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  1. So I've been wondering when and if you guys are going to add the ability to convert an image into a swatch. I understand how to do repeat patterns in designer but as a Fashion Designer the ability to make an image then convert it to a swatch then use that swatch to fill my clothing designs would be a god send the amount of time alone I would save is beyond measure. It's one of the few features I feel are a MUST be added to your program.
  2. I figured it out days ago. Thanks tho.
  3. Yes I'm aware of how to export a file.
  4. I can not import. It has no option to do that in illustrator. Not that I or my lecturer could find. What bothers me is that I can start a project in illustrator and continue it on Designer but once I save I can not reopen it in illustrator. I would just buy a tablet and use that but you don't make Designer for the tablet
  5. Hi I was wondering when you will be giving us Designer for Android? I've been trying to get a cheap surface or laptop to use your program as I refuse to buy Apple products and I use Designer a lot and I mean A LOT.. I know of a lot of people that would benefit from an Android version and want to buy it but you don't have anything released yet. Will you be releasing one? and do you have an eta on when?
  6. I have tried exporting from Affinity then importing to AI but it doesn't work. There is no way to import a new file from what I can see I can only place items in an existing file. I don't know what to do now.
  7. Thank you. I will try it out and let you know tomorrow. I appreciate your time.
  8. I have attached the File that isn't opening in Illustrator. I have it stored on OneDrive where I keep my other files including Illustrator files completed in class. I have attached one of these assessments as well. The one I created in illustrator opens in both programs The Anthropology one only opens in Affinity. I tried to save it in an alternate file format but I only file format choice I have is (Affinity File). Anthropology_Assessment_Storyboard.afdesign Assessment 1 Rangeboard Boys Pjs.ai
  9. Hi. Okay I am doing a UNI course that requires the use of Illustrator, now I cant afford that crap so I came and got your program. What I'm wondering is. Is there a way to start work in Affinity and continue it on Illustrator? I ask because I can take work from Illustrator and continue it on Affinity at home just fine but if I start something in Affinity is says its corrupted or an unsupported file when I'm at uni using their program. I tried taking a laptop with me but my battery life is screwed up (don't ask). Which leaves me with using their computers and Illustrator. But I cant seem to open work started in Affinity.. Is this a common issue or am I just that unlucky?
  10. Hi I'm wondering about Repeat Patterns. In illustrator you can create an image then turn that into a tile of sorts which you save to the Swatches menu that you can then use to make a Repeat Pattern (pic and work completed on Illustrator provided below) I will be needing this feature a lot in my Fashion Designing and was wondering if you had the same feature just in a different set up? I have looked online and found a couple of videos that show an extremely complicated way to go about this which is not time friendly for my work and I really do not want to have to go back to Illustrator. I can provide the step by step on how we do it in Illustrator if that helps. If you don't have this ability will you add it? and when? Rangeboard Boys Pjs.ai
  11. Galvertron


    Thanks guys. Between all of you I think I have worked it out. I really appreciate all of your help
  12. Galvertron


    I don't understand.
  13. Hi I seem to be having a lot of trouble colouring a drawing I created for a logo. Ive tried reading tutorials but they made little sense, then I tried to find videos and I couldn't find anything that told me in a simple way how to do this, let alone at all. Im only looking for simple colouring but I can not seem to get started with this program. Ive tried looking for others but I am pretty sure you have all the tools I need I just cant seem to figure it out and its very frustrating.. I feel it shouldn't bee this difficult, please help. I have attached the image I am trying to colour. Flash Bear Inprogress.afdesign
  14. In Illustrator you can create multiple lines in 1 layer and in Affinity for every line I create also creates a new Layer, this is really bothering to no end me and I want it to stop. I seemed to be able to change the settings once that allowed me to create multiple lines, curves etc in ONE layer but I can not seem to do this again. Why do you have this as a feature and how do I Make it stop? I tried creating a layer to begin with but it didn't help. I love this program accept for this feature and the fact I cant seem to save the settings I have changed which also bothers me to no end, always having to reset up my settings not a good feature guys.

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