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  1. Why can't Photo/Designer just remember the last brush/eraser tool type used and keep them highlighted or at least show the name somewhere. Note: Procreate remembers the last bush used, ( as well as the brush's size and opacity ) for every tool in every brush category and brush selected in that category, with a blue highlighted background or icon (even after the app has been closed and reopened.) Affinity dudes, try their app, it demonstrates a great example of how to keep track of brushes. Brush amnesia seems to occur on Mac, Windows and iPad versions with different levels of frustration. "Where oh where is the brush I just used?" P.S. So much greatness spoiled by one really dumb problem.
  2. It looks like the team at Affinity has solved the Apple Pencil delay with version 1.7.1 of Designer and Photo for iPad. Moving nodes, handles and objects is very smooth. Thanks for all your hard work.
  3. I’m using Designer 1.6.4 and still having this problem. I have also noticed that the move tool has the same delay as the node tool. When using the move tool to move an object (or the node tool to move a node or node handle) the Apple Pencil needs to move about an 1/8 of an inch before the object (or node or node handle) begins to move. This is especially noticeable when one moves the Apple Pencil slowly. I am also unable to place new node close to existing nodes. P.S. Affinity Photo’s node tool and move tool have the same problem.
  4. That delay is real for me too. Just like Pukeko’s video shows. The node will not move until the tip of the Apple Pencil is about an 1/8 of an inch away from the node. Here is how it happens for me. I put the tip of the Apple Pencil on a node, start moving the Pencil away from the node real slowly. The node will not start moving until the Pencil is around + or - 1/8” away from the node. This is not a new problem for me. This has been hapening ever since the initial iPad release of Designer. It makes it really frustrating to use Designer. I keep hoping every new update will have the fix for this problem. Maybe there are only a few people experiencing this problem. Maybe it only bothers a few of us. ‘iPad Pro 12.9 256gb, Apple Pencil
  5. Designer for iPad — When exporting a document the size units can not be changed they stay in (px). This seems to be for all file formats. When trying to change the units to in, ft, mm... it reverts back px when OK is taped.
  6. iPad 12.9, 256, 2016, model A1652, ios 11.4.1, Apple Pencil I’m having similar delay issues. When moving a node or node handle there is a fairly substantial delay before the node moves. The selection of the node works fine, the delay happens when the node or node handle is attempted to be moved. I have also had difficulty moving a selected object. The selected object tends to want to scale or stretch instead of follow the pencil as it moves. ( The Apple Pencil is within the center of the selected object, not touching any of the handles )
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