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  1. I don't mind PSD export if SVG export is optimized, but that's more likely and future proof.
  2. Awesome! Thanks!
  3. I'd really love to get some feedback on this. I just tried to copy a rounded rectangle from Figma to Adobe X'D and it preserves the editability of the rounded corners. Would love to export SVGs from Affinity Designer too. Also multi-line text areas get split into lines and shadows aren't exported the way I can edit them afterwards. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks! Yes I know those statements and I absolutely understand that it's not an easy task, but those posts were from 2015 ^^ I really hope it won't take until 2020 because Photoshop will be completely irrelevant then. ^^
  5. Hi all, I'd love to get a clear statement from the Affinity team if the PSD text import / export will ever be fixed. Right now I don't quite know what tool I should mainly use for screendesigning. I used to do that work in Affinity Designer but my clients were not satisfied with the fact that I couldn't deliver inspectable files. So I switched to Adobe X D in January which honestly is a joke compared to the features of AD. Thanks!!
  6. Honestly, compare it to the Creative Suite prices and you will see that it's not expensive, not at all, even if you buy all 4 licenses...
  7. Acutally, I don't like the idea of 3rd party tool integration anymore. Affinity should just add a "design specs" persona within Affinity Designer itself!
  8. I notices that when exporting SVGs that have rectangles with rounded corners, the corners are being converted to paths, therefore the value is not visible. Do you plan to implement rounded corners for SVGs like this? https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/SVG/Tutorial/Basic_Shapes#Rectangles Same applies to shadows https://www.w3schools.com/graphics/svg_feoffset.asp Would love to hear from you.
  9. PLEASE. When working with artboards and grids it's a real pain to resize the artboard to the grid. It used to work before but you removed that. Please make it at least optional. THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  10. It's a little bit disappointing and frustrating to see that using layers with constraints in symbols leads to total failure. I saved a file and can't even open it anymore. Instant crash.
  11. Hi all, I'm using constraints very often and struggle with the very small clickarea, often have to multiple click until i hit them. It would be nice to make the click areas bigger, I think there's enough room for it: Thanks in advance! We could even use the center of both scaling arrows to toggle them both with one click.
  12. I tried random files two times. It's not related to the files itself I guess.
  13. Seems like that. But unfortunately I tried it again and couldn't reproduce it. Edit: I COULD indeed reproduce it. It happens when there are at least 4 files open (in my case SVGs). With the first 3 files everything is ok when I do what I did in the GIF, but on the fourth, CPU load goes high. As soon as I switch to another file CPU load gets back to normal. Switching back to the fourth file doesn't cause CPU to go high again. Hope that helps.
  14. Thanks for the new beta. I got news regarding the CPU load. Please have a look: