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  1. I have created a side fold A5 booklet for printing on an A4 sheet. I deleted a single page using the dustbin icon at the top of the pages display. This completely messed up the other pages by giving the wrong master page details to the following sheets. The only way to avoid this is to delete two pages at a time, a difficult procedure. When I do this in PagePlus the adjustment is made automatically. Is it perhaps possible to include this useful feature into Affinity Publisher? John Kay
  2. Thank you Walt, having taken the trouble to read the whole topic here I've managed to get it right, something I should have done in the first place. here's the amended file which does work, thank goodness. John Plain.pdf
  3. I'm having a similar trouble with Hyperlinks, could you tell me what I'm doing wrong please. John Maybe.pdf Glossary.pdf
  4. I am not sure about this but I would assume that it has been put right by now. I am still happy using PagePlus for all I need , I still think it is more user friendly for me. Sorry I can't be more help at the moment. John
  5. I note that the last post for this topic was dated July 2019. Nobody has subsequently mentioned that after that time Affinity would acquire a facilty for importing InDesign files directly into Affinity Publisher. No effort seems to be evident or intended for a converter for PagePlus files. This to my biassed, one-sided and pessimistic view seems to indicate that Affinity was aimed to attract only those designers in the advertising trade and therefore principally Apple users. Almost a deliberate cold shoulder to former PagePlus users; responses to these earlier queries seem to corroborate this point of view. Hoping this doesn't seem to be paranoid because it is getting to be that way. Best wishes John Kay
  6. This is true, being used to PagePlus behaviour however one forgets that the cursor doesn't change its function once it is moved froma text frame. It is then easy to inadvertenty create more text boxes outside. One then has to change the cursor to a Move Tool to delete them. That is what I mean. John
  7. A very useful behaviour in Pageplus which I miss most in Publisher is the automatic change from text cursor to move tool as soon as it leaves a text box. Afterwards it reverts back to a text cursor immediately it is returned to a text box . I think that this would improve the working of Publisher extremely and cut out the extra step need to change to a move tool when it is needed. John
  8. Having fixed the style in the edit Text style I went back to the TOC and put the separator to right indent it changed to show the leader. However as soon as I left the TOC panel and clicked back onto the page It had reverted to no leader just like before, clicking on the text of the leader and looking back I saw that the TOC panel no longer showed the right indent blue rectangle. Nothing I did subsequently changed this behaviour. I can only put it down to a bug. I am running windows 10, it might not happen in other versions.
  9. Thanks Walt, I did all you said and I was surprised to find that when I went to the file and opened it this morning everything was as it should be. So thi isn't the problem I thought it was. I don't think that the help file expresses it as well as you have just done. I had to learn it from an excellent video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5wLfj7AO_Q I hope that whoever looks after the Help files is aware of all these better explanations and learns from them. At first I thought it might be due to me the fact that I am now using Windows 11, it sometimes pulls usurprising tricks on me. My wife often quotes an IT lecturer of hers in the early days of BBC B computers who said that the trouble with computer programmers was that they were written by games players. Win 11 seems to confirm that. Thanks for your help. John
  10. I'm having difficulty getting the leader in the TOC to stay as inplace. I choose the one with full stops, it puts them in. As soon as I go to save the publication, they disappear. I assume that I'm doing something wrong and do it again. I always get the same behaviour. John
  11. I seem to be the best at stupid impulsive things, I don't usually use Designer much and I assumed that I would be able to link with my Designer 1 from Publisher 2, So I spent nearly the overall group fee and I am left with only two usable linked affinity programs. Oh well! John
  12. Thank you Leigh, that did the trick beautifully, it installed right away and is running now. Thanks again John
  13. I've just bought version 2 of Publisher and tried to install it, I get this message: "App Installer failed to install package dependencies. Ask the developer for package. " How do I do this, anyone? John
  14. Books are still more popular for reading and are still generally preferred by most readers to reading from a screen. DTP programs today need to cover all the traditional requirements of paper book publishing. This market won't go away. The best program that copes properly with all its requirements, with all its faults and shortcomings is PagePlus X9. It is still working as well as it ever did and I wouldn't be without it. It is a crying shame that Serif have washed their hands of it and have not seen fit to incorporate all of its excellent qualities in Publisher. John
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