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  1. The toolbars in version of Designer are a little bit too wide in portrait mode on an iPad 9,7”. See the screenshots.
  2. Then here you go. You can see the lag between the movement of the pencil and the movement of the node. It seems to me a bug because the lag is very disturbing. D130D3F8-82A3-4329-AE9B-2711F5B5252F.MOV
  3. I didn’t mention because I posted in the Designer forum. Sorry for that. I use the pencil but I have to move the pencil several millimeters away from the dot until the dot follows with a sudden jump. No grid and no snapping is activated. When the dot follows the pencil finally the movement is very precise, though. The problem is the beginning of the movement. I could make a short screencast movie of the issue if it is allowed to post it here.
  4. When I want to move knots on the lines (those little points, sometimes with handles) I have to pull them a quite long distance until they move at all. It is impossible to move them only a few millimeters. Is that normal? I can’t refine lines with such rough movements. Steffen
  5. Obviously, as the program started with a German interface at first.
  6. After the first start of the Designer Beta on a German computer the interface of the program was in German. Then I changed the preferences for auto correction, abbreviations, filler text and title exceptions from English to German. Because I changed the display setting to Metal I had to restart the program. After that everything was in English. The language setting in the "General" preferences tab is now locked to English and cannot be changed anymore.
  7. Pukeko

    Lower layer not obscured

    Okay, sounds logical. Thank you for make it clear.
  8. Pukeko

    Lower layer not obscured

    But it does not explain the behavior in my screencast. If the layer (the box; it is just a test) is the lowest then it is semi transparent. If it is above another layer it is not. It is easily to be seen that the box is above the brushes. It does not shines through.
  9. Pukeko

    Lower layer not obscured

    Here is the file. By the way, each saving to iCloud produces another copy of the file, leaving the older copies in the drive. This eats up space more and more. Unbenannt 6.afphoto
  10. Pukeko

    Lower layer not obscured

    I wouldn’t be rude. Sorry. Please have a look at this short screencast. Maybe it makes the problem clear. F0D6FBFC-E26C-4C3F-A188-98E808F5AB33.MOV
  11. Pukeko

    Lower layer not obscured

    Yes, of course the upper layer has 100%. That is so obvious that I did not mentioned it. But I rechecked it. All layers have 100% opacity and the blending mode set to “normal”.
  12. Pukeko

    Lower layer not obscured

    Yes, the opacity is 100%. It is just impossible to bring the lower layer to the back, which is quite paradoxical because it should already in the background. Therefore, it should be no matter what opacity the lower layer has. When it had less than 100% it should be behind the upper layers in any way.
  13. When I create a layer underneath another layer the lower one is not obscured by the layer above (see screenshot). The blending mode for both layers are “normal”.

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