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  1. I don't see what's the problem. You can do the same in Affinity by creating your own "Global Layers" master layer and applying that to your other masters. I don't know how ID works, but Affinity seems flexible enough here.
  2. I got the announcement email after the live stream had already ended, but at least the replay was available right away. Congratulations on completing the triumvirate, Affinity team! You've done a great amount of work in a short time!
  3. I bought Designer on the MAS because that was the only option available at the time, and I bought Photo when I think it was still only available on the MAS or I didn't know about the possibility of direct purchase (would have preferred it). Then I preordered Publisher through the web store because that was the only choice again (and I had no idea about Studio Link). But now Studio Link won't recognize Designer & Photo (1.7), and I don't find that acceptable. Please make Studio Link work regardless of where we bought the apps from, or refund my purchase, or convert my Designer & Photo licenses to the DRM-free versions since I would prefer that because I basically only use the MAS for Affinity anyway. Nevermind, I didn't see the 1.7.1 update and now it works!
  4. You can also hold space or switch to the view tool [H] if you just want to temporarily get a clear view.
  5. @v_kyr The UI style for the dark mode isn't finished. Go to Prefs -> User Interface and change it to Light. There's already a bug report for this: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/84243-pinning-panel-display-issues-in-dark-mode/
  6. You can disable sync in the symbols panel to change individual symbols' text, but there's no way to propagate it to other symbols after that, or to re-sync. I would like to see those options come to Affinity.
  7. Huh, did you not see the first reply in this thread, or that "Inline Graphics and Anchored objects are on our roadmap", or that the thread is pinned? Also, they have made a DTP software called PagePlus which I've heard a lot of good things about. So I think they know it's important, and they know how to implement it. So why hasn't it been implemented already? Who knows?! Software development is hard! Do you really want to know the gory details of how they're coding it, and what challenges they face? I kinda would – but then that would be taking away time from actually implementing it, so I'm ok with that. You know it will come. I know it will come. Just be patient. If you can't recommend APub until then, that's fine. It's a major feature that's missing. Is it useless at this point, though? No. I've seen posts throughout this forum from people who are working with it and having success with it. That's why APub was released to the public, especially when there was already a long delay!
  8. Please stay on topic: Inline Graphics & Anchors to objects For embedded/linked images see other threads: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/search/&q=embedded linked images&type=forums_topic&nodes=65,57&search_and_or=and&sortby=relevancy Such as:
  9. Have you tried Master Pages aka Symbols? You can toggle the Sync option to customize master objects on individual pages. The big problem, I think, is not having a clear indication whether sync is on or off (you have to check the icon, and even that is a bit low in contrast), and not being able to re-sync attributes. Being able to set some attributes to be desync'ed by default would also help.
  10. It looks like the right arrow key, although for me it looks a bit different – not sure if that's a newer macOS thing – but it should be TAB by default anyway.
  11. Oops, I was going to ask a question, and forgot to change to the other forum before posting that. I think it could be possible because you can for example drag files and text between apps, and you can start dragging screenshots (⇧⌘4) in one app, command+tab to a different app and then when you release the mouse button it will capture the other app's windows. So there are examples of this functionality, but maybe this is something only Apple can do.
  12. Hello, I have two suggestions for the colour picker in the Colour & Swatches studios. Hold option/alt to immediately apply the picked colour to the selected layers. Keep the loupe active when switching apps as long as the mouse button is held down. This is so we can easily pick colours from other windows without having to resize the Affinity window, pick the colour, and resize the window again. Thank you for your consideration.
  13. I use ESC to exit both artistic text and frame text edit mode.
  14. Some reasons why I personally dislike the Mac App Store: It is slow, outdated and frustrating to use. Startup is slow, pages are slow to load, even Back/Forward sometimes reloads a page instead of using a cache. No tabs/windows/bookmarks. No wishlists. Bad text-only search, no filtering. Can't zoom screenshots. No videos (I thought they finally made it possible a few years ago but I've never actually seen a video on any product page since then). Can't select text. Doesn't show tooltips for truncated text. This is especially problematic when many developers clutter the listing name with marketing text, sometimes even full sentences. It doesn't allow bundles/deals, upgrades, transferring licenses. Mandatory sandboxing excludes many great tools. MAS apps randomly require me to sign in (and therefore to be connected to the internet) when I launch them from time to time. Apple breaks downloaded installers: https://www.macrumors.com/2016/03/03/older-os-x-installers-broken-by-certificate/ There's no way to download older versions of apps. Therefore you also can't revert to a previous version when there's a major problem. If I don't update an app for a while, and then want to update when the latest version no longer supports my system, then I'm SOL, I can't get the latest bugfix version for my system. So yeah, direct purchasing is still the way to go for me, and googling, and sites like MacUpdate and AlternativeTo are better ways to find apps, and I'm glad that Affinity is now available outside the MAS. I will definitely be buying Affinity Publisher through the website.
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