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  1. Dear Affinity, could you please add this hex color field to all color modes, not just for "RGB Hex Sliders"? Many of us have to copy and paste hex color values all the time when working with colors, and having that field available everywhere on that panels it'll greatly improve our workflow. I pick colors using the HSL sliders, and each time I need to copy or paste the color value, I have to switch to the RGB Hex slider. That's an unnecessary step. And once you add that field everywhere, you can drop the RGB Hex Sliders option completely. There is no need to have two RGB sliders there. Thank you.
  2. If Affinity adds multi-column options to the text frames in Designer, the next mandatory step is to add the text flow properties from Publisher. Text frame linking, widows/orphan prevention etc.. And there is a slippery slope starting from there. At the end you'll get a clone of Publisher named Designer. Is that really a good idea?
  3. There is something wrong with that document. 19 GB with linked photos, it’s beyond huge.
  4. I never use the Color Chooser window, but there is indeed a bug with the size of that spectrum area in all color-related popups. See the attached screen capture. The height of the color spectrum should not change (and please let the tall version be the default one). Recording-2.mov
  5. Uh, this is serious and it also affects Publisher. I can't rely on the boolean operations anymore. Please fix this issue ASAP.
  6. Is this issue still being addressed? I've just bumped into it (blur tool not working, checkerboard pattern on cursor until I disable the Metal Compute acceleration) in 1.73 and 1.8 beta.
  7. Please see the video below: Drag with the mouse to select multiple objects. Then Shift-click on one object to deselect it. The result: the Shift-clicked object is the only one selected. Select multiple objects by Shift-clicking on each. Then use Shift-click again to deselect or reselect any of them. The results are unpredictable. PS: works as expected in 1.7.3 Recording-9.mp4
  8. You are right, I took a look at the Stroke studio and the strokes were aligned inside, even though on screen they looked like they were center aligned. The question is, why does the application let me set the stroke alignment on an open shape? An open shape does not have an inside or an outside, so those stroke alignment options don't make sense (and the program does ignore them when drawing the curves on screen). This causes only troubles as we can see here.
  9. There is something weird going on in one of my files created in 1.7.3, then edited with 1.8 beta. See the screenshot below, I have three shapes, stroke with no fill. When I apply the Expand stroke command on each shape, the two straight lines just disappear, while the shape on the right looks like this: I attached the afdesign file in case anyone wants to look at it. test beta.afdesign
  10. That's because by default all Adobe CC apps share the same color management settings. So Acrobat will just use the same default CMYK profile used by InDesign and the colors will be the same. Remember: the color values in RGB or CMYK only represent a particular color when associated with a particular RGB or CMYK color space, described by the color profile.
  11. The EPS file format does not support transparency. That's why the layer effects in AD are automatically flattened when exporting to EPS. There is nothing you can do about it. For what is worth, your EPS file looks fine in Illustrator. The effects are still flattened into bitmaps, but at least they blend completely into the background.
  12. One serious issue I have with the Affinity apps is the slow PDF export. Very annoying when you're in a hurry and have to edit and export a dozen of files to meet a print deadline. A year ago I posted this message here on the forums: One way to deal with this issue is to move the export operations in the background, allowing us to open and work on other files at the same time. Adobe did that with InDesign a while ago. Possible?
  13. It works fine here. Have you checked for updates in DefaultFolderX?
  14. The best workaround for me right now is to make the full size artwork in Designer, then place it into Publisher on separate pages and export the print-ready PDF from there.
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