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  1. I agree, please add an option to enable pen drawing only.
  2. Wiredframe

    [AD] Performance issues when grid is turned on

    Hi, I'm using the latest version of Designer. Settings are default. The problem is: The larger the artboard, the laggier the panning gets when the grid is visible. Affinity Designer 01.10.2018 13_38_37.mp4
  3. Hi all, did you notice that the panning and general performance drops significantly when the grid is turned on? Thanks in advance!
  4. Awesome to see this great piece of software becoming reality! Will there be other color profiles in the future? Like FOGRA51, FOGRA52 or Euroscale? Thanks!
  5. Totally agree. Even better if bleed could be defined in the new files dialogue.
  6. Expanding strokes is very important, especially when converting icons. So PLEASE fix this.
  7. I don't know, but I use my Galaxy Tab S3 mainly for making notes and doing wireframes / scribbles for my screendesign work. I'd NEVER design on my tablet, that's what my workstation is for! It's not very productive to work on a tablet. But that's a general issue. Why would I spend 2 hours fiddling with a tablet if I could do the same work (better) on my workstation in just 15 minutes? Just because it's cool? I don't agree.
  8. Just stumbled upon the same problem. I printed a OneNote note to pdf with Microsofts PDF Printer and tried to open the PDF in Affinity. When I open the PDF in Illustrator it displays the text correctly but is still missing those PostScript CIDFont+F1 fonts.
  9. Bummer. Will it be ported to Windows? Or are you planning to bring that iPad behaviour to the desktop versions?
  10. I can't find this option unfortunately. (Windows 10, Dell 7373 2in1 Notebook)
  11. Wiredframe

    Bug: Expand Stroke has very low accuracy

    I'd really appreciate a fix for this. It's an important step in our icon font workflow. Thanks in advance :)
  12. I don't think so ^^ Please move it to feature request then, sorry
  13. It just looks cheap. Consider removing it from the dark themetoo
  14. Wiredframe

    Will PSD text import / export ever be fixed?

    I don't mind PSD export if SVG export is optimized, but that's more likely and future proof.