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  1. Thanks Ray, however not quite what I am after. To try and explain it a different way: Imagine you have 4 squares and an image underneath. If you made the squares transparent, you would just see the image colours. I want each square to "inherit" the colour of the image underneath the square. Is there a way to select multiple squares and say "make your fill the colour of the image underneath you (maybe based on the pixel underneath your centre pixel)" I suspect this is something that would need an automation/macro of some kind? Wondering if Affinity designer can do it? Thanks
  2. Hey everyone, I am creating some stylised pixel art based on some photos I have taken. My current process is I create a grid of squares (each an individual shape) and then overlap my photo. I then select each square from the layers tab and use the colour picker to select from the underlying image. This is very time consuming as you can imagine! I'm wondering if there is a faster/smarter way to do this? I'm currently doing 25 x 25 square images, but want to go bigger. However, bigger means much more time and probably a repetitive strain injury, so looking for alternative solutions. Thanks
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