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  1. The video is an Affinity produced video and pretty good. You should check it out. The question is: Are brushes platform specific? Or is it possible that brushes created on one platform, like an Ipad, are not 100% compatible with desktop versions? From what I see in the video, and from the brushes it would appear that this is the case.
  2. I am using brushes in the Eleni Debo set. Actually following her Affinity video. If I use the brushes with the pixel tool, specifically the Soft Noise Texture 2, it only works if I resize the brush. Then the pattern is not correct, it is very sparse dots. Is there a difference on how brushes behave depending on platform? I am on Windows 10, she was using an Ipad, so is there a difference? I am using Wacom Cintiq and Intous Pro.
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