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  1. Great update! V2 overall has met or exceeded all my expectations! Thanks for the awesome work!
  2. This doesn't seem to be an issue with Windows 11 (from FastStone), but my 2 other Windows 10 machines had the issue. A heads up if people are having trouble with the batch file, check your anti virus. Avast was flagging the batch file and putting it in Quarantine every time I would launch it. Took me a little time to realize what was happening. I added an exception, now all is well.
  3. It is definitely something in your setup, I use Faststone to Affinity Photo as my workflow (for 5 years) and it works flawlessly. You need to add AP in the edit in external program dialog, it must point to the exact program path on your drive.
  4. I also can confirm. Turning off parallel processing clears up the issue for me, so try doing this as a work around until a fix is issued.
  5. Is there any chance in the near future that the Sony A7 IV Lossless Compressed RAW files will be supported? Thanks
  6. Thank You! I will try this on my laptop. I didn't know there was this granular control over selection, I thought it was all or nothing
  7. I think you are on to something here. I just upgraded my desktop setup which has no integrated GPU (with a RTX 3070) and everything runs flawless, my laptop on the other hand has an integrated GPU along with a GTX 1060 GPU and I see artifacts and hangs. It would be great if they could add a feature to choose which GPU's we would like to use. To be fair the newer .4 update is working much better on my laptop.
  8. Me too, but I will have to do some more testing to confirm that it is totally gone. But it looks like it is!
  9. I've tried a few, including removing the driver and reinstalling a clean install of the latest version. I will check again to see if I tried that driver.
  10. I'm having a lot of issues with HD acceleration with the new that I didn't have with prior 1.10 versions. I've tried newest driver, uninstalled old driver and installed clean (ver 496.13) but I'm still getting graphic artifacts, breakups and program lockups, had to resort to turning acceleration off. i7 7700, nVidia GTX1060, 32 Gb Ram on Windows 10 21h1
  11. I was having the same problems with freezing with my GTX 1060, I determined that the nVidia 471.xx series of drivers were causing the issue, I installed the June 466.77 drivers and all my freezing issues went away. Latest drivers aren't always the best.
  12. FYI All the nVidia 471.XX series drivers freeze Affinity photo on me but when I reverted back to the nVidia 466.77 drivers it works perfectly! Sometimes the latest driver isn't always the best, try playing with different drivers.
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