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  1. I'm making contact sheets for all the photos in my book, approximately 100. I've created 13X19 sheets with 36 boxes each, selected all the images with the place command and imported and placed them, fairly easy. The images all imported to their max width, so I had to go mach one by one and select each image, go the Frame propeties and select scale to min fit. Is there a way to do this by default? Or is there a key command where it will resize the images one by one. It would be a lot faster than the way I did it.
  2. I have a book document with over 100 photos. using the stated proceedure for importing assets, once I get to the folder with the photos, they are grayed out and will not let me import them. I have another process I stumbled on to, where I select place an image tool and it will load all the images into the asset panel, yet some of them look like digital information and not the photo thumbnails. Once I go to another tab, like Pages, then switch back to assets they are gone. Can you please advise me what the problem is. I'm on a Mac, the images are jpgs
  3. I am switching over from Illustrator to Affinity designer. Many of my Illustrator files are set up with PMS colors. I would like to be able to identify what those PMS colors are once I open Affinity designer. To date when opening Illustrator files in designer, I get a chart showing the CYMK breakdowns. If I choose swatches, I get a choice of PMS colors to choose from. Why can't designer simply show me what the inherent PMS colors in the file already are, rather than asking me to pick a new PMS color? I've watched a lot of designer videos, they all show how to create a PMS color in your doc, but nothing that explains how to find the PMS colors already in it. Can someone explain that? Also, what are the difference between the PMS Color Bridge libraries and the PMS Formula Guide colors?
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