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  1. Thanks for the 1.9 update. I love the contour feature. I asked for that a while back. Now the only two major things missing in AD is... 1) TextWarp, as per this feature request page 2) Trace Image to Vector. Once these are added to AD... bye bye Corel! Already dumped Adobe back in 2017
  2. I get all the HUE thing. I am trying to get a true color replacement.
  3. If that is true, they why does it do the same thing when I use red or blue. I get a really light color no matter what i use. This is NOT what is supposed to happen based on all the other tutorials I have found You can see in the video how IT IS SUPPOSED to work You don't know either. Does anyone know? Does my color profile effect this weird behavior.?
  4. Yeah, I got that... but NOT gray. Watch this... it replaces colors (hues if you like)
  5. This is just a test. I am working on changing skin color file eventually. All the tutorials I have seen (without using Adjustment layers) says to just select forecolor, select color replacement tool and paint. In the test, Orange should be replaced with Black... but it is gray. So, there is a setting somewhere that is causing the gray. If you have never used this function. How will you know. I appreciate that you want to help. But, I need to know what is wrong
  6. And... I am not using any adjustment layers. Painting on Pixel Layer
  7. I have set my forecolor replacer to Black. But when i go to replace color, it only replaces a very light gray. Also on hover only shows a light gray color. I tried a blue, same thing... very light blue. I have all my settings to 100% (flow, hardness, opac) What am I doing wrong?
  8. CorelDraw has THE BEST warp text function around in a vector programs. AD needs this desperately.... it is awesome! After all you have it in AP. Even though it converts to a pixel layer. You could do the same in A.D. by converting it to curves first then allow mesh warping. Currently the easiest way I get around this is to use coreldraw Then copy/paste it into AD. It is pasted as a CorelDraw object, but you can still use it as a vector object. SCREENSHOT
  9. i am curious to... in Document properties of a pdf there are fields that I would like to be able to fill in, in Affinity before exporting to PDF I post my pdf's on the web and would rather not have to open up a pdf in another app to just fill these in.
  10. Thanks for the upgrade... I love the Appearance addition.... multiple strokes!!!! Awesome!
  11. Finally got it.... I went and messed wih Config.msi folder. It was read only.
  12. This is the only place in the UIlog that had any issues.... but i is way up the log. +Progress reset + Total steps: 656830800 + Is script: False +Setting progress delta: 24000 +Setting progress delta: 13200 +Setting progress delta: 175000 +Error: Error writing to file: C:\Config.Msi\5a1fe.rbf. Verify that you have access to that directory. +Info: Action ended 15:59:48: InstallFinalize. Return value 3. +Progress reset + Total steps: 2172 + Is script: False +Info: Action ended 16:00:01: INSTALL. Return value 3.
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