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  1. It happens when you place picture with the place-tool. If you first create a picture frame and then import a picture and try to "fill" with a color from the swatches the picture remains as it is.
  2. Hey dmstraker, the cross-hairs disappear when you switch back to sample from location in the info panel.
  3. Ray S.

    Mask-Layer-Icons not updating

    @Fritz_H you are doing nothing wrong, this seems to be a (minor) bug with the adjustment-thumbnail.
  4. Yes I confirm that. Also the Pinch/Punch distortion does not allow values above 1024. Spherical distortion work fine.
  5. Ray S.

    Freq Sep issue

    I confirm that behavior. It was never a problem with earlier releases. (before .293)
  6. I can't confirm that. On my System (Win 10 home) the Live-Perspective-tool work as it should, with shapes and/or bitmaps and cut, copy and paste and control-J.
  7. Oh yeah, I've learned typesetting (in Germany it was called fotosetting) on a Compugraphic system. And hoping you've inserted a blank cassette before you press enter. :-) It took some time to set a paragraph and see for the first time after processing.
  8. In version everything (as far as I've tried) works fine. I'm on windows 10.
  9. Ray S.


    You will find the hyphenation in the paragraph tab.
  10. It seems to be an issue for win 7 users.
  11. I also got no problems with D7000 and D750 NEFs on win 10
  12. It looks like you have a greyscale-color-mode choosen. Look and change it in the document setup.
  13. Ray S.

    Mask misbehavior

    You can see in the Channels Panel that there is a pixel selection, you can also see it if you toggle the Quick mask mode on. What's strange is that you should see the "marching ants" of a selection if you toggle the quick mask.
  14. Das Gradient Tool / Verlaufswerkzeug / Stroke/ Kontur dient dazu die Kontur von einem Vektor-Objekt mit einem Verlauf zu füllen/färben. Es ist redundant zu Stroke / Kontur beim Erstellen von Vektor-Objekten mit z.B. Pfadwerkzeug, Ring, Rechteck usw. The gradient tool/stroke is for the colour/gradients of strokes of vector objects. It's redundant to stroke color/gradient at the creation of vectorbased objects like the pen-tool or ellipse tool. (Sorry for my bad english)