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  1. I would request that my page numbers in the 'Pages panel' reflect the page numbers I apply to your live pages. Having a list of pages numbered upwards from 1 is no use to me, I need them the reflect what im actually working on. Hope that makes sense.
  2. Totally agree with this one. The fact Text wrap just has to sit on the screen, in its huge panel is very annoying when you are trying to work around it. Needs to be in the studio for sure.
  3. Yes, the numbering of pages in the panel starting at 1 becomes irrelevant to me after ive started making sections etc. Maybe useful for other people working on different jobs, but not really for a print publication or even this 150 page digital pub im working on. Ill go and find the suggestions forum LOL
  4. Do you mean this panel? I think mine is greyed out, inaccessible. Thats a shame if it is the case, as often I work on bigger docs and would really like the page number reflected in the panel as its an easy way to navigate between pages for me. Maybe I should submit a request? Maybe I am just too used to Indesign LOL
  5. I have a document, it starts on page 15 and finishes on 18, no problem. Is there a way to reflect this page number in the pages panel? In this panel my pages are still listed as 1-4. Am I just missing an option to transform the view? Many thanks
  6. Hi, Simple question. Is there a function in publisher to prevent a paragraph ending with a single word? Im not talking about pages ending with or starting with single lines. I simply want to eliminate single word lines at the end of a paragraph. Cheers in advance
  7. I’m a Mac user, so never used pageplus. being doing this for over 20 years now and am fully willing to support affinity. I started off on quark, and then adobe came along and promised to provide a better cheaper solution. Which they did with indesign for a while. Now they basically steal my money on a monthly basis and provide me with a hideous bloated, bug ridden expensive monster. Affinity can have all the input they want from me if it helps us designers out and ends the Adobe monopoly. Yes .doc import is simply a must. I’m fully behind you Affinity!
  8. .doc import please. I need this app to import .doc files.I am considering a move to this platform so need to know if it will be happening. My client uses ‘word’ the most widely used word processor in the world, I’m hoping you can make this happen.
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