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  1. Photo magazines always use Photoshop or Lightroom when illustrating techniques. Most of the terms have obvious equivalents in Affinity but a lot do not, for instance Adjustment Brush - is there a "conversion" list that can be downloaded?
  2. Thank you. I have uninstalled the problem beta and found a February version of the stable program, installed that and then I was able to upgrade to the latest version.
  3. I have just installed the latest beta to replace the previous version and, when using the flood select tool I keep getting a "not responding", and then coming back. I want to revert to the non-beta version but how do I download it without paying again. I did not have this problem with the previous beta version.
  4. Just tried again and it worked - maybe the problem was that I was trying to inpaint more than I should in one go.
  5. I am using the latest Windows beta When using the inpainting brush the develop bar goes halfway across then stops and the program hangs. The only way out is ctrl/alt/del. This happens every time I try - is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  6. Thanks, but the latest release version would not work either. I have "reverted" to a three week old Macrium Reflect image from a time when I knew the program worked. I copied all the file changes in the past three weeks to an external drive before I started and all is now well again.
  7. Affinity has worked well for some time but now when I clickon the taskbar icon the hourglass just displayed for a second or so and disappeared. I went direct to the exe file and the same thing happened. I uninstalled the program using the “super clean”option, downloaded the latest beta version and installed it, but the same thing happened – the program will not open. I have tried a number of my other programs and all open normally, and there appears to be no other problem with the computer; I have also run a malwarebytes scan and quarantined three “PUPs” but to no avail. I have recently run CCleaner - maybe that caused the problem. I ran event viewer and have attached a print out. Any suggestions for solving the problem? Affinity problem.docx
  8. I tried to open Affinity Photo today and nothing happened. I went to the exe file in Program Files/Affinity and double clicked that but still nothing happened. I downloaded the latest beta version, uninstalled the original and installed the new version, but it still will not work - all other programs seem O.K. and I have found no other problem. I tried "run as administrator" but still nothing. Any suggestions?
  9. Thanks. 8-12 seconds for your 21Mb RAW file corresponds with my 12 seconds for a 27Mb file, so this is obviously a "normal" load time.
  10. Specifically Affinity loading times
  11. What is a typical time to load and also to develop a raw file?
  12. What governs the time taken to load a file. It currently takes 12 seconds to load a 27Mb RAW file. The files are on an SSD, I have a 3.2 MHz processor, 4Gb of RAM and a 2Gb video card. Is 12 seconds normal for this set-up, if not, what can I do to speed it up - If I try to load several at once it takes an age. It did take 20 seconds to load the program but it is now down to 11 after deleting a lot of fonts.
  13. Thank you - I am pleased to know that it is specific to each image. It would help with understanding tone curve production if a future version of the program could have the facility to view the curve.
  14. The RAW Overlays video illustrates the ability to impose an automatic tone curve on an image (as well as a manual one), via the Assistant Manager icon on the top tool bar (an icon of a microphone). Applying this tone curve - presumably a sort of macro - improved the image I was working on (in the RAW Develop Persona). Is there a way to be able to see a display of the tone curve applied - it would be useful to be able to see it as a learning exercise and hopefully tweak or reproduce in the future. I presume the applied tone curve is the same every time and does not vary with the image selected.
  15. I have printed out the long list of topics covered in the very useful videos - is there a version that puts the video number against the topic.