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  1. You would think that if they could import DXF into DrawPlus, then the transition into Designer wouldn't be all that hard since they have done it before and have the code / specs. I mean, if they can do EPS / PDF it can't be that hard.
  2. I would love DXF import support also. I am mainly using it to import files from fusion and laser cut, currently I still need to use Inkscape as part of the flow to convert DXF to SVG then import with Designer.
  3. I just updated to v1.7.1 on iOS (I am running the iOS v13 beta2) and noticed a bug when zooming. Zoom / pan and rotate work fine until you turn on the grid and show it. After it is shown if you zoom out to full page and trying zoom in, the white background is clipped and it is hard to see the page. The first photo is zoomed way in and is fine. When I turn on the grid I get the second image when zoomed in. Turning off the show grid doesn’t fix it until you go back to the document browser then back into the document.
  4. Sometimes I make a change and want to save to a different file while editing so I figured “Save a copy” would be what I want. The issue is, for some reason this will not allow me to save to the same folder as the original, at least not the Affinity folder on the iCloud Drive. I can select any other folder on the iCloud and the Add button shows but is greyed out on the affinity folder. I would like to keep all my files in the affinity cloud folder. I can exit the document then “duplicate” the file but that is a backwards way of doing it.
  5. jamesarm97

    Warp Text Function

    Agreed. It took me hours going between a few programs to do the same thing. I ended up having to use a CNC cad program to accomplish this same type of warping. Would love to see this and Text to Curve feature in Designer.
  6. It is running Windows 7 SP1 64bit. Not sure about the Aero feature, I’m not a windows person and will have to look into that.
  7. I bought affinity desktop for windows since I have the Mac and iPad versions but only have a desktop with windows 7 on it. I updated it to SP1 and installed all the updates but when I try to install the affinity desktop for windows I just get a window with a blue background and the affinity logo. Never loads to the install steps. I don’t want to upgrade windows if I don’t have too since it is running a laser cutter.

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