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  1. Thanks, was creating my own style, my line work is different to Disney's traditional styling, understand the principles with that as they have a standard for that also, and worked on a lot of works that do the standardised line work. Was focusing on a combination of variations to create a different look to have more of a rendered effect. That worked with the background and the foreground.
  2. These images are available to view on my website:- https://www.johnchandlerart.com/ there are more artworks and animations to view there, I'm working on various more to do with animations that I also created working with affinity software. I'm happy with the results of these. Just click on the link. Please do check out these artworks and comment also. Always happy for some constructive feedback from some constructive critiques.
  3. Great work, like the highlights they do well !!
  4. Login to your affinity account, go to menu, scroll down to help & support, there you can find tutorial & resources.
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