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  1. I just had to redo a Publisher brochure in Adobe InDesign. The client sent the brochure to be translated in several languages and found out that "the translators are not allowed to use or download Affinity Publisher at this moment because of their company's policy." So they accept only Adobe files. An IDML export function would have been great.
  2. It happened to me once and drove me crazy. The reason was a bad URL in one of the hyperlinks: the "https://" part was missing. Apparently an incomplete URL like "www.domain.com" breaks the PDF engine. There should be a way to warn the user about that.
  3. The .afdesign file was a brand new one. In all new files created in Designer, the special characters are being displayed now. It looks like somehow Publisher enabled this option for Designer files too. Showing/hiding the special characters is definitely needed in Designer. I ofter do one-page documents in Designer and I need to see the special characters. But I'd also like to be able to hide them. For now I can do this in Publisher, which is fine too.
  4. If I'm not mistaken, Affinity Designer has no option for displaying the special characters in text. Nevertheless, on my computer they are displayed, even in new files. Why is this happening and why can't I turn them off without opening the file in Publisher?
  5. Hi @DWright, I recreated the drawing from scratch in a new Designer file and saved it with History enabled. When exporting to PDF there's a similar display bug on one of the arrows: I've attached the Designer file. test2.afdesign
  6. I made this drawing in Designer using gradient strokes: When I export as PDF, the drawing looks like this: I've attached the Designer file in case someone wants to look at it. test.afdesign
  7. We need better tools for managing hyperlinks in Publisher. Like sorting and grouping hyperlinks by the destination and batch editing hyperlinks. I had to manually edit almost 100 hyperlinks just because the destination URL has changed. 😱
  8. As the title says... I have to paste hex color values there and Cmd-V doesn't work. Right click and paste does add the color value in that text box, but then pressing Enter to activate the new color does nothing. Also happening in Designer (and I guess in Photo too). I'm using the latest versions of Affinity apps (Publisher 1.9.3) and macOS 11.3 on an Intel Mac mini (Late 2018).
  9. The grayscale palette in the Affinity apps is based on HSL values, not CMYK. When the colors are converted to CMYK you'll get four-color blacks instead of K only.
  10. Okay, I did find something a little bit more obvious. In the drawing below there's a while ellipse on top of a black circle. The shape segment inside the red circle could definitely be smoother. The same drawing made in Illustrator:
  11. Each of those apps seems to have its own antialiasing algorithm, with tiny little differences between them that no ordinary human will notice or care about.
  12. I did my own testing using Designer, CorelDraw 2020, Illustrator and Sketch, all on macOS. If I really had to nitpick at something, I'd say that the Illustrator export is the jaggiest one. Sketch the best one. I think the forum software resamples the images, but here they are: Corel: Designer: Illustrator: Sketch:
  13. See the attached screenshot. It's the same in all three Affinity apps, on a 2018 Mac mini with Big Sur 11.2.1 and a 4K display (4096 x 2304; in the System Preferences the resolution is set to "Default for display"). On an older 15" MacBook Pro with macOS Catalina 10.15.7, that panel looks fine, the text isn't truncated. The Affinity apps are all v 1.9.1, but I've noticed this issue on 1.9 as well.
  14. This is a problem I've encountered several times in the past. I was hoping it's been fixed in v 1.9.1 beta but it's still broken. Every time I use the Perspective Live Filter on a file, save and close it, when I reopen the file the perspective is broken. Here is a sample: The above layout was made using Affinity Photo, but the issue occurs in 1.9, 1.8 and probably earlier versions too. I simply cannot rely on the Perspective live filter. It's useless.
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