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  1. works very well. Much faster than previous version. Well done! Thank you!
  2. Focus Merge - can it do RAW? I tried some *.arw RAW images for focus merge and it took ages (well, Minutes) and didn't really work. Same after converting the images the JPG worked fast and as expected. Is that related to PC hardware or does focus merge not really work with RAW? I haven't tried TIFF, does that work better? (Focus merge I mainly use for product images of small parts, like electronic components, using JPG would be no problem. But for landscape JPG maybe not good enbough)
  3. Wanted to clip my SVG right now, and WOW!, so many messages. Not sure this is a new function or something, but just in a case a lost soul finds this page, I did: Select All File > Export > SVG > Area > Selection Area Export That's it.
  4. Just asking, how to get suche interesting wet plate type frame? I guess some border add-on is required? https://www.dpreview.com/news/3404522160/large-format-film-portrait-series-wins-sony-world-photography-awards?slide=10 (I didn't want to upload the image for copyright reasons, or can I?)
  5. Thank you guys! The fx did the trick. Without fx Ctrl+whatever ain't working as hoped.
  6. Affinity noob here. I did some text with a glow design in Designer and like to use that in Publisher. How Can I move that over? Seems like the expected Ctrl + C > Ctrl/Shift/Alt + V ain't working. It copies only the text without style. How can I do that? Is there a way?
  7. Photo 1.9.0932: Crashing with "New Stack" 2two X3F files I have two handheld X3F RAW files that I like to stack for more dynamic. Even with no options selected Affinity crashes. I have no clear idea why. I am aware that X3F (Sigma Foveon) is some sort of niche format. The alignment should be sort of OK, there is water in the image though. It's a bit of a rhetorical question, I can probably work fine with a single image. But I had also here and then crashes with ARW (Sony) images. Each RAW is about 50Mb https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U-kCKuUMN6_ijKoZvon-fbXNNTT1usJY/view https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RnfJ4wtfeX5c9MzWEneuR1DPqOcB2H4Y/view
  8. I wanted to have some text in grey. Buf in the same text block I get a very different shades of grey, even though both are RBG29,29,27 - why is that and how can I make them all the same shade of grey?
  9. Hope I can add here since it's sort of on topic: So I have bought Affinity Photo with aaa@aaa.com (a sort of free email). I understand, that I need to use it when I install Affinity Photo to a new PC. Now I changed my mail on the order website to bbb@bbb.com - so when I buy i.e. Designer and/or Publisher, they will be linked to the new email. Will the 3 still work together fine? And what happens in case I lose aaa@aaa.com permanently? Or is "aaa@aaa.com" now more like a userID without any other function?
  10. Thanks for replying. I think I try that stack as "New Stack" rather than as HDR stack and play around. Should be a good way learning more about Affinity. Update: It was quite easy. Import images as New Stack Align them manually (if auto fails) Save each individual layer as TIFF Open as New HDR Merge 2nd time round it worked perfectly.
  11. 1.9.0 om Windows 10 here. Knowledge: bloody beginner level Can I manually align an image stack? I have a stack of 3 images that comes out totally wrong. Even when I do it with just 2 images it goes bad (see screen). Source files are RAW. My workflow now is, just merging, no align, no ghosting, no noise red, no tone map. Because it's shot without tripod it needs some alignment. I just merge and save as TIFF (export). No other processing in Affinity (I use darktable for now) And while I ask about HDR merge - do I need to click ghosting? It water, so the waves are moving between shots. But without ghosting clicked it seems to be fine.
  12. In the meantime I looked up some motion blur videos. Affinity Photo is such a cool tool!
  13. Firstly, I am not sure I am allowed to upload the image due to copyrights. Sorry for the link. I don't want to get Serif or myself in trouble. I wonder how the artist did this image? I presume it's one image, layered, center in focus, left/right layers slightly shifted, opacity used, and some brushing, some blur. Although it could have been a 2nd image with motion blur, that's hard to control though. I really like this style and can see some motives it could be used on. Creator: Feddy Source, plus alternate links (all same image, just in case): https://www.heise.de/foto/galerie/fullscreen/?fotoID=ef7c33cd360f22ce0bd500e88ad0dffa https://twitter.com/heiseFoto/status/1342772171106639873/photo/1 https://www.heise.de/news/Mit-frischem-Blick-Die-Bilder-der-Woche-KW-53-4993867.html?hg=1&hgi=0&hgf=true
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