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  1. You can also hold space or switch to the view tool [H] if you just want to temporarily get a clear view.
  2. @v_kyr The UI style for the dark mode isn't finished. Go to Prefs -> User Interface and change it to Light. There's already a bug report for this: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/84243-pinning-panel-display-issues-in-dark-mode/
  3. I'm seeing it now, too, but sometimes it only briefly disappears and when I go back it doesn't happen, other times I can get it to remain hidden by stopping the cursor in just the wrong spot like in your clip. I've been playing around with lots of different settings and all I can say is that zooming out makes it more noticeable/easier to reproduce, and it only seems to happen when sliding the node horizontally (even with all snapping options turned off), but it does not happen when dragging (resizing) from one side in transform mode with both nodes selected.
  4. I cannot reproduce it. The highlight doesn't disappear for me.
  5. It's not just 'on the todo list' anymore, it's being worked on. It's not just one person developing Affinity, and those things probably didn't take much time.
  6. You can disable sync in the symbols panel to change individual symbols' text, but there's no way to propagate it to other symbols after that, or to re-sync. I would like to see those options come to Affinity.
  7. I think he means this:
  8. Epic! Another feature-laden patch! 1.7 is going to be the biggest update ever! The arrowheads work perfectly. They're so useful! Thank you! The appearance panel doesn't work for me either. (Mavericks)
  9. Seems like a problem with Apple's new system font. It shows arrows with double stroke on my 10.9 system, which are easily distinguishable from normal arrows.
  10. hawk

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    I've wanted this for a long time. Awesome to finally have it! One extra little thing that would be cool is if power duplicating in this mode would also use the individual deltas, which I couldn't find a way to do. I hope this is not too hard to implement. It already works with custom rotation centers which is excellent! This was one of my pet peeves and I'm so happy about this change! Now I no longer have to hit 'T' twice to get past the art text tool all the time. Thank you for the good work!
  11. Huh, did you not see the first reply in this thread, or that "Inline Graphics and Anchored objects are on our roadmap", or that the thread is pinned? Also, they have made a DTP software called PagePlus which I've heard a lot of good things about. So I think they know it's important, and they know how to implement it. So why hasn't it been implemented already? Who knows?! Software development is hard! Do you really want to know the gory details of how they're coding it, and what challenges they face? I kinda would – but then that would be taking away time from actually implementing it, so I'm ok with that. You know it will come. I know it will come. Just be patient. If you can't recommend APub until then, that's fine. It's a major feature that's missing. Is it useless at this point, though? No. I've seen posts throughout this forum from people who are working with it and having success with it. That's why APub was released to the public, especially when there was already a long delay!
  12. Please stay on topic: Inline Graphics & Anchors to objects For embedded/linked images see other threads: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/search/&q=embedded linked images&type=forums_topic&nodes=65,57&search_and_or=and&sortby=relevancy Such as:
  13. Almost all of these needs are met by the Symbols panel and I don't understand why almost no one ever mentions Symbols (except @R C-R ), as if it's the 30-year-old son who lives in the basement. I must be missing something here because I think the Symbols feature is great and I feel like the Affinity team aren't capitalizing on it and don't want to for some reason. Hint: the orange border on master layers shows that they're Symbols. Unlock a master layer, open the Symbols panel (View→Studio→Symbols), click the 'Sync' button to disable syncing, and make some changes, such as editing some text. When you're done, remember to toggle the Sync option again and lock the master layer to prevent accidents. You can later change any other attributes across all pages, except for text (including color/style), but you can use Text Styles to keep such changes shared. I imagine it isn't ideal for the workflows that some may have coming from other software packages, and I appreciate the devs baking a more fitting solution, but I'd say it's a decent enough workaround for many cases that at least deserves to be mentioned in threads like this. Cheers, guys!
  14. Have you tried Master Pages aka Symbols? You can toggle the Sync option to customize master objects on individual pages. The big problem, I think, is not having a clear indication whether sync is on or off (you have to check the icon, and even that is a bit low in contrast), and not being able to re-sync attributes. Being able to set some attributes to be desync'ed by default would also help.