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  1. superpixel

    Export PDF artifacts

    I can confirm this and it is super easy to reproduce: just insert a Non-Breaking Hyphen in an Affinity Publisher document and export a PDF. What you should get: You see the Non-Breaking Hyphen in the PDF. What you actually get: The Non-Breaking Hyphen is not visible, but instead an empty frame. Like the missing Glyph character. Sample files attached: The Publisher document and a generated PDF of it. Archiv.zip
  2. The Glyph-Browser displays all contents very blurry, while regular text (and the user interface itself) is razor sharp. It's almost as if this part is non-retina (or worse). This is not only annoying, but makes differentiating between some glyphs very hard.
  3. Using the app's icon as the icon for every document is very confusing. Since it is so easy to implement, please have proper CFBundleTypeIconFiles.