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  1. Hi Lefty Steve, the left Alt-Key (alternate) is not the same as the right Alt-Gr-Key (alternate graphic), so it's intentional. It's not like the ctrl or shift key(s).
  2. Hi Leighton, in the layer-fx panel/gradient overlay set the color of the left stop to 50% grey and the opacity to 100%.
  3. Ok I'll try to explain: An Asset in the case of Publisher means a graphic like a logo or sign or picture that is used more often than once. It is not meant as a photo/image you like to place once or twice in a document. In this case the terminology of asset is misleading. Therefore Publisher wont let you import photos as assests. Also notice these assets are stored in the app "forever", so every time you launch the app it will load all the assets which will (in your case 100+ photos) lead to horrible long lauchingtimes, even if you want to create e.g. a business-card with no photo in it. To your second question, the panel that you see when you like to place images with the "place image tool" is not the "asset panel" it's the "place image panel" which let you choose what image to place first when you have selected more than one image to import/place at once. This panel is temporarily, as soon as you have placed all the images or use another tool than the "place-image-tool" it disapears. See also: Picture frame tools Assets Panel
  4. In addition to what PaulEC already mentioned, set the layer-opacity of the grey-filled-layer to 100% instead of 50% in your example. You must not use the paintbrush with black or white, you can also use the dodge/burn-tool to achieve this. Another method is to not fill the layer (above) at all, set it to soft-light and only use the brush with black and white (with low flow and opacity-settings).
  5. Hello seacat, in the toolbar go to the Alignment Button, there you'll find the options for how-to-align-to what.
  6. Go to the sections-manager, there you can "offset" the page-numbering. edit: after rereading I've understood the problem. No I don't think there is a way to reflect you page-numbering in the pages-panel. I think this is logical because there are only 4 pages in the document.
  7. As far as I know you can't copy a page in Publisher, you can copy its content and paste it to a new (created or duplicated) page in the same or other open document.
  8. Ctrl+Shift+Alt + V is pasting with no format, have you tried Ctrl + Shift + V or Ctrl + Alt +V?
  9. Do you have a tone-curve applied? Look in View/Assistant-manager/develop-assitant which options are checked/unchecked.
  10. The fast way to pick a color when using e.g. the brush-tool is to press the alt-key. This turn the cursor to a magnifying glass to choose from what pixel you want to pick the color. The color-picker-tool on the ohter hand let you choose an aera f(1x1, 3x3, 5x5 and so on) to give you an averaged tone to pick.
  11. Hi BARBAKANE, jpg don't support transparency, you should use png for that purpose. For "whitening" the light greys you can use a "Treshold"-adjustment.
  12. Hello Greg, what OS (Mac or Win) and what app are you using? On Win10 with designer 1.9.1 and photo 1.9.1 the canvas rotation work as excpected.
  13. @Patrick Connor ah ok, so I have misinterpreted the rules. Thank you for clearing this. It was not my intention to bother anyone.
  14. Hello Jonesy21, I'am not sure if I had understood your first question correctly, but you can change the "selection-behavior" in the preferences. To cut a line: you can delete segments (the part between two nodes) by pressing Ctrl (or its aquivalent on mac) and clicking on that segment when the node tool is used. To rotate the artboard you have to hold down "alt" and scrub the mousewheel. And finally: here is no limit to ask questions, so if there is anything to ask do so.
  15. Connect the two straight lines with the boolean add (layer/Geometry/add).
  16. Maybe this workaround will help: If you press the ESC(ape)-Key twice after drawing the last node the curve becomes unselected.
  17. You can lock the layer that you not want to select. You find this little lock-icon on the top right of the layers-panel. This lock don't prevent any manipulation of the pixels e.g you can paint on them or use adjustments, but you can't select them on the canvas and you can't transform them.
  18. Also try the "Select same..." and "Select Object..." Features under the Select-Menu.
  19. Hello airborne18, have you tried to use the brushes with the "Paint Brush Tool" instead of the "Pixel Tool"? I don't know the video or the Eleni Debo set.
  20. Hello ConnieR, you have to "rasterize & trim" after you have cropped.
  21. If you are using Photo you can export a LUT which contains one or more adjustments and then apply the LUT to any other image.
  22. Kommerzielle Angebote/Anfragen sind hier nicht gern gesehen (=verboten). Bitte haltet euch an die Forumsregeln.
  23. Hello Keren, you need to buy the apps to get an Customer-Beta-Product-Key, as Walt.Farrell already has written. The key for betas is the same as for your purchased apps.
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