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  1. Thank you - I will go through the list
  2. I have successfully installed the free legacy version of the NIK plug-ins collection, but have had no success with others - are there any other free plug-ins that work with Affinity?
  3. Thank you - it works well
  4. When using edit/fill for a selection in Photoshop there is a facility called content aware - does it exist in Affinity, maybe under some other name or different menu.
  5. Thanks. What sort of percentage improvement in say developing raw image with double the number of cores time be - would it offset the 10% speed reduction of older programs due to its 10% lower clock speed.
  6. Affinity runs slowly on my 5 year old computer with a 3.2GHz 2 core processor. The slot will take a 4 core 2.83GHz processor. All of my software except Affinity is old so would presumably run around 10% slower with a quad core processor but would Affinity run significantly faster with double the number of cores.
  7. Sorry - I had not noticed the cross, will look to try one that is compatible
  8. Thanks - I see that ON1 Effects 2017 is supported - the listing refers to Affinity 1.5, so quite old - so by now I would expect Effects 2018 to be supported also. I have bookmarked to page for future reference.
  9. I have installed ON1 Effects 2018 on my Windows desktop - it has recognised Adobe Elements but no mention of Affinity. How do I get it to work, and maybe other plugins.
  10. Photo magazines always use Photoshop or Lightroom when illustrating techniques. Most of the terms have obvious equivalents in Affinity but a lot do not, for instance Adjustment Brush - is there a "conversion" list that can be downloaded?
  11. Thank you. I have uninstalled the problem beta and found a February version of the stable program, installed that and then I was able to upgrade to the latest version.
  12. I have just installed the latest beta to replace the previous version and, when using the flood select tool I keep getting a "not responding", and then coming back. I want to revert to the non-beta version but how do I download it without paying again. I did not have this problem with the previous beta version.
  13. Just tried again and it worked - maybe the problem was that I was trying to inpaint more than I should in one go.
  14. I am using the latest Windows beta When using the inpainting brush the develop bar goes halfway across then stops and the program hangs. The only way out is ctrl/alt/del. This happens every time I try - is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  15. Thanks, but the latest release version would not work either. I have "reverted" to a three week old Macrium Reflect image from a time when I knew the program worked. I copied all the file changes in the past three weeks to an external drive before I started and all is now well again.