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  1. I find the contrast control in the develop persona seems really touchy in the Beta
  2. I'm having problems after about 15-20 minutes where the pen stops responding to (tip clicks) running Photo ver., the cursor continues to move with the pen but I can't make any selections after the time I mentioned. I had this problem with ver. 1.5 also. The keyboard continues to work as I can tab and select with that.
  3. Because Faststone isn't really showing you the raw images with their thumbnails, it is displaying the embedded jpeg preview within the raw files.
  4. You can get a Codec pack as I did, works very well for all My Olympus RAW files.
  5. Thanks for the rely, This would be something I would like to see, being able to apply several settings to a large group of RAW files through a batch job. Then tweak each individual later.
  6. Is there a way to record macros in the develop persona?
  7. Adobe just announced that they are forcing all Lightroom standalone licenses to go subscription. I've been reading about a lot of disgruntled customers that are going to be leaving Adobe for another product. I have read the writing on the wall for a while now and that is why I have migrated over to Affinity Photo, I believe you have a Home run Product here and could capitalize on this turn of events by incorporating some kind of cataloging or indexing feature into Affinity Photo that would put the final nail in Adobe's coffin!
  8. Wow you know I didn't even think to investigate that! Now I feel stupid I'll have to try the next time it happens Thanks
  9. Thanks for the continued effort to sort out the quirks on the Surface, I really enjoy using Affinity Photo on that device. I may have something to add, when in a session I again had the UI lock up but I was able to turn on my Bluetooth keyboard and continue to navigate using that, so it might be totally related to using the pen (which is my preferred method) with Affinity Photo?
  10. 1. I'm running in Desktop mode 2. No mouse or keyboard plugged in just using pen 3. Just checked and confirmed Windows Ink is turned on, should it not be? 4. No other apps running in the background.
  11. I also have frequent hangs with Affinity Photo on my Surface Pro4 i5 8Gb w/Windows 10 Creator edition, it usually occurs 10-15 minutes into a session. Everything stop responding and I have to go into the task manager and end task. I don't have this problem on my main Desktop setup.
  12. I also don't see thumb nails using .ORF files (Olympus RAW)