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  1. Well, the result is a file with the original name and another with the name 0.5x. This is about as clunky as my Retrobatch script.
  2. Ah, okay. I missed something simple. I thought that this meant the name of the resulting slice.
  3. I'm still using v1 of Affinity Photo. I want to create 2 versions of an image with the export persona. I added a second slice for the 2x image so that I get 2 images: But the result is totally not useful. I expected the original image and an additional image 50% smaller. Instead the second image is 100% larger. Is this a bug or a feature? How can I make the second image smaller than the original?
  4. Sigh... as software developer I need to create multiple versions of icons and screenshots all the time. I really had hoped for some improvements on the batch/export features in Affinity Photo and Designer. I have a clunky AppleScript to make the different versions in RetroBatch. But batch/export should be a core feature for the Affinity apps.
  5. Thanks for the information. I don't remember how old the files are. 10 years? I've also edited them with multiple applications.
  6. Thanks, that solved the problem. I just don't understand what "unsupported properties" a simple round rectangle could have.
  7. I'm switching all Affinity Designer icons for my application from png to pdf. Some of the files tell me that they are going to be rasterised. I made a test file with a single round rectangle having a gradient. Why does this simple file tell me it will be rasterised? I've uploaded the file to https://www.mothsoftware.com/downloads/round_rect.zip . Regards Beatrix Willius
  8. Yup. Seems so. Going to make another Feedback report. Because they already fixed so many of my bugs. The trick with the option key uses too many of my fingers. The macro works fine!
  9. @carl123: Thanks, I'll try the macro. @loukash: I tried several times with the Terminal command. I've used in on all versions of macOS that came before BS. TinkerTool uses the same Terminal command under the hood and correctly shows that the shadows are off. And I still get the shadows.
  10. 1. Sure, h ere are 2 typical screenshots from my application. 2. The screenshots don't have the same sizes. But the shadow seems to have the same size each time.
  11. Hi, how do I remove margins from images? For whatever reason my MacBook Air with Big Sur/M1 still makes screenshots with shadow even after doing a Terminal command to get rid of the shadows. Of course, I can remove the shadows manually. But do a lot of screenshots. Therefore, I want to do a macro in Affinity Photo. But I can only add margins and not remove them. Did I overlook anything?
  12. I'm trying to make some simple path type icons for macOS Big Sur. I've converted my icon to paths only and exported the icon to pdf. However, some paths are shown as vectors and some are rasterised. Why is that and how can I make all paths as paths (sounds odd)? Affinity Designer 1.9.1 on High Sierra. printer outline test.afdesign printer outline test.pdf
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