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    Re-size document bug -- serious!

    Thank you CedarHouse, This is a fundamental issue we are talking about here -- fundamental. Affinity can have all the fantastic bells and whistles and bling you can throw at it but without fixing this issue Affinity Photo, as far as my work is concerned, is basically useless. It makes me very sad to have to say that here on this forum. I cannot understand why there are not hundreds, or more, users complaining about this problem.... I can only assume there are very few people here that actually work professionally for print. Everyone working with images should watch those Photoshop Lessons. I hate to say it but Photoshop has got this absolutely right. It's very clear, concise and very very user friendly. Affinity Devs need to take a lesson from this. Even something as as basic and simple as setting up a new photo document in Affinity Photo is confusion and clumsy. This resize/re-sample subject really does need some serious attention to fix this, otherwise, in its current state, no working designer in print can take this software as a serious replacement for Photoshop.
  2. Zero Zero

    Re-size document bug -- serious!

    Surprised at lack of response so far. So let's make this as clear as possible. Using Photoshop: Create a new document 5" x 5 " (3000 x 3000 px) at 600 dpi. Save it and reopen it to check same details are correct. OK. Now change from 600 to 300 dpi WITHOUT re-sampling = size doubles to 10" x 10" at 300 dpi (3000 x 3000 pxs). Which is exactly what I want. Exactly the same procedure applies when using Corel Painshop Pro. Why can I not easily do this in Affinity Photo? I do a lot of stuff for print and that involves scanning images... which I always do at a higher dpi value so it enables me to easily enlarge the picture, and still hit above 300dpi if required and/or downsample if not. This is absolutely key to my work. As a busy graphic designer working with lots of text and images I need a latitude of flexibility that is constantly changing throughout the design process. It is not an exact science -- I don't know exactly how large (or small) the pictures are going to be until I'm actually well into the layout, I don't even necessarily know exactly how many pages I'm going to end up needing! So you get the idea. So scanning images with higher than 300 dpi is critical to my print work. So back to Affinity Photo. So lets create a new custom document 5" x 5" at 600 dpi (3000 x 3000 px). Now let's say I want to enlarge the output print size of the image (because I need a bigger picture). I open the resize document dialog box I change the 600 dpi to 300 dpi and DISABLE resampling, the image size should double to 10" x 10" which is exactly what I want, right. BUT I end up with a 300 dpi image STILL at the same size of 5" x 5" NOT WHAT I WANT. This makes using Affinity Photo for print work unusable for me, also I have lost confidence in the product as I cannot get to do what I want. Can someone please explain how I achieve this in Affinity Photo? Can it be done at all? If I'm missing something here please let me know. I really want to use this software, but at the moment I have to do ALL my resizing/resampling in Photoshop because it works exactly as I expect it to and Affinity Photo does not. Thank you in advance.
  3. I scan an 11 inch x 8 inch BW photo at 800 dpi saved as a windows tiff file. Open it in APhoto select resize document to 300 dpi with the resample option disabled. Image size as displayed in dialogue boxes is now 31 inches x 22 inches (which is what you would expect). Click resize. Open document resize to check and it displays the original size 11 x 8 inch dimensions now at 300 dpi. Did the same procedure in Photoshop and it worked exactly as expected. So something appears very seriously wrong here. Anyone confirm please?
  4. Hi Walt -- many thanks for pointing that out. I had missed the cog-wheel on the "Find" section completely but had opened and checked the cog options on the "Replace" drop-down. Very helpful forum, very pleased to be a member. Thanks again.
  5. I know Point Size can be changed by various means (using the Character and Paragraph Panels for example) however using dual display monitors my second display is quite cluttered with floating menus so all the information I need is always available -- great detail. I'm finding that when I work with text point size it is more convenient for me to pop up to the Menu bar and click on the Point Size drop-down menu. However the drop down menu only displays point sizes larger than those I am currently using which makes it awkward and irritating to scale back the point size. What I am suggesting is that the drop-down menu contains the current point size centered with smaller point sizes above as well as larger point sizes below. Also can anyone please tell me if there is a quick key-stroke to change currently selected text up and down a point. Does it exist? And if not could it please be implemented. Thank you.
  6. Just started using Find & Replace only to discover it does not have "find whole word" option. Big omission. Also a "search forward" / "search back" option would assist enormously. Thank you.
  7. I like using the Dark UI but when I have several documents open at once the active document Tab is hard to identify, resulting in my closing down the document I'm working on by mistake. I've done this many times so far and is very irritating. The Light UI appears to provide more contrast and is easier to use. However I like the Dark. Might I suggest that the open project name in the currently active Tab could appear in colour (perhaps user defined in preferences?). Failing that then by adding a small red dot to the active Tab would help enormously. Thank you.
  8. Zero Zero

