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  1. Unfortunately all this .heic were personal/private photos which I couldn't share 😞 and anyway as a workaround I already converted them to jpegs and deleted from the system 🙂.
  2. I upgraded to Affinity Photo and now I have troubles with opening .heic files. Affinity Photo crashes when trying to open .heic files. It says "Loading 1 document" in the top right corner, then after 1-2 seconds the Affinity Photo application crashes.
  3. Hello, since I updated my Affinity Photo to version 1.9.2 I'm experiencing RAM issues - it just fills the RAM and then it's almost impossible to work. I'm using notebook with 8GB of RAM and I never experienced any issues with Affinity programs until now. I was able to have many applications including some games, video editing opened at the same time and Affinity programs were still working fine. But now with Affinity Photo 1.9.2 even if I close all other apps I'm struggling to work. I tried to uninstall and install older 1.8.5 version but then I cannot open files because last few hours I created a lot of new files using 1.9.2 which I need to continue working with. So please suggest what should I do (are there some new features in 1.9.2 I could turn off) ? Btw, upgrading RAM is not possible and IMO not needed since older versions were running without issues. Thanks, Hrvoje
  4. How to "lock" object's Transform Origin point to be available for snapping even after the object is not selected anymore ? I have YELLOW Equilateral Triangle and I want to extend the WHITE and RED triangles to the Transform Origin point of the YELLOW triangle (please see the picture). How can I do that ?
  5. I have an icon in raster format. Icon is stored as .png or .jpg file. Icon is drawn with black or gray color on white background. HOW CAN I CHANGE THE ICON COLOR AND KEEP THE IMAGE QUALITY AS IT IS AND KEEP THE BACKGROUND WHITE AS IT IS ? I have installed Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer so solution can be in both of this software. Please see attached file - I would like to change the icon from dark gray to red - how can I do that ? Thank you !
  6. Hello, I'm using both Designer and Photo products in parallel for web design projects. For a project I usually have a color theme defined. This could be 5 main colors plus 10-20 additional colors which are derived from main ones. Is it possible to define the custom color pallete in Designer and Photo (or even to share between) ? I did not find that option. Also, my prefered way would be to do that in some text configuration file - you know, to open config file in Notepad and just paste in the custom pallete name together with list of colors in hexa format and that's it. That way I don't have to go and manually select each color and put them on a pallete. Please, let me know what are my options in this case ? Thank you, Hrvoje
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