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  1. I have the top row highlighted in my table. I want to reduce the height of this row. Publisher will not allow it. I use the arrow keys to enlarge the height in the table panel and it will not change. It is somehow locked. You are really lacking help in your help pages. Update. I have discovered that using the baseline grid will limit the ability to reduce the height of a single row within the table.
  2. That is amazing Carl. You solved the problem for me. I didn't know that option existed. Thank you so much it was all fixed in an instant.
  3. Thanks, Carl. Find and replace doesn't work because Affinity Publisher does not see the font in question. I can replace it with any font in the font manager but the search within find and replace will not pick it up. This isn't an adequate fix because it is filled with errors. I can't search for a missing font, there is no way to reference it.
  4. Thanks for being so clear. No wonder I'm confused. The documentation for preflight says the fixes are supposed to actually fix the preflight error. Preflight continues to flag the error after the fix. Even though it has replaced the font. Affiinity is not recognizing that the font is actually replaced. When highlighting the font it still shows in the character panel as being the previous font. When I create assets out of this PDF the asset panel is full of errors because it is flagging a font that isn't even being displayed. I have to make sure I manually change every single instance where the flagged font was used. There should be a streamlined way to take care of this but it escapes me. I haven't been able to use find and replace for this either.
  5. Thanks, Mike. Unfortunately, none of this tells you how to make the font manager actually replace the missing font with the new font that is chosen. So all I can tell is that the font manager is useless, complete and utterly useless.
  6. I click on a fix button beside a font error in the preflight. The dialogue that opens up shows that replacement fonts are set or at least they are selected. Nothing is being replaced. How exactly does this fix button work and why is it so hard to find information about it? I have downloaded a pdf template for my project. It is loaded with fonts I do not have on my system. AFFINITY is making this a problem for me. I want all of these fonts replaced and I have found zero ways to accomplish this. There must be an effective way in Affinity Publisher to do this but as usual, it is almost impossible to find answers about Affinity in any search results unless it is super basic. The replace font dialogue box is useless as far as I can tell.
  7. The user interface(AP) is set for US-Eng. Only in the character panel was it showing Can-Eng. My Window system language was set to Can-Eng. Not an imported document, every document created defaulted to Can-Eng.
  8. Every new document I created defaulted to that Can-Eng until I saved my preferred US-Eng as the default.
  9. The preferred language on my Windows 10 PC was set as English Canadian. I'm sure that had a lot to do with my assigned language on Affinity Publisher. It is nice to know that you can change the default within the program without changing your PC setting.
  10. My preflight was still picking up instances. I agree I shouldn't have to do all I did.
  11. I figured out how to change this throughout my document. I use the select menu and select object then choose art text. I then go to the character panel and change the language to my desired language. Then go to edit>defaults>save and do the same for frame text and path text. That seems to work well for me. Then I save and restart and I have my preferred default active.
  12. Somehow Affinity identifies my document as Canadian and will not allow me to fix this quickly. I had to go to every instance of text within my hundred-page document only to have Publisher completely freeze. I want an easier way to do this, please. I did not assign this language to Affinity; it is not set up for Can-English. In the characters panel, it shows ca-eng. I only wish to use American English in my document.
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