    Non-breaking spaces too large

    Thank You Serif for providing a fix for this in Beta 249 by adding the option to add a "narrow non-breaking space" as well as maintaining the original add non-breaking space. Your attention to detail is an inspiration to us all. Thank you.
  9. Zero Zero

    Non-breaking spaces too large

    Thanks to everyone who replied, it's appreciated. Libre Training you have hit the nail on the head -- it's a font issue. Interesting any font that is "font name" BT and the spaces are wide. Other, non BT, fonts and the spacing seems perfect. I have hundreds of fonts on my system and an awful lot are of the BT variety. So basically it's a big problem. Now the issue is whether Publisher is at fault with these fonts or not? It is hard for me to imagine that the whole BT font category is somehow flawed. Perhaps the Devs can investigate further? I think that about covers it for now. Thanks you again for the replies. Finally I love what Serif are doing with the Affinity product range. Publisher is shaping up very well. Keep up the great work Serif, you are onto a big winner here.
  10. Zero Zero

    Non-breaking spaces too large

    The font is Charter BT 10 pt on 12 leading. The text frame is part of a linked sequence and the text is set Left. Everything else text-wise normal, default settings. Nothing special going on here. If you check the screen grab from within Publisher you will see the NBS as previously indicated. Please remember that all these three names are automatically text-wrapped within the frame boundaries which is why they appear at the start of each line. However I have just reduced the right side of the frame to allow the text to re-wrap and the same wide spaces apply. (see new screen shot below). I hope this provides some further assistance. Thank you.
  11. Please look at the enclosed attachment enlarged screen shot. Look at the normal spaces between the words, in this case real names, and then compare to the non-breaking spaces added between the names "Trevor Horn; Boris Blank; and Tan Dun". Clearly you can see that these NBS are noticeably wider. This problem exists within Publisher (the latest beta 238) and the previous version too. This problem was identified from viewing an exported 300dpi pdf. Thank you.
  12. The title says it all. I'm resorting to using FastStone Image Viewer to quickly resize my digital pictures to 20% for attaching to emails -- when I want to use Affinity Photo! Please add this option. Thank you.
  13. I recently discovered three hidden and "unknown" text frames in a document using the Font Manager and Locate enabled me to discover them, by accident! Publisher needs some option/function to discover and display "hidden" unwanted objects that lurk within a document. It was a shock for me to discover these text frames that had remained hidden within the "Final" version of the work and could cause serious output issues. If three large text frames were hidden then what else could be there, unwanted? CorelDraw has the ability to "wireframe" everything so any rogue item can be spotted and removed. Publisher needs the ability to display ALL items on and off the page spread. Forgive me if there is already some ability/function to do this, if there is perhaps someone would be kind enough to show me how. Thank you. I love the way Publisher is shaping up. Great work so far.
  14. I think I have solved the issue causing this problem. Updating to Beta 128 I discovered the Document "Font Manager". It showed me that I had used Aerial and Aerial Italic in the document. (I had no recollection of using this in the layout!). Using the "Located" option it took me to a hidden and undiscovered text frame that spanned part of the document spread and a large section of the pasteboard. The text frame was empty (it contained no text) and was not linked to any other text frames in the document. I deleted it only to find another two similar text frames which were then deleted. I can only assume that this was the cause of the "text overflow" message. However the fact that "unknown" text frames remained hidden in the document is a cause for great concern to me. Publisher needs some kind of option to display such hidden and undetected objects so they can be analysed and removed accordingly. I will post this again as a future feature request. Thank you.