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  1. Fantastic Update. The few quirks that I was experiencing (in the develop persona) have been eliminated for me, great work!!!
  2. Gotcha, the response was mixed within the OpenCL problems discussion hence the confusion, My apologies.
  3. Why go back to 1.8.5? When all you have to do is disable OpenCL (for now). There are too many great features in 1.9 to give up on!
  4. It is most definitely your computer, there are the occasional bugs but to say that there is something seriously wrong is a little premature. Make sure you meet all minimum requirements then uninstall an reinstall the application and turn off hardware acceleration. I run Photo 1.9 perfectly fine other then a few glitches that I'm sure will be worked out, so it has to be your setup. Good luck
  5. I see what you are saying, but I am not experiencing anything like that. Try changing your renderer to WARP, it's worth a try.
  6. I have no other issues other than the square artifacts showing up after I develop a RAW file. I have used many live filters on the new version and have not had any issues with them, I'm not sure what is happening with your setup but it may be entirely different than what is happening with me. I have processed over 30+ raw files last night with OpenCL turned off and I didn't have a single issue. Before that with hardware acceleration turned on I would have the square artifacts on maybe 3-4 files out of every 10. I had first thought it was because I had multiple files open or the amount of time I had the application open but I have determined that it seem to be totally random.
  7. The random squares showing up after the Develop persona is definitely tied to the hardware acceleration, If I turn off OpenCL the issue goes away. I will turn it off for now until it's a little more mature.
  8. This is a strange one, I have been trying to understand why this is happening? With me it is very random and when the picture is reloaded the problem goes away, are you also finding this? I also have a feeling it has to do with the amount of time the application is open along with multiple files open, so I wonder if it is some kind of memory leak.
  9. I did some more experimenting and couldn't find anything conclusive, but out of approx 30 files I edited last night about 9 pictures gave me problems. I would close all files then reopen and then the files would develop correctly, I did notice that it would happen more often if multiple files were open and it seemed to happen after the application was open for a while (the first half hour to 45 minutes were problem free).
  10. I'm running 2 machines: Laptop i7 7700HQ w/Intel HD Graphics 630 & nVidia GTX1060 w/6Gb vram (running 4K res) w/32 Gb ram Window 10 20H2 Desktop i7 3770 w/nVidia GTX1070 w/8Gb vram (running 4K res) w/16 Gb ram Windows 10 20H2
  11. My issue is happening well before any layer work is done. It is happening when I've finished any changes to my RAW files and am developing the image and exiting the Develop persona. I have done multiple test when it happens by closing all files I have open and re-developing the image, after this is done the problem does not reappear this is done without restarting Photo. This still has me believing that the Multiple file scenario is still valid, but I'm going to do more testing.
  12. I pretty sure it doesn't but I'm going to do some more testing this evening. I really want to be able to use the acceleration on as the performance is night and day faster!
  13. Ok, I will get back to you I'm working on a photo shoot this evening and will try with multiple files open. I have experimented a little and the multiple file hypothesis seems likely, at least with my computer configuration (Laptop). I also want to experiment on my desktop computer that has a little more graphical horse power but with only 16Gb ram.
  14. I am also having this happen after exiting the Develop Persona. For me it is happening intermittently, I think it happens when multiple files are open. When I close all files and reopen the problem file the problem seems to go away, but I can't be 100% sure.
  15. Not sure what is happening but I occasionally get a squares on my images after exiting the develop persona. I have hardware acceleration on and it appears to happen when I have multiple images open, if I close all images and reopen (with just a single image open) the problem seems to go away. This is on a i7 7700HQ with intel 630 & nVidia GTX1060 with 32 Gb ram w/Latest Windows 10 & Drivers
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