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  1. Gregory St. Laurent

    Beta update?

    Sorry I didn't mean to start a firestorm, I'm just anxious and look forward to the new version. I appreciate all the hard work you guys do and really enjoy using Affinity Photo.
  2. Gregory St. Laurent

    Beta update?

    But it seems the Mac version is further along and gets a little more love. The Windows version still doesn't have the GPU acceleration yet
  3. Gregory St. Laurent

    Beta update?

    Any news as to when the next Beta update for Windows will be released? It's been a while.
  4. Make sure you are in the Windows Beta forum. The latest Beta download will be around the top of the forum list.
  5. Gregory St. Laurent

    RAW Images Open Up Too Dark

    I've been suffering with this for over a year, but it seems to be fixed in the 1.7 update as the Beta shows much better results for me.
  6. Gregory St. Laurent

    Affinity Photo Windows Customer Beta -

    There are cases where older programs may not work (which from 7 to 10 is very few) but there are very easy ways around that (virtual machines) so I know where you are coming from. My point is the majority of people that are staying on an older OS for no apparent reason is not necessary and then they wonder why they have problems running newer programs? No offense really just an observance.
  7. Gregory St. Laurent

    Affinity Photo Windows Customer Beta -

    I really don't understand the resistance of people to not upgrade to Windows 10? It's free and in my opinion is faster and far more stable than Windows 7 ever was. It also must cause a lot of headaches for developers to maintain compatibility to a legacy OS, which is very counter productive to the very reason they hold on to the old version in the first place! Affinity Photo is a modern program so run it on a modern OS simple as that.
  8. Gregory St. Laurent

    Beta Thoughts

    Great experience with the latest build, all the issues I had with the previous betas are fixed and there seems to be a sizable increase in speed! Thanks to the team for all the great work!
  9. Gregory St. Laurent

    Images being rotated

    This bug still persist in the latest Beta update
  10. Gregory St. Laurent

    RAW Development issue (

    Thanks I looked in there but I wasn't sure which to pick, Update: figured it out Thanks again
  11. Gregory St. Laurent

    RAW Development issue (

    Where do you go to apply the non-linear profile.
  12. Gregory St. Laurent

    RAW Development issue (

    I'm having the same issue, using Olympus .ORF files
  13. Gregory St. Laurent

    Release date estimation

    You won't be sorry, I myself dumped Adobe I can't stand the idea of renting my software. Affinity Photo is an excellent product and is constantly getting better.
  14. Gregory St. Laurent

    Release date estimation

    Are the GPU accelerated functions coming in the 1.7 update for windows eventually or are we going to have to wait for a later version?