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  1. @Fixx, I see the border lines on your screenshot on the top and the left too. As far as I've understood the OP this is what he meant. And you're right the sheet looks like a scan with low resolution, and he wants to export as an pdf, he hasn't written that this is an pdf.
  2. I have looked at your sheet with adobe acrobat reader. I have to turn of antialiasing in the preferences of acrobat to get rid of the lines.
  3. @Walt, you can open a AFPub-Document with bleed in Photo.
  4. Ok, first go to the overlay tab, then add a brush (the button on the lower part of that tab) to marquee the area that you want to "brighten". You should see two layers, one labeled "master", the other labeled "brush overlay", it should be highlighted. After that switch to the basic tab and adjust the exposure or brightness or what ever you want to do. I hope this helps.
  5. Hi BarbaraD, as far as I have understood you want a tool/method to edit parts of the raw-file. In the develop-persona is a tab called Overlays where you exclude/include parts of a photo from editing. There you can either add a gradient or add a brush to determine what part should be edited. P.S.I'm not an lightroom-user. And my english isn't that good.
  6. Hi Computer lab, in the second example set the blendmode of the circle layer to erase.
  7. Yes please, more information will be appreciated. I see an odd page number on the right page, which is common. And where should your headlines (or subheadlines) be placed, inline with the first small column or with the second the bodytext?
  8. Maybe this video will help, I found it in the tutorials section.
  9. Hi Greg, if you use ctrl + mousewheel to zoom you keep the center of the zoom around the pointer. At least on Win.
  10. Thank you and stay healthy too. Maybe you have touched a key on the numeric pad, which is a shortcut to increase or decrease the opacity of the tool (or the layer if the layer-tab is active).
  11. Ok, I see that you have set the opacity of the clone stamp tool set to 10% which is not that much, try it with 100% maybe this will help.
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