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  1. Gregory St. Laurent


    Thanks toltec, I'll give that a shot!
  2. Gregory St. Laurent


    Can anyone suggest some techniques or filters for removing Moire' on clothing in some wedding photos?
  3. Gregory St. Laurent

    lens flare / sun flare

    There are sun/lens flare brushes that you can download that can be quite effective, I got mine from Brusheezy.com
  4. Gregory St. Laurent

    Panorama Crop

    I've watched a couple of the Panorama tutorials where James mentions "Crop to opaque" I was just wondering where that command is located, I can't seem to find it?
  5. Gregory St. Laurent

    Slow Tonemapping

    Agreed, I too find this persona painfully slow but I love using it, I hope they can improve the performance in future updates.
  6. i understand what you are saying. But if you take a photo that is properly exposed in camera there should be "NO" need to adjust exposer in any RAW developer. But in AP you have to, and in my eyes this is not right (even when I have the Develop Assistant Tone Curve turned on!) When I shoot a wedding I shouldn't have to adjust exposer for every photo I take when I know 90% are exposed correctly! Time is money.
  7. I Don't really care if I'm refusing or not (no need to get personal), I don't use DxO anymore anyway. I'm using Affinity now and I am happy with it. All I'm saying is I've used at least a dozen RAW editors in the the past 10 years or so and Affinity Photo is the only one that behaves the way it does.
  8. All demosaicing is, is the processing of reconstructing a RAW file and overlaying CFA interpolation. Each camera manufacturer using a different file type. This doen't mean any corrections are applied.
  9. This post was directed to R C-R
  10. Gregory St. Laurent

    UI scaling

    I am curious as to what problem you are having? I run AP at 4K and find that it scales correctly, no problems that I can see?
  11. "NO" Corrections were applied to the DXO screenshot that I posted, smart lighting was turned off and any preset corrections on load were also turned off. I think you are confusing my post with someone elses?
  12. Yes you can! What leads you to believe that corrections are being made when these are turned off? I've been using DXO for a few years and after discussions with other people on other forums the consensus was that this is the setup that loads a RAW file with totally no corrections applied.
  13. Under settings you can disable any adjustments (even automatic toning as you call it) on load
  14. You can disable all corrections in DXO as I have done several experiments in both AP and DXO with identical RAW files and AP is still at least 1 to 3 stops darker than DXO. Exposure values should be displayed correctly out of camera regardless of which software is used.
  15. I've also discussed this in several other posts, I love Affinity Photo and do wish they can correct this.