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  1. You could reapply the Frequency Separation to the Low Frequency layer (residuals) several times, with a higher radius each time. For example, the first application could be at 2px, a second at 4px, a third at 8px etc for as many passes as you require. The High Frequency layers are all blended with Linear Light (the same as Grain Merge in GIMP), and can be treated the same. I tried Pat David's GIMP tutorials using Affinity and it seems to work. It could be automated with a macro, but I can't figure out a way of passing parameters - I would need a starting radius and a increase factor. Such fun, Biff
  2. perhaps?
  3. Oh, go on ....
  4. Further to this: Does anyone have any information about writing Plug-ins for Affinity Photo? Biff
  5. Thanks, v_kyr.
  6. Something I've just come across - ON1 Effects 10.5 is now free (sorry if this old news). It comes with plug-ins for Photoshop, Lightroom etc. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get the Photoshop plug-in to with Affinity Photo. Any ideas?? Regards, Biff
  7. I'd like to add to this suggestion - that the Histogram is shown in the Curves graph (as is shown in Curves Adjustment tool in Photo the persona). Regards, Biff
  8. Some good idea's there, Matthias. I also found that you can open a New HDR Stack with just a single RAW file, with Tone mapping - then process as 'normal'. In reality, I guess, you are just extracting as much information as possible from the RAW file. I think most RAW files these days will have at least +/-2 stops, perhaps more. Of course, using 3 - 7 differently exposed RAW files would take this to extremes, but there may cases where tis is necessary. Cheers, Biff
  9. Hello. I'm busy working through the new and excellent AP Workbook. I refer to the section "Further Manipulating Layers" (pg. 126-ff) When Locked, a Pixel layer will not move. However, I locked both Pixel layers (Eye Colour and Tone Boost), then Grouped then (Group Layers). The unlocked group can be moved. Is this is Bug? Regards, Biff
  10. That link should download the photo_core_skills folder to your downloads folder. Did on mine (Mac). Just did it again - oh, well. Now I've got two copies Biff
  11. Book delivered this morning!! Could do with a 'photo credits' page - nice to know where they are. Picture on page 89 (Making advanced raw adjustments) - Gordale Scar? Biff
  12. Should this go here? I don't know. Anyway: When in LAB (16 bit) mode, I have noticed that the Nik filters are not available (greyed out). Is this normal? Regards, Biff
  13. I believe you can 'save' a LUT in the LUTs section of the Adjustment Panel. Here it forms a thumbnail preview of the picture (photo) being worked on. There are a few already pre-loaded with Affinity Photo. Biff
  14. You could have a look at RawTherapee as a replacement for Lightroom. You can even link it to Affinity Photo. It has the advantage that it writes a side-car file when developing, something the Affinity Photo Develop module doesn't do. It's also cheaper than Lightroom (free!!!). Biff
  15. There's no reason why not, but .. Will Affinity Photo run on the new Mac OS HighSierra? Cheers, Biff