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  1. I'm not working with AI anymore, but I've found some ai-files on my harddrive and could open them in Affinity Photo (I don't have designer yet). I remember that back in the days I was able to open .ai-files if I have renamed the extension to .eps when I had to use them in programms that don't support .ai but .eps.
  2. Ray S.

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.2

    Thank you good people at Serif! Keep up the good work.
  3. I can confirm this. But what's more strange is, if you apply more than -150 px it works as expected.
  4. Ray S.

    App ignores you.

    Just for the fun: I've made a selection (with the lasso-tool) and then pressed alt + backspace because Iam too lazy to use the inpaint-brush. Then I've made another selection around the yellow spill/reflection on that handle-bar and desaturated it with the HSL-adjustment. Ah and during the delevopment I made a little color-noise reduction. Took me less then 5 min.
  5. Have you "scale with object" checked in the stroke-options?
  6. Ray S.

    Affinity Photo Paint Brush Tool

    The discribed behavior should only occur when you press and hold the shift key while painting. Is it possible that you somehow accidently press the shift key?
  7. Hi and welcome , "The background will go white" sound to me like you have added a "Fill layer" instead of a new pixel layer, which is usually transparent.
  8. No I didn't clean the registry nor deleted temp-files. It never caused any problems and I did who knows how many beta-updates in the last half year. In the actual release ( the tool work as expected so it seems that is only in this beta-version. I#m confidend that the good people at Serif will fix this nearby.
  9. I can confirm that too. I'm on Win 10 Home. What's also weird is when I set the clone tool to "layers beneath" it works fine with the first selected target. But if I Alt-Click for another target AP crashes. With "current layer & below" it crashes immediately.
  10. Ray S.

    Dodge Tool Doesn't work

    Hi MelissaB, I would like to suggest my workflow for dodge & burn: 1. make a new pixellayer, fill it with middle gray (50%) 2. set the blend mode to soft light 3. take the paintbrush-tool and set the opacity to 10 - 20% and the flow beyond 50% or to your like. 4. now paint with pure white for dodging or pure black for burning . you can also use the dodge and burn-tool with midtones selected, it works similar. By pressing and hold the alt-key you can alter between dodge and burn, this save you some time. If you change the blend mode to normal you can easily correct parts that have gone to far. I hope these instructions are understandable, my english is not the best. :-)
  11. Ray S.

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.0

    Fantastic, thank you so much Serif!
  12. Ray S.

    Filling CMYK image with colour

    It happens when you place picture with the place-tool. If you first create a picture frame and then import a picture and try to "fill" with a color from the swatches the picture remains as it is.
  13. Hey dmstraker, the cross-hairs disappear when you switch back to sample from location in the info panel.
  14. @Fritz_H you are doing nothing wrong, this seems to be a (minor) bug with the adjustment-thumbnail.