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  1. Je ne comprends pas votre réponse !!!! Avec AFFINiTY il y a 3 filtres pour augmenter la netteté des photos : 1) Le filtre masque flou. 2) Le filtre clarté. 3) Le filtre passe haut. J'ai eu beaucoup de difficultés dans la mise en œuvre de ces filtres ! J'ai utilisé les 3 filtres sur des photos capturées avec un capteur 16 Mpixels. Sur le nikon Z7 qui dispose d'un capteur beaucoup plus défini 45 Mpixels, les résultats ne me semblent pas probants... Et j'en ai assez de faire des essais sans vraiment comprendre ce que je fais! Yves POUJOL.
  2. Comment accentuer les photos haute résolution : nikon Z7 45MP ?
  3. Affinity Photo version on Windows 10 : the devellop function crops NEF File . D4#5296.afphoto D4#5296.NEF
  4. I don't think the issue stems from ViewNX-i. Indeed, i don't use this software as a viewer. I used it to check the file after unveilling the issue. So the file was saved by ViewNX-I. My workflow is mainly based on IDimager as a DAM and on XNview as viewer. Yesterday, i open the file with IDimager, and saved it after i have modified the Metadata. Afterwards, i opened the file with Affinity photo without any problem. I suspect instead XNview : as a matter of fact i noticed that sometimes this software advise me that the picture will be modified in RVB 8 bits when i open it. Until now, i didn't take care of it as i didn't save the file with XNview. To consolidate this hyothesis, i checked the files in the folder : the files i can't open are in RVB 8 Bits and the one i can open are in RVB 12 bits.
  5. Hi, Affinity Photo reads the message "the file type is not supported". System Windows 10 Affinity photo : File : see attached file In the folder only few files are unreadeabled. All the file are read without problem with ViewNX. Best Regards. Yves POUJOL. DSC_4762.NEF
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