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  1. How come Paypal payments are currently not possible during this discounted period? Just curious.
  2. I did that once I had managed to open it. I've split the file into two (since there were two versions of flyers). One of them still ended up having around 200MB, but is a bit faster to open. I've just tried opening a 300MB file and it takes even less than the 200MB one. I'm starting to think it might have something to do with the assets. I've tried minimizing the size of all images, delete any unnecessary or unused layers, which didn't help. Still, thanks for your advice, firstdefence.
  3. Gosh, I was about to add my vote to this and saw the date of the original post... But anyway, another user that would like to see this here! 👋
  4. Hey everyone, I'll get to the problem right away. I've browsed the forums and haven't seen anything that could help me. I'm using Affinity Designer to create flyers for a client. Those files are shared via Google Drive, so that when I'm offline, the client can still make small changes such as change text or images. While I usually have files that are well over 400MB, for either Affinity Designer or Photo, those never take more than a minute to load. But this particular file takes around 5min for 160MB version, and even more with some updates that push it up to 200MB. I've tried op
  5. While the lack of list view for symbols has not deterred me so far from using Affinity Designer, I certainly would like to see this feature in the future. :)
  6. Hi, would just like to add to this that I'm having the same problem. The only way I managed to export bleed was through File -> Export, but no luck with Export Persona. Hope this gets fixed soon. I regularly have to export large batches of PDFs with bleed marks included. Thanks for a great work otherwise, cheers
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