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  1. Hi I just did a High school Senior shoot with a young man with bad Acne, I'm able to clear up the blemishes relativity easily. But does anyone have a good technique for reducing the redness of the skin which I'm struggling with?
  2. Gregory St. Laurent

    Develop persona's applied tone curve

    Ok, Thanks, but what I should have asked was the one in the Develop Assistant so it would apply automatically when a RAW file is opened.
  3. Is there a way to customize the applied tone curve in the develop persona to something other than the default? If not, is this something that is possible in future updates? Because it would be very useful!
  4. Gregory St. Laurent

    DAM recommendations

    I find Faststone quite useful as a DAM, RAW files are easily launched into Affinity Photo. Tagging and organizing is fairly straight forward, most RAW formats are supported but the only drawback is naive AP files aren't recognized.
  5. Gregory St. Laurent

    Topaz Studio

    They are eventually going to eliminate the legacy plug-in's I believe over time and convert everything over to their studio format. All new plug-ins will be offered as Pro Adjustment in the Studio, the older legacy plug-ins will still work and be offered for a while longer. I used to use De-noise 5 and was going to update to 6 but opted to go with their new A.I. Clear adjustment offered in the Studio it does both De-noise and Clarity adjustments in one plug-in which isn't offered as a stand alone plug-in.
  6. Gregory St. Laurent

    Topaz Studio

    I use Topaz Studio with Affinity Photo (Windows edition) as a plugin with no issues.
  7. Gregory St. Laurent

    Dark RAW file imports

    Yes applying tone curve does help a little but the exposure is still dark on Olympus files. I've tried RAW files from other camera brands that don't have this problem. It gets to be a pain when I have to adjust the exposure on every shot on a large shoot such as a wedding when I know I've nailed the exposure. I've set up a profile which does speed things up a bit, I was just curious if this was being looked into as It has been brought up before several times by other people besides me in the past.
  8. Gregory St. Laurent

    Dark RAW file imports

    It happens both, when opening a single or multiples, I have an E-M1 and a E-M1 Mark 2 the RAW files open about 1.0 to 1.5 stops underexposed with or without the automatic tone curve applied.
  9. Is there any progress fixing the overly dark Olympus RAW (.ORF) files imported in the develop persona?
  10. Yeah, it has to be a Mac problem because it runs fine for me on Windows 10
  11. Gregory St. Laurent

    Sudden Affinity photo crash during working

    I had another Unhandled Exception crash while finishing my Wedding shoot edits today, it happened when developing a raw file (.ORF) There was no crash report? One thing that has been common when the crashes happen is that I have 6-8 files open so I don't know if that has something to do with it, The computer is a Dell laptop with an i7 7700HQ, 16Gb Ram a GTX1060, 4K Screen and Windows 10 with all recent updates.
  12. Gregory St. Laurent

    Sudden Affinity photo crash during working

    There was no crash report logs in the crash report folder, but I worked for 4 hours last night editing wedding photos with no problems. So it was either the things I uninstalled causing the problem or it was just a flook, I'll keep you posted if it happens again.
  13. Gregory St. Laurent

    Sudden Affinity photo crash during working

    I am at work, as soon as I can work on it I will let you know. I am currently editing a large wedding shoot so I should know fairly quickly. I am still curious if you would have any idea if the Topaz Lab plug-ins might cause this error?
  14. Gregory St. Laurent

    Sudden Affinity photo crash during working

    I am also suddenly getting this error, but I'm getting it right after saving my work. I recently acquired a 3Dconnexion Spacenavigator to use with other programs along with the program Control My Joystick, I've uninstalled both of them to see if either of those is causing the problem? It's weird that all of a sudden I'm getting this error that I've never got in the past? I've also installed a couple of trial Topaz labs plug-ins could that be cause any issues?
  15. It's true all lens corrections are in-bedded in the RAW files for m43 no need for external profiles.