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  1. Hi, Affinity Designer newbie here - trying to migrate from an old version of Adobe Fireworks to Affinity Designer. I mostly change icons for my applications. I've got an SVG file which has borders. How do I get rid of those without manually resizing the icon? In Fireworks there was a menuitem to trim the canvas. What is the equivalent in Affinity Designer? Regards Beatrix Willius
  2. beatrixwillius

    Affinity Designer: trim canvas

    Thanks for this very interesting discussion. I was able to solve my problem by manually resizing the objects. Then I did a resize. Nevertheless, a "clip canvas" would be helpful. I'll make a feature request. Is there an official way to do such a feature request or should I contact support? RegardsBeatrix Willius
  3. beatrixwillius

    Affinity Designer: trim canvas

    Hi Gabe, no, this is not what I want. I want to make the existing vector as large as the canvas without fiddling around. The shadow needs to go, I need to fix the colors, trim the icon to the canvas size. Then I can export 32-x32 and 64x64 icons. Regards Beatrix Willius