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  1. I also got no problems with D7000 and D750 NEFs on win 10
  2. It looks like you have a greyscale-color-mode choosen. Look and change it in the document setup.
  3. Ray S.

    Mask misbehavior

    You can see in the Channels Panel that there is a pixel selection, you can also see it if you toggle the Quick mask mode on. What's strange is that you should see the "marching ants" of a selection if you toggle the quick mask.
  4. Das Gradient Tool / Verlaufswerkzeug / Stroke/ Kontur dient dazu die Kontur von einem Vektor-Objekt mit einem Verlauf zu füllen/färben. Es ist redundant zu Stroke / Kontur beim Erstellen von Vektor-Objekten mit z.B. Pfadwerkzeug, Ring, Rechteck usw. The gradient tool/stroke is for the colour/gradients of strokes of vector objects. It's redundant to stroke color/gradient at the creation of vectorbased objects like the pen-tool or ellipse tool. (Sorry for my bad english)
  5. Oh, I have not known that this triangles could be dragged, I usually klick on them to add or discard rows/columns.
  6. If you type the dimensions 210 x 297mm by hand it sizes the spread correctly, but if you use the A4 present strange things happen.
  7. Yes there is the "Guides Manager" in the View menu where you can tweak and setup your guides.
  8. I've also tried to replicate this, but the Live-Filter "add noise" work properly before and after merging. Maybe a screenshot or short video will show your issue.
  9. Ray S.

    Bug? Painting on Fill layer

    The fill layer works correctly. It is a solid layer with one color and comes with a mask, so the only thing one can do with it is paintig the mask. You change change its color everytime (before rasterising) with the move tool selected, the brush tool work in this case only for/with the mask.
  10. Ray S.

    Release date estimation

    Have you tried out Blackmagicdesigns DaVinci Resolve, which is a Video-Editing-Compositing-Grading-Audio-Suite for free. It can easily replace After Effects+Premiere+Audition.
  11. And don't forget the textframe-tab where you can modify the columns and the gutter to your needs.
  12. If I understand you right, do a doubleclick on the middle handle on the lower textframe-border.
  13. Hi thegary, as far as I know cropmarks where created by the pdf-exporter not by the layout-program. If you want cropmarks in the jpg (or any other than pdf) you have to draw them.
  14. Hi, if you choose "Edit Detached" you are able to remove the layer (with the rectangle) in the masterpage-layer.
  15. Ray S.

    Workflow, and again workflow

    Ich denke mit der "Aussage" hast du dich selber als ernst zu nehmend disqualifiziert.