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  1. ...And I found a possible reason for this My shape does transform to exact pixels. Maybe I should try to join the tiles in pixel persona.
  2. I am trying to create a continuous pattern with Affinity Designer. I have created connecting tiles, but when I put them next to each other, the border is rendered in pixel export. The shapes are positioned so that they have the same cordinates in document. See attached picture. Is there a way to join two shapes so that there is no line between them? I managed to do this before in Illustrator. I'm hoping to do this in Affinity Designer also.
  3. What I tried with donut tool, it does not work in my situation. Every stroke is same. And if you expand stroke, it still creates insane paths. So it's not helping. The problem is still there.
  4. I created this in Affinity designer (for Mac). A lot of circles with strokes. It would have been handy to just create circles with strokes and use "expand stroke", but that does not work. It creates insane paths. Instead ,I had to create two circles for every circle, and cut a hole into them using the other. Like in 1999 with Adobe Illustrator. Please, fix this!
  5. I think I found a reason for this happening, and I think it is a rounding problem. In my original file I created a grid in Grid & Axis manager, which had 12 divisions. One division is not exactly 16,7 mm. It's 16,6666666667... If I create a grid which divides into even numbers, Designer calculates them correctly. The reason I ended doing this, is that I had an old project file in Illustrator which had that kind of grid. I recreated the file in Affinity Designer and made a similar grid. I think I can work around this problem by creating a new grid that divides into even numbers. I created a new document where the calculation is wrong, and uploaded it with the link you provided.
  6. Hi, I found out that Affinity designer calculates object width incorrectly. I created a grid where one grid cell is 1,7 mm high and wide. When I draw a square into one grid cell, its width and height is 1,7 mm. But when I draw a 2x1 rectangle, the width of that is only 3,3 mm. It should be 3,4 mm. I also tested with a bigger grid, but the same thing happens. 16,7 mm + 16,7 mm gives 33,3 mm, which is wrong. Afiinity Designer verssion is the latest 1.6.1.
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