hi Sean, A screenshot will not be very usefull to analyse the bug ! To unveil the bug : - Close a file. - Try to open un another one very quickly clicking on file and combobox open. - If you multiply this actions, at last windows reads at the top left of the screen "Affinity not responding". Best regards.
  5. Hi Chris, The issue happen in develop personna, panel : "Exif,Ajustement, layers, Effects,Style,Stocks". The tab "ajustement" was locked. The issue was resolved by closing the application and reoppening it. Best regards.
  6. Hi Sean, The issue happens when i open and close lot of file. The closure last quite long time and if i try to open and another file, the windows "file" doesn't open immediately. If i click another time on the tab "file" often the system answer "affinity is not responding". My computer specs : Best regards. Yves.
  7. Windows 10 Affinity Photo Develop Persona : When i click on features of ajustement screen, ie TSI, The window doesn't open.
  8. When i close and open file, Affinity often hang up. message : Affinity is not responding. Windows 10 Affinity Photo
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