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  1. 1. Store development settings in sidecar file 2. Store development settings in sidecar file 3. Store development settings in sidecar file
  2. Yes, and yes!! Both should also be able to be saved as export presets.
  3. I am really impressed with the results I can get with my raw files in the latest version 1.6.4 (Windows), but what bothers me a lot is that all my adjustments are not recorded once I hit the "develop" button. For example, after prinitng the photo I realise that I went to far with the sharpening. In my other applications (DxO, On1 Photo Raw, ...) I can just go back to the raw file and tune down the sharpening a bit, in Affinity Photo I have to start from scratch and apply adjustments from memory, wich regularly fails me after about one hour. Also I use to develop all my photos but only export those that I intend to print (jpg fuill size full quality), publish on the web (jpg reduced size 75% quality) or further work with (tiff 16bit). Would it really be too much effort to implement a feature that a sidecar file is written, every time I hit the "develop" button?
  4. Warum einfach, wenn es auch kompliziert geht? Yes, after many, many tries that seems to work. But why not incorporate the naming scheme into the "normal" export dialogue. I would not need slices at all. As an example, here is a screenshot from a competing app that shall remain nameless:
  5. The last step in my my workflow is for each and every photo to export it for printing, web, email, social media, slideshow for TV viewing, etc. 1. For each of these uses I have created my own presets. In the process of exporting each and every picture I have to manually rename them in the format <filename>_Aff_web(print, ..) - Aff, because I also stil use other editors. It twould help a lot if this renaming function could be incorporated within the presets. (Not so uncommen, DxO, ACDSee and On1 Photo 2017 have this functionality) 2. Since exporting is such a common task, ist would be nice if it was easier to get at without much mouse travel or four finger keyboard gymnastics. A button or a simpler shortcut like F(1-12) would help. Since I don't find a list of all "occupied" shortcuts, I am hestiant to change the assigned shortcut myself. 3. Even better, if there was batch exporting (normal exporting, no slices), although that probably has to wait until there is some form of file explorer/DAM incorporated. Thanks for listening Peter
  6. Thank you! Now I am embarrassed. I didn't even consider the "view" menue.
  7. A very simple feature request (maybe it was asked before, but I am not patient enough to read through 16 pages, I stopped at page 8): Could you please make toggling between "fit in view" and "100% Zoom" easier? I find the solution with the slider and the + and - icons awkward to say the least. Could there be a dropdown menue with the percentages? In V 1.5.1 I could at least use the mouse wheel to zoom, with the 1.5.2 beta this option is gone.
  8. Hello lumi, I could not have expressed it any better, thanks!
  9. No sidecar files? All work in the develop persona seems to be lost, if I don't save the file as .afphoto. That leaves me with a file worth 131MB, whereas in LR, DxO, Rawtherapee, ACDSee ultimate, C1 and onOne Photo Raw all my work is saved in 10KB max sidecar files as addition to the one 16.4MB original raw file. My feature request would be to save all adjustments done in the Develop persona in an .xml sidecar file and reserve the .afphoto file format for the Photo persona.
  10. After two days with the final build of Photo, there are a few things that I really miss: 1. automatic lens distortion correction - as in Lightroom, DxO Viewpoint and even ACDSee Ultimate 10 (using lensfun database) 1a. (alternatively) allow using DxO Viewpoint or PTLens or - better yet - all .8bf plugins 1b (at least) introduce an "open file with .." feature to the export dialogue, so that the stand alone versions of said plugins could be called as external editors. 2. please add a renaming option to the export dialog