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  1. Sorry to hear you are having a problem with the iPad version. For me as of version 1.7 the problem has been eliminated on the Windows version. Hopefully in future updates to the iPad version your problem will be eliminated also, good luck.
  2. Thank You for the new release! Affinity Photo is my #1 go to Photo editing software and it keeps getting better and better!
  3. Is GPU acceleration still being considered for the Windows version of Photo?
  4. I would love to see a moire filter for clothes and similar patterns to remove the rainbow and odd grids that are generated sometimes. This is one thing I miss that was in Lightroom.
  5. How is my experience not valid? I too ran Portrait Pro V17 on earlier versions of Affinity Photo with no issues. I then had purchased V18 of Portrait Pro and had issues where it would lock up Affinity I then uninstalled it reinstalled V17 and proceeded to install V18 over the V17 install to my surprise it worked. As of version 1.7 of Affinity Photo all bets were off because it no longer worked, then they released V1.7.2 patch and it's been fixed, I now have full functionality to Portrait Pro V18 as a plugin. The problem is with Anthropics! they have changed something in the new version and all corespondents I've had with them have been in vain, they are not interested in Affinity Photo all they spit out is how it works with Photoshop!
  6. I've tried that and it had no effect. when I installed V18 to it's own folder it would not work, but when I reinstalled V17 and installed V18 to the V17 folder it worked so I left it there. I did try copying the .8bf files and a few other experiments but nothing worked so I just use it with V18 installed to the V17 folder. Weird?
  7. This has been an ongoing issue, see my earlier discussion. It seems to work if you purchased V18 as an upgrade (as I did) but if you are installing from scratch it just locks up. It may have something to do with a registry entry that has been changed from V17 to V18 of Portrait Pro this is only speculation. Anyway this is all on Anthropics and they really aren't interested in fixing it!
  8. Just shear laziness! I'm on Windows 10, If it works for me it probably is something very simple to change to get it to work for everyone else. I hope I don't need to reinstall anytime soon because I'll probably be in the same boat as I only really use Portrait Pro as a plugin from Affinity Photo for Portrait and Wedding shoots.
  9. I'm not sure what is going on with PortraitPro V18 as several people that I have seen aren't able to get it to work with Affinity Photo. The only thing that comes to mind is that when I purchased V18 it was an upgrade and I installed it over V17 (which always worked fine) and it works for me, this is only a guess. I would contact Anthropics and see what they have to say about the situation, Good Luck
  10. That is one thing I really like about Affinity Photo, the little extra resolution you squeeze out of our cameras!
  11. I'm currently at work but when I get home tonight I'll take a screen shot. You may need to reinstall your copy of v18 as it works perfectly fine on my Windows 10 machines (Desktop & Laptop) with the new Beta.
  12. When you are going to use the plugin do you have 2 selections under Anthropics "Portrait Pro" & Portrait Pro..."? make sure you are picking the one WITHOUT the three dots.
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