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  1. I've been using the Affinity programs for a while now and have just posted my collection to my website, below is a few of the things I have created Check out my website for more: https://craighogben.co.uk/made-in-affinity/ will keep adding more!
  2. In this video at 15:39 You can see him right click and bring up the brush options, and then drag the circle down to create an oval or flattened brush. I have played around with the brush settings quite a bit and can't seem to get the same effect.
  3. At 2:33 on this video, he make a tab into it's own window, I can't seem to do this, I'm on Mac so not sure if it's a Windows only function? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHxPoZkEsrU But I used this all the time on PS and been trying to do it since I got the app and didn't think you could.
  4. I didn't think was possible. but then I just saw this video where someone was using the space outside the art board. This is something I do on Illustrator often and haven't worked out how to do it on Designer yet.
  5. https://www.designcuts.com/product/the-futur-greatest-mockup-bundle-of-all-time/ I don't want to buy it if it doesn't that's all.
  6. Thank you both. So the printer I have access to isn't connected to my computer. I'll need to export it as a PDF to print. What settings should I be using for this?
  7. So would be like this? My home printer doesn't no, but I have access to one that does, but would have to export it as another file to print. I would assume that if you wanted a different material for the cover, you would create a 4 page layout and that would be just a cover? Sorry for the (most likely) stupid questions.
  8. Thank you, you say home printing is straight forward, so would page 1 and page 40 print on the same bit of paper? And then how would you print on the inside cover of the booklet?
  9. When I think of a magazine the front and back are printed on the same material, then page 1 is same as the last page and so on until it gets to the middle spread. How would you achieve this on Affinity Publisher? I've not used InDesign before either so I don't know how it works over there. Because at the moment in my head it would just print off each page separately and wouldn't work at all how it should.
  10. You were correct, thank you! It took my way longer than it should to find the Character Studio as well
  11. I'm trying to add text to a path on a circle, but when I do it's going all slanted and like its italic. I've tried on both Mac and iPad and getting the same results. I've tried different fonts.
  12. I’m about to buy Publisher but don’t yet own the other two on my MacBook, but I will do later down the line. If I buy from a App Store would i then need to buy the other two from the App Store? Same as if from the website. In terms of using Studio Link, or does it not matter?
  13. Do any of you know how I can set strokes to adjust size according to scale? Examples attached.
  14. Out of curiosity how did you duplicate all those petals? Do you have a keyboard?
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