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  1. Many thanks for your reply @dominik .... Here's a screenshot of two difference uses the Position geometry feature to objects in AD 1.8 and beta..... My apologies 🙏 20-27-07.mp4 20-26-17.mp4
  2. check the tutorial in here maybe this can help you https://www.frankentoon.com/post/affinity-designer-patterns-library https://www.frankentoon.com/post/creating-seamless-patterns-in-affinity-designer
  3. this method is removed with del and alt + ctrl + bckspace resulting in a different curve .... for deletion with del in the pencil tool it's ok Ok2-1.m4v
  4. please It is possible add this feature remove selected node in pencil tool (Alt+Ctrl+Backspace) like Brush Tool?
  5. You can setup by activating the export menu button and hiding layers in the layer panel
  6. when i open the eps file .... the gradient color is wrong in AD 1.8 ... but it opens in Inkscape and AI is fine Untitled.eps
  7. I hope it will be implemented into the Designer would make AD really awesome The article: https://raphlinus.github.io/curves/2018/12/21/new-spline.html demo : https://raphlinus.github.io/curves/2018/12/21/new-spline.html Thanks
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