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  1. Hi all, I have simple stupid beginner question - black and white mask work for me quite well (white solid, black transparent). But I would like use a picture as mask - grey color semitransparent - darker grey - more transparent, brighter gray less transparent. Unfortunately, in case I use the picture as a mask, it doesnt work. Only pictures with 100% black and white works. Which way should I go to reach my goal? Thank you. As an attachment is example - I want these lines to be more/less transparent according to the cake picture (named background)...its just test. example.afphoto
  2. Thank you, afpub file posted. Sending screen of main page of print settings. A tried 3 virtual printers - Microsoft Print to PDF, older Bullzip PDF Printer and PDF-XChange Lite...the same result. Tried to change Fit Type (scale; fit to printable; Shrink to printable); Paper size (Defined by Driver; A4), Model always single. In Rasterization list, always 300 dpi as pictures in Designer, tried Clip transparency (no change), in Bleeds and Marks list is nothing checked, In color management all default - colour handling performed by app, rendering intent perceptual, print to file unchecked. Ex
  3. Hi everyone, I'm trying to solve one problem in Publisher and I will be grateful for the direction. So - I have vector picture in Designer (A4, CMYK/8). used in Publisher document (A4, CMYK/8). It all seems OK, export to PDF (and JPG, PNG..) looks OK. But whether I try print to PDF, I have problems with borders in case of this picture (see attachment). Tried 2 PDF printers, size A4. Thanks
  4. Hi all, as a newbie, I'm still a bit confused about Affinity designer. I wanted to make a simple calc vector image with transparent buttons and display. So, I tried to make mask. It doesn't matter buttons are white or black - still, when I apply mask, only buttons are visible (opposite I wanted). Any suggestions? Thank you. calc.afdesign EDIT: Done! Changed layer for buttons to "erase" and it worked
  5. Sorry, my mistake - I have wrong default color profile in new projects (I was used to just open JPG files in AP, and in this case, profile is chosen automaticaly). Sorry for this thread.
  6. In this case, I just made a new project in AF, added some JPG in layers and worked in 8bit colour.(at least - in document/color format is RGB 8bit). Suprisingly the same deformations happened in export to PSD. I made better investigation and maybe it could be some problems with color profiles (Windows 10 after last update makes me crazy in this way). What was strange - lightroom was able to import these jpeg, png from AF in same colours like original even so - lightroom was able to save them looking like I wanted in new jpg.
  7. Hi all, like a newbie, I have question - in AF 1.6 on windows, when i try to export picture (PNG, JPG...), it looks different and it seems, color profile on PC should be fine (no problem in lightroom...) even so, it looks, that shadows were lighten. Has anyone any suggestions what am I doing wrong? Thank you.
  8. Thank you for answers, but it's not really solution of my problem. It doesn't work in drag&drop method and still - I would have to click just into center of image or manually trying to fit it. I will try to explain problem more precisely - I have 2 different version of one same photo (for example photo with different exposures). Both pictures have the same resolution. In all software I have used (GIMP, Paint.net, older photoshop), when I drag and drop (in just insert) this new image in same size as a new layer, it's automatically on the same position.. and I can work. No more positioning
  9. Hi, I'm using Affinity Photo 1.5.2 on Windows 10 and still have one really annoying problem. When I add new picture as as new layer, it doen't fit, or better - its not centered (like in picture posted as attachment) What am I doing wrong?. Also, when I change size of the whole window, program doesn't keep canvas centered (which is not such a big problem, but also sometimes a bit annoying). Thank you for answer.
  10. Hi all. I have the same problem in (in my case on Windows). When I use inpainting tool, I can see "calculating window", but that's all. I tried reopen picture, used some brush tool before, but nothing helped. As a newbie, I would like to ask - where to find beta 1.5.2 even for Windows? (if its exist) Thank you.
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