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  1. Ray S.

    Question about a couple of the latest patch notes

    Yes, I also having problems with my wacom intous pt s (with the latest drivers installed). I 've configured the wacom driver so that it enables windows-ink only for the beta. So far the brush dynamics work, but as soon I'm leaving the canvas (e.d. to change the tool or the color) the brush-preview disappears and it shows the standart mouse-pointer or in case of the eraser-tool nothing. If I then use the mouse again, the brush-preview shows again.
  2. Hi LuizP, have you checked if the develop-assistant applies (or not applies) a tone curve after developing?
  3. I haven't known that, but it should of course not be possible to edit an hidden layer.
  4. It would be sooo nice if we can have a little indicator that shows that a layer has a blend range set. Like so:
  5. Maybe you talk about the appearance of the small magnifier which took some seconds but the color is picked up/changed immediatly after clicking.
  6. Hi afdojo, have you tried to export your curve-adjustments as a LUT and then apply the the LUT to another picture by using the LUT-adjustment. Maybe this will do the trick of using predefined adjustments.
  7. Hi, I'm on Win10 Home and the histogram doesn't show up in the Curves-adjustment. But if I check "Marquee" in the Histogram-Panel in the upper right corner, it shows the histogram of that selected part of the image. It also reacts to changes to the curve in almost realtime. Maybe this could be a workaround for this task. If I apply the curves-adjustment with no selection it shows the histogram immediatly.
  8. I would appreciate an option to fill a layer with 50% grey, to speed up the workflow when using blendmodes like "soft light", etc.
  9. Hi RayDuff, in the menu View you'll find the item "Show context toolbar", switch it on and you'll get the Develop/Cancel button.
  10. Ray S.

    Cannot right click

    Hi Lansa, as far as I know there has nothing changed with the right-click-behavior, it works well.
  11. Hi zambo23, wenn du eine Datei von APhoto aus öffnest merkt sich das Programm sehr wohl den zuletzt benutzten Pfad und benutzt diesen beim Export. Wenn du aus einem anderen Programm, z.B. Explorer oder einfach per Rechtsklick "Öffen mit.." öffnest dann nicht. Ansonsten schließe ich mich dem post von @Fritz_H an.
  12. Ray S.

    Denoise Filter Doesn't work

    There is nothing wrong with the denoise filter in on my pc (win10 home). No difference with the live-filter, the standard-version and the detail-denoise in the Develop-Persona, they all work as expected.
  13. I'm not working with AI anymore, but I've found some ai-files on my harddrive and could open them in Affinity Photo (I don't have designer yet). I remember that back in the days I was able to open .ai-files if I have renamed the extension to .eps when I had to use them in programms that don't support .ai but .eps.
  14. Ray S.

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.2

    Thank you good people at Serif! Keep up the good work.

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