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  1. Hello Anastasia, welcome to the forums. In the video is an earlier version of Designer used. In the actual version (1.9.1) the vector crop tool behave like you've discribed it, it doesn't show anything in the transformation window. To me this is logical right, because a cropping is not a transformation. But it would be nice to have a numerical read-out for the crop tool like it is in photo.
  2. Hello Sydney2021, welcome to the forums. 1. If you type in the searchfield e.g. "publisher +table" you'll get a decent amount of related results. 2. & 3. If you're looking in the Tutorials-Section of this forum you'll find a lot of tutorials.
  3. Look in the Paragraph-Tab. If you can't see it go to View/Studio and look if Paragraph is checked. Then adjust the values for "Space before paragraph" and "Space after paragraph". See picture:
  4. Oh yes, the method with the blended ranges also looks/work fine, thumbs up to PaulEC. What I've had forgotten to mention is that there is also a little Eraser-Tool work left, e.g. in the left picture of the stamps.
  5. Hello nichttaucher, welcome to the forums, sorry to say that this is not possible at the moment. Many of us have requested that for a long time. My personal advice is to make a note on paper, what is some kind of ambivalent when using a computer. 🙂 Auf gut deutsch: Das ist leider nicht möglich zur Zeit. Viele von uns haben das bereits mehrfach vorgeschlagen. Mein persönlicher Tipp ist eine Notiz auf Papier zu machen, was etwas ambivalent ist wenn man mit einem Computer arbeitet.
  6. I have another recipe: Step 1: add a Black&White-Adjustment-Layer and tweak the blue/cyan-sliders to change the blue tones to light grey. Step 2: Add a Levels-Adjustment-Layer. Switch to LAB-Mode and adjust the white and black-Level to get rid of the grey-tones. Step 3: With Layer/Merge Visible (or cmd+alt+shift+E) make a cumulative layer. You need this to apply Filter/Colors/Erase white paper. Step 4: Crop to taste and export as PNG to keep the transparent background. I hope this is not too advanced, but give it a try.
  7. I don't have any workbook so I can only guess how it is meant. You have to align the copied text/page-number to the right on the right page.
  8. @Roland Rick try File/new Stack or new HDR-Stack, there'll be an option to auto-align your images.
  9. Hello Xzenor, you can only use bitmaps/raster on the pattern-layer, as documented in the help. Text, Shapes and the pen-tool are vector-graphics.
  10. Hello Tom, have you tried the menu Document/Resize Document? I assume you mean Photo with AP, not Publisher.
  11. Simply by using the delete-key. To add a node to a path you simply click on that path. Mit der Entfernen-Taste kannst du einzelne (oder auch mehrere auf einmal) Knoten löschen. Um Knoten zu einem Pfad zu addieren einfach auf den Pfad klicken.
  12. And in addition to GarryP's suggestions, check if the "Protect Alpha"-button (in the tool-option-bar) is NOT pressed/engaged.
  13. Why not recreating that circle with the Cog-Tool?
  14. Hi Zebo, what do you expect by Size Jitter? If you want to alter the brush size randomly you have to set the Dynamics/Size-Jitter to random, if you want the size to react to the pressure of a graphic-tablet you have to set it to pressure. I think (but not know) the "brush-engine" in all three Affinity-apps is the same, so if it works in Photo it should work in Designer, at least with the raster-brushes.
  15. Maybe there is a Masterpage involved? Does the textboxes that are not selectable have small x on their corners, this will indicate that they're on a masterpage.
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