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  1. If I drag a JPG-file on the Publisher-Icon on my Windows-Desktop it opens. I find this is the simplest method to open a jpg-file. Maybe you should tell us how you are trying to open that jpg-file, or provide a screenshot or a short capture-video. You could also upload the file so others can prove that the file isn't corrupted. Besides that, there is no need to yell and not every program in the world can open a jpg-file.
  2. Sounds to me like you have "Show snapping candidates" in the Snapping-Options turned on. Disable snapping temporarily to see if this helps.
  3. Maybe this tutorial might be of interest for you guys:
  4. Hi Desh, unfortunatly you can't scan with Photo, you need to use an "external" software.
  5. You can use it on both configurations, or e.g. on a laptop and a desktop-pc without purchasing another license.
  6. Hi Chris_Wing, is it possible you have created this document with the beta-version of Apub?
  7. The sad answer is that Affinty Software doesen't make use of GPU-Acceleration on windows, at this time. But I think the good people at Serif working on it.
  8. Yes it is like Carl123 mentioned, Brush 1 is setting "Wet edges" on and this is transfered to Brush 2.
  9. Hi, You will see your adjustment-presets in the adjustment-tab. To view the tab go to View/Studio/Adjustments. If you then go to the category of the adjustment you've saved you should see it with a small preview-icon.
  10. You don't need to copy an adjustment layer, usually you put the adjustment layer on top in the layerstack, so all layers below are affected. If you want to affect only the "bits"-layers and not the background you should pur them in a group except the background.
  11. I assuming you are on windows and use a wacom tablet. If so then go to the preferences and turn of "use windows ink for tablet input". It could be that the pressure sensitivity don't work. I'am not sure why that is but it shouldn't be.
  12. Hi, you have to rasterize the layer, then you should be able to copy the selection.
  13. Also so wie in PShop (Aiswahl zu Pfad) geht das leider nicht, aber du kannst eine Maske erstellen und exportierst das Bild als png, dann sollte es in InDesign freigestellt zu sehen sein.
  14. Hi Joe, you have put the grid on a master page. You should put it on a regular page then it should print. Or assign the master page to the page.
  15. Or go to View/Guidesmanager if you prefer a numeric exact placing of the guides.
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