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  1. I have now deleted all of the files that would not load so cannot view them again. I have managed to successfully process and save new images as afphoto and jpeg so think I am O.K. I intend to remove and re-install the program just in case there is a corruption.
  2. Your original assumption is correct. The files were saved on different days - Windows Explorer puts the date of the last attempt to open rather than leaving it as the date saved. I think that maybe I did not leave sufficient time for the afphoto version to be properly saved before I saved the jpeg version, which I probably closed before that also had time to properly save. I will watch this in future - I think that is the problem/solution. If that does not work I will re-install Affinity. Thanks for your help.
  3. I have checked preferences and save thumbnails was already checked, presumably by default. The ones which will not open in Affinity do not display a thumbnail, the ones that do display the thumbnail will open in Affinity
  4. I think that maybe some of the jpegs have opened in the past, but I cannot be sure. I would not have tried the afphoto files until a couple of days ago when I wanted to make some more adjustments.
  5. If one fails they both fail. An example of the failure is the afphoto image that shows as a large red icon and it's associated jpeg which shows as a mountain scene. The ones that work both show the actual image, with the afphoto image having the affinity logo bottom right. I have tried deleting the file name and re-entering it but it makes no difference. Maybe I need to delete the program and re-install. I have tried to attach a jpeg file that illustrated the problem, but each time the upload failed, even though the size was only 1.1 MB - well below the limit; maybe because the file is corrupt.
  6. Sorry - one of the screenshots was the wrong one. The one with just the logo does not work, the one with the image and small logo in the corner does work.
  7. Two screenshots attached, one that works and one that does not. I could not get one shot that showed them both, together with the details you wanted.
  8. I have saved a number of images under "save as", which gives them an afphoto suffix, and also saved the same images under "export" as jpg. Recently some of them will not re-open in Affinity (or with any viewer program) with the message "file type not supported". The icon in explorer for the afphoto images is the correct one, but for the jpegs it is the same mountain scene for every one, instead of a thumbnail image of the actual photo. The file byte sizes all appear to be typical of what they should be. I now have to test everything before closing each file. What is the solution. The version is, which I believe is the latest.
  9. Many thanks - it was just as simple as selecting Add
  10. I have a problem using selection tools (latest version 1.6.1 installed) The elliptical marquee tool works fine, as do the column and row, but with the rectangular one nothing happens and with the freehand selection tool and its derivatives I can draw a selection around an object but when I double-click as the selection is completed the selection disappears and is not converted to marching ants in the manner of the elliptical tool. Nothing happens if I try to use the selection brush tool. It makes no difference whether I have a normal (filled) pixel layer or adjustment layer active. What am I doing wrong.
  11. I have just discovered the solution. I had set feathering above zero before I made the selection. With feathering set to zero a left click at the end "saved" the selection - I can then set the feathering as I wish.
  12. I am starting on selections using the polygonal selection tool. When I draw round a part of an image, say a bird, and get back to the beginning to complete the isolation of that part, whatever I do with the mouse buttons the selection disappears - how should I complete a selection so that it remains on the screen. I cannot tell how from the videos.
  13. OK now. Did not realise that it was required to log in to Vimoe first, once I did the download button appeared.
  14. All I can find is an upload button, to put it on social media - no sign of a download button.
  15. Is there a way to download tutorials - my internet connection is very slow such that videos stutter along, stopping for a few seconds to catch up. It would be much better to watch offline